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  1. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in nag the senate   
    In a recent press conference, President Obama said of this
    legislation: "The nation that leads in the creation of a clean
    energy economy will be the nation that leads the 21st century's
    global economy. That's what this legislation seeks to achieve.
    It's a bill that will open the door to a better future for this
    The Senate must heed President Obama's call to action and build
    on the progress that we have made with our success in the House.
    Will you contact your Senators
    today to insist that they act quickly to strengthen and pass
    this legislation?
    Click here to send a message to your Senators asking them to
    take action right away.
    it HAS to be better then wtf it is
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    I hope they go back to its roots with MW2 style play. I really miss Mechwarrior, I use to spend hours playing MW2 and Ghost Bear Legacy in my younger days.
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    teh funny
  4. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in Go go Obama   
    [ame=]Rachel Maddow Show[/ame]
    telling it like it is
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    Because no one posted them yet...


  6. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Deadpool movie & Wolverine 2
    Did anyone see Deadpool after the credits? Any idea if a Deadpool movie based on the Deadpool from the Wolverine movie will be any good?
  7. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in House Passes Matthew Shepard Act. Next Step -> the Senate!   
    I wish it could shut some of these nut job preacher men the fuck up >.<
  8. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in Sarah Palin Suffers Massive Political Fallout from Her Latest Nutcase Nominee   
    Sarah Palin Suffers Massive Political Fallout from Her Latest Nutcase Nominee
    In March, Palin nominated Wayne Anthony Ross for attorney general. Ross, a colorful far-right lawyer and longtime Palin ally who sports his initials, W.A.R., on his Hummer’s vanity plates, was once considered a shoo-in for confirmation. However, his nomination was thrown into grave peril when his opponents presented evidence that he called homosexuals “degenerates,” hailed the “courage” of a student who lionized the Ku Klux Klan, vowed to undermine the sovereignty of Native American tribes, and allegedly defended men who rape their wives. According to two sources close to the confirmation hearings, Palin may ask Ross to withdraw before his appointment comes to a vote.
    Isn't enough of these kinds of fuck jobs in positions of authority? Maybe it is time to bust out the mutherfucking guns and take our governance into our own hands.
  9. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in The Bush Six to Be Indicted   
    Spanish prosecutors will seek criminal charges against Alberto Gonzales and five high-ranking Bush administration officials for sanctioning torture at Guantánamo.
    Spanish prosecutors have decided to press forward with a criminal investigation targeting former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and five top associates over their role in the torture of five Spanish citizens held at Guantánamo, several reliable sources close to the investigation have told The Daily Beast. Their decision is expected to be announced on Tuesday before the Spanish central criminal court, the Audencia Nacional, in Madrid. But the decision is likely to raise concerns with the human-rights community on other points: They will seek to have the case referred to a different judge.
    The six defendants—in addition to Gonzales, Federal Appeals Court Judge and former Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee, University of California law professor and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo, former Defense Department general counsel and current Chevron lawyer William J. Haynes II, Vice President Cheney’s former chief of staff David Addington, and former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas J. Feith—are accused of having given the green light to the torture and mistreatment of prisoners held in U.S. detention in “the war on terror.” The case arises in the context of a pending proceeding before the court involving terrorism charges against five Spaniards formerly held at Guantánamo. A group of human-rights lawyers originally filed a criminal complaint asking the court to look at the possibility of charges against the six American lawyers. Baltasar Garzón Real, the investigating judge, accepted the complaint and referred it to Spanish prosecutors for a view as to whether they would accept the case and press it forward. “The evidence provided was more than sufficient to justify a more comprehensive investigation,” one of the lawyers associated with the prosecution stated.
    But prosecutors will also ask that Judge Garzón, an internationally known figure due to his management of the case against former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and other high-profile cases, step aside. The case originally came to Garzón because he presided over efforts to bring terrorism charges against the five Spaniards previously held at Guantánamo. Spanish prosecutors consider it “awkward” for the same judge to have both the case against former U.S. officials based on the possible torture of the five Spaniards at Guantánamo and the case against those very same Spaniards. A source close to the prosecution also noted that there was concern about the reaction to the case in some parts of the U.S. media, where it had been viewed, incorrectly, as a sort of personal frolic of Judge Garzón. Instead, the prosecutors will ask Garzón to transfer the case to Judge Ismail Moreno, who is currently handling an investigation into kidnapping charges surrounding the CIA’s use of facilities as a safe harbor in connection with the seizure of Khalid el-Masri, a German greengrocer who was seized and held at various CIA blacksites for about half a year as a result of mistaken identity. The decision on the transfer will be up to Judge Garzón in the first instance, and he is expected to make a quick ruling. If he denies the request, it may be appealed.
    Judge Garzón’s name grabs headlines in Spain today less because of his involvement in the Gonzales torture case than because of his supervision of the Gürtel affair, in which leading figures of the conservative Partido Popular in Madrid and Valencia are now under investigation or indictment on suspicions of corruptly awarding public-works contracts. Garzón is also the nation’s leading counterterrorism judge, responsible for hundreds of investigations targeting Basque terrorist groups, as well as a major recent effort to identify and root out al Qaeda affiliates operating in the Spanish enclaves of North Africa.
    Announcement of the prosecutor’s decision was delayed until after the Easter holiday in order not to interfere with a series of meetings between President Barack Obama and Spanish Prime Minister José Zapatero. However, contrary to a claim contained in an editorial on April 8 in the Wall Street Journal, the Obama State Department has been in steady contact with the Spanish government about the case. Shortly after the case was filed on March 17, chief prosecutor Javier Zaragoza was invited to the U.S. embassy in Madrid to brief members of the embassy staff about the matter. A person in attendance at the meeting described the process as “correct and formal.” The Spanish prosecutors briefed the American diplomats on the status of the case, how it arose, the nature of the allegations raised against the former U.S. government officials. The Americans “were basically there just to collect information,” the source stated.The Spanish prosecutors advised the Americans that they would suspend their investigation if at any point the United States were to undertake an investigation of its own into these matters. They pressed to know whether any such investigation was pending. These inquiries met with no answer from the U.S. side.
    Spanish officials are highly conscious of the political context of the case and have measured the Obama administration’s low-key reaction attentively. Although Spain is a NATO ally that initially supported “the war on terror” under Bush with a commitment of troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan, relations with the Bush administration deteriorated after Zapatero became prime minister and acted quickly to withdraw the Spanish contingent in Iraq. In the 2008 presidential campaign, Republican John McCain referred to Spain as a hostile state in comments that mystified Spaniards (it appears that McCain may have confused Spain with Venezuela and Zapatero with Hugo Chávez). Recently, the United States and Spain also wrangled over Spain’s decision to withdraw its troop commitment in Kosovo as well. Both Zapatero and Obama, however, have given a high priority to improving relations between the two long-standing allies. Spanish newspapers hailed the fact that Obama referred to Zapatero three times as “my good friend” during the recent European summit meetings, a sharp contrast with meetings at which former President Bush gave Zapatero a cold shoulder.
    Both Washington and Madrid appear determined not to allow the pending criminal investigation to get in the way of improved relations, which both desire, particularly in regard to coordinated economic policy to confront the current financial crisis and a reshaped NATO mandate for action in Afghanistan. With the case now proceeding, that will be more of a challenge. The reaction on American editorial pages is divided—some questioning sharply why the Obama administration is not conducting an investigation, which is implicitly the question raised by the Spanish prosecutors. Publications loyal to the Bush team argue that the Spanish investigation is an “intrusion” into American affairs, even when those affairs involve the torture of five Spaniards on Cuba.
    The Bush Six labored at length to create a legal black hole in which they could implement their policies safe from the scrutiny of American courts and the American media. Perhaps they achieved much of their objective, but the law of unintended consequences has kicked in. If U.S. courts and prosecutors will not address the matter because of a lack of jurisdiction, foreign courts appear only too happy to step in.
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    I installed a nifty AME (Auto media embedder) mod on the forums. You can now embed videos and music from the following sites by simply posting the link to the content. No bbcode required.
    The following sites are compatible as of this post:
    5min Life Videopedia Embed Videos!
    Adult Swim Embed Videos!
    AOL Music Embed Videos!
    AOL Video Embed Videos!
    Atom Embed Videos!
    Break Embed Videos!
    Break (User Content) Embed User Content Videos!
    CBS News Embed Videos!
    CBS Sports Embed Videos!
    CNN Embed Videos!
    Comedy Central Embed Videos!
    eBaums World (Audio) Embed Audio!
    eBaums World (Videos) Embed Videos!
    eSnips (Music) Embed eSnips Music Player!
    eSnips (Videos) Embed Videos!
    ESPN Embed Videos!
    ESPN (Article Pages) Embed Videos from Article Pages!
    File Front Embed Videos!
    Flickr (Videos) Embed Videos!
    Flickr Slideshows (Photostreams) Embed SlideShows!
    Flickr Slideshows (Sets) Embed SlideShows!
    Fox News Embed Videos!
    G4TV Embed Videos!
    Game Trailers Embed Videos!
    Game Trailers (User Movies) Embed User Movies!
    GamesOpoly Embed Games!
    GameSpot (Part 1) Embed Videos! (Age Verification Error Needs to be Corrected by GameSpot themselves)
    GameSpot (Part 2) Embed Videos! (Age Verification Error Needs to be Corrected by GameSpot Themselves)
    GameVideos Embed Videos
    Giant Bomb Embed Videos!
    Google VideoConverts Videos! (Google Hosted Only)
    Hulu Embed Videos!
    IGN Embed Videos!
    ImageShack (Slideshows) Embed ImageShack.US Slideshows!
    ImageShack (Videos) Embed ImageShack.US Videos!
    MegaVideo Embed Videos!
    Meta Cafe Embed Videos!
    MLG: The Game Room Embed Videos!
    MSNBC Embed News Videos!
    MTV Embed Videos!
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    MySpace Embed Videos!
    Photobucket (Videos) Embed Videos using "Share URL" link!
    Revver Embed Videos!
    South Park (Clips) Embed Video Clips!
    Spike Embed Videos!
    The Colbert Report (Clips) Embed Video Clips!
    The Daily Show (Clips) Embed Video Clips!
    The Onion Embed Videos!
    The WB Embed Videos! (Auto Plays)
    TinyPic (Videos) Embed Videos
    Veoh Embed Videos!
    Xfire Embed Videos! (Auto Plays)
    Yahoo! Embed Videos!
    YouTube (HQ/HD) Embed High Quality and High Definition Videos (fmt=18& or fmt=22&)
    YouTube (Playlists) Embed Playlists!
    You TubeAutomatically youtubes your entries!
  12. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in Senator on AIG execs: Quit or commit suicide   

    Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley suggested on Monday that AIG executives should take a Japanese approach toward accepting responsibility for the collapse of the insurance giant by resigning or killing themselves.The Republican lawmaker's harsh comments came during an interview with Cedar Rapids, Iowa, radio station WMT. They echo remarks he has made in the past about corporate executives and public apologies, but went further in suggesting suicide.
    "I suggest, you know, obviously, maybe they ought to be removed," Grassley said. "But I would suggest the first thing that would make me feel a little bit better toward them if they'd follow the Japanese example and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say, I'm sorry, and then either do one of two things: resign or go commit suicide."

  13. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in The Costs of Empire: Can We Really Afford 1,000 Overseas Bases?   
    By David Vine, Foreign Policy in Focus. Posted March 10, 2009.
    In the midst of an economic crisis that's getting scarier by the day, it's time to ask whether the nation can really afford some 1,000 military bases overseas. For those unfamiliar with the issue, you read that number correctly. One thousand. One thousand U.S. military bases outside the 50 states and Washington, DC, representing the largest collection of bases in world history.
    Officially the Pentagon counts 865 base sites, but this notoriously unreliable number omits all our bases in Iraq (likely over 100) and Afghanistan (80 and counting), among many other well-known and secretive bases. More than half a century after World War II and the Korean War, we still have 268 bases in Germany, 124 in Japan, and 87 in South Korea. Others are scattered around the globe in places like Aruba and Australia, Bulgaria and Bahrain, Colombia and Greece, Djibouti, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Romania, Singapore, and of course, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba -- just to name a few. Among the installations considered critical to our national security are a ski center in the Bavarian Alps, resorts in Seoul and Tokyo, and 234 golf courses the Pentagon runs worldwide.
    Unlike domestic bases, which set off local alarms when threatened by closure, our collection of overseas bases is particularly galling because almost all our taxpayer money leaves the United States (much goes to enriching private base contractors like corruption-plagued former Halliburton subsidiary KBR). One part of the massive Ramstein airbase near Landstuhl, Germany, has an estimated value of $3.3 billion. Just think how local communities could use that kind of money to make investments in schools, hospitals, jobs, and infrastructure.
    Even the Bush administration saw the wastefulness of our overseas basing network. In 2004, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced plans to close more than one-third of the nation's overseas installations, moving 70,000 troops and 100,000 family members and civilians back to the United States. National Security Adviser Jim Jones, then commander of U.S. forces in Europe, called for closing 20% of our bases in Europe. According to Rumsfeld's estimates, we could save at least $12 billion by closing 200 to 300 bases alone. While the closures were derailed by claims that closing bases could cost us in the short term, even if this is true, it's no reason to continue our profligate ways in the longer term.
    Costs Far Exceeding Dollars and Cents
    Unfortunately, the financial costs of our overseas bases are only part of the problem. Other costs to people at home and abroad are just as devastating. Military families suffer painful dislocations as troops stationed overseas separate from loved ones or uproot their families through frequent moves around the world. While some foreign governments like U.S. bases for their perceived economic benefits, many locals living near the bases suffer environmental and health damage from military toxins and pollution, disrupted economic, social, and cultural systems, military accidents, and increased prostitution and crime.
    In undemocratic nations like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Saudi Arabia, our bases support governments responsible for repression and human rights abuses. In too many recurring cases, soldiers have raped, assaulted, or killed locals, most prominently of late in South Korea, Okinawa, and Italy. The forced expulsion of the entire Chagossian people to create our secretive base on British Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean is another extreme but not so aberrant example.
    Bases abroad have become a major and unacknowledged “face” of the United States, frequently damaging the nation's reputation, engendering grievances and anger, and generally creating antagonistic rather than cooperative relationships between the United States and others. Most dangerously, as we have seen in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and as we are seeing in Iraq and Afghanistan, foreign bases create breeding grounds for radicalism, anti-Americanism, and attacks on the United States, reducing, rather than improving, our national security.
    Proponents of maintaining the overseas base status quo will argue, however, that our foreign bases are critical to national and global security. A closer examination shows that overseas bases have often heightened military tensions and discouraged diplomatic solutions to international conflicts. Rather than stabilizing dangerous regions, our overseas bases have often increased global militarization, enlarging security threats faced by other nations who respond by boosting military spending (and in cases like China and Russia, foreign base acquisition) in an escalating spiral. Overseas bases actually make war more likely, not less.
    The Benefits of Fewer Bases
    This isn't a call for isolationism or a protectionism that would prevent us from spending money overseas. As the Obama administration and others have recognized, we must recommit to cooperative forms of engagement with the rest of the world that rely on diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties rather than military means. In addition to freeing money to meet critical human needs at home and abroad, fewer overseas bases would help rebuild our military into a less overstretched, defensive force committed to defending the nation's territory from attack.
    In these difficult economic times, the Obama administration and Congress should initiate a major reassessment of our 1,000 overseas bases. Now is the time to ask if, as a nation and a world, we can really afford the 1,000 bases that are pushing the nation deeper into debt and making the United States and the planet less secure? With so many needs facing our nation, it's unconscionable to have 1,000 overseas bases. It's time to begin closing them.

  14. Kuwabara liked a post in a topic by Myk JL in wolverine trailer   
    These pics have Epic Fail written all over them.
  15. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in Goldman Sachs and BK   

    What would you do with an extra $18,000 in your pocket?

    That's the amount of extra cash each and every Burger King employee in America would have received last year if Goldman Sachs (one of the fast-food chain's largest owners) had shared its bailout billions with rank-and-file workers. Instead, Goldman Sachs squandered 6.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars on bonuses for their financial staff. These were some of the highest bonuses on Wall Street! Meanwhile, Burger King workers earn wages averaging just $14,000 a year -- well below the federal poverty line for a family of three.

    Goldman Sachs has been having it their way with Burger King workers for too long. It's high time you had it your way with Goldman Sachs. Tell the Wall Street giant how they could have used the $6.5 billion blown on bonuses. We're looking for the most creative, constructive, or comical ideas to curb corporate greed and help fix the financial crisis. We will send all ideas to Goldman Sachs as a reprimand for their wastefulness. The winner of the Have It Your Way with Goldman Sachs contest will have their idea featured in our next video. The contest ends March 3.

    Enter the contest:

    Pass this video and contest to your friends and family. Tell them working people all over the country are pushing back against Wall Street excess. We're joining with SEIU and others to stage demonstrations and hold Goldman Sachs accountable! And tell them it's time to end this era of corporate greed and impunity.
  16. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Transformers 2 Full Teaser
  17. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Kite in Hulk Vs .....   
    OMFG awsome!!!!!!
    vs wolverine was less of a fight between them, but was more accurate to his origin AKA how he got the adamantium. wolverine tore though people how he was ment to,
    deadpool was really funny too ;p
    Vs Thor, i didnt think this would have been good, as i assumed good vs evil, thor being the good, and the usual outcome, but this wasnt predictable at all
    what i dont get is wolverine seemed to do better against hulk then a god ;p
    wolverine is tough, but he gets to much writer love.
    really good animation, voiceing, and story
    both are 35-40 mins, no filler moments, great pace and really enjoyable
    id say 10/10 for enjoyment

  18. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen SUPERBOWL Spot   

    NICE. Full teaser will debut with Friday the 13th.
  19. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Space elevator ... and the next floor is outer space
    Click the link to view the rest of the article (it has 2 pages).
    Think about it, one gram of this stuff can stretch out to 18 miles. Thats huge. Maybe someday they'll make some space elevators like in Gundam 00.
  20. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in Special Prosecutor for Bush War Crimes   
    We're into our second week of President Obama's new
    administration and are already seeing signs of change.
    Yet many activists want to make sure we as a nation
    don't forget the possible crimes committed under the
    last administration in the name of the "war on terror."
    That's why we're sharing with you this action alert
    from our friends at Sign their petition
    to call on our new Attorney General Eric Holder to
    appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and
    prosecute any and all government officials who have
    participated in torture and other war crimes:
    Now is our time to pursue truth and justice. Please
    join us in calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to
    appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate and
    prosecute any and all government officials who have
    participated in torture and other war crimes.
    In the final days of their administration, President
    Bush and Vice President Cheney admitted they authorized
    "enhanced interrogation" of prisoners, specifically
    including waterboarding. But "enhanced interrogation"
    is simply a euphemism for torture, which was so severe
    that it caused the deaths of at least 70 prisoners.
    Please sign our petition calling for a Special
    Prosecutor now:
    As Major General Antonio Taguba, the Army general who
    led the investigation into prisoner abuse at Iraq's Abu
    Ghraib prison has stated:
    "After years of disclosures by government
    investigations, media accounts and reports from human
    rights organizations, there is no longer any doubt as
    to whether the current administration has committed war
    crimes. The only question that remains to be answered
    is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be
    held to account."
    The United States is a representative democracy. The
    actions of our government officials are done in the
    name of its citizens. We are outraged that torture been
    committed in our name. Join us in urging Attorney
    General Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor to
    prosecute those responsible for torture to the fullest
    extent of the law:
    Thanks for everything you do.
    Bob Fertik, President
  21. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in Obama to let states set car emission standards   
    President set to change Bush policy; Clinton also to name climate envoy
    WASHINGTON - Plunging into energy policy, President Barack Obama is poised to give states a freer hand in curbing emissions from cars, and to get his government moving on fuel-efficiency standards that could remake the auto industry. Obama will announce his plans Monday at the White House, according to officials familiar with the details who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting the president.
    Separately, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce the appointment of a climate change envoy on Monday.
    The job is expected to go to Todd Stern, who served in a variety of positions during the Clinton Administration, including the senior White House representative at the Kyoto negotiations.
    its about fuckin time can't wait to see it happen
  22. Dubird liked a post in a topic by Myk JL in Complaint about Obama on day 1   

    Only people dumb enough to stand out in a lightning storm should believe in "divine intervention".

    Obama is going to need every single day till the next election to fix GWB's mess.

    Wasting time in a church isn't going to fix the US's problems.
  23. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Ladywriter in Repower, Refuel, and Rebuild America.   
    After eight years of energy policy written by Big Oil, we
    finally have the opportunity to make a clean break - and shift
    to a new, sustainable energy economy.
    President-elect Obama has pledged to make clean energy a top
    priority. But there is no time to waste. He must take the lead
    with a bold clean energy agenda as soon as he takes office.
    Sign our petition urging President-elect Obama to Repower,
    Refuel, and Rebuild America in his first 100 days.
    The League of Conservation Voters, in partnership with nearly a
    dozen environmental groups, has collected more than 100,000
    signatures to send a strong message to the President-elect that
    now is the time to grow our economy and build a sustainable
    energy future.
    We are calling on President-elect Obama to support four goals
    the moment he steps foot in the Oval Office:
    **Moving America to 100% clean electricity;
    **Cutting our dependence on oil in half;
    **Creating 5 million new clean energy jobs; and
    **Cutting global warming pollution by at least 80%.
    Now is the time to take action. We can't wait any longer to
    solve our energy crisis, so add your voice today.
    Click here to sign the petition to Repower, Refuel, and Rebuild
    Gene Karpinski
    President, League of Conservation Voters
  24. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Happy b-day Myk JL!   

    Have any plans for celebrating?