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  1. I don't usually pay attention to release dates. When a game finally comes out I tend to wait a month after it's release or later if their are other games on my list. If you want to be more realistic don't pay attention to the dates they say. Think about the game after the release; not before.
  2. If you want games that come out on a due dates play movie-based games. If you want something good wait for it, but don't expect it to be out just because they set a date for it. Better to play a delayed game than one that's buggy.I wonder where you got that idea. Sony never had a problem when GT was delayed. Why Nintendo was in last place during the last couple of generations has had more to do with their dislike toward mainly M Rated games & 3rd Party Game Companies going more toward PS & Xbox. I just find your rant silly & immature. Yup, the good news is at least I know which character I'll be fighting first.
  3. ... Thank you for having a valid point.
  4. I never played the actual Ice Climbers game so I have no beef with them. This will be my first Smash Bros game since I didn't own a GC. If it wasn't for Sonic most of my hate would currently go to Pikachu & Poke'mon Trainer. I don't care for how big Sonic's following is because I find him over hyped. The only good news that comes out of that is I'll be bitch slapping Sonic with Snake.
  5. I'm more mad about the fact they added Sonic... Sonic sucks.
  6. The only Movie-Based Game that didn't suck was that Riddick one from what I've heard. But I've never played it so I can't really confirm that... There was always plans for 4 RE movies... Or atleast I think that's what I read after seeing the 1st. You can call me insane, but I think a Halo movie would work. Most of Master Cheif's fights are filler anyway. If they could do an amazing boss fight in the movie it would only cause Halo Fans to complain about the boss fights in Halo 2. I'm still a bit creeped out that when Zelda fans did want a Zelda movie in the N64 days they had usually chosen that guy from Titanic. If only arcades were still alive... Dang, Do they really have to make a movie about 2 whiny 15 YOs & 1 odd 15 YO?
  7. I'd rather be bias than bi-ass... What a downer that there will never be another good UC show in a long time. I don't see the amazement in 00 having various Gundams that do different things. Come on that's just the same thing 00 has in common with Wing & Seed.
  8. It just started & it's already starting to suck?... Why am I not surprised.
  9. I thought I heard somewhere that the Halo movie was canned after Bungie & Microsoft split...
  10. Not all electricity comes from fossil fuels. Windmills, dams, solar energy have been getting better. Guilt trips are always the worst way to try & resolve a problem. Guys like Nader do damage business more than help it. There are also some screwed up politicians that make matters worse. I'm all for good business, but if someone has a problem with a business then they should actually prove they could do better. Not spread bad media or bad laws.
  11. I still would have proffered Lousy O or however his last name was actually spelt. Her andGiuliani would make terrible presidents. The only candidate that offers real change so far is Ron Paul. As for the ice caps, yeah it sucks that they're melting. I'm still at times PO'ed about the guys Who Killed The Electric Car. At least that would have helped slow down the ice caps melting.
  12. On a different forum I go to talking about Halo 3 someone posted the following. I found this pretty funny.
  13. WATCHA GONNA DO WHEN HULK... breaks a hip... meh... I liked Hollywood Hulk Hogan back in the 90s.
  14. No one came after me in PMs, but I was offended by mainly DeathscytheX's comments that PC Gaming is becoming obsolete. I enjoyed the 1st Halo when I got it for my PC. I never owned the Xbox version. I'm also disappointed by the fact they replaced the hand gun in Halo 2. I did enjoy the story of Halo 2. Maybe because its the first Halo game I bought. Playing as The Arbiter & having him come to terms with that his religion was false has been the best story I've seen in a game. When it comes to Halo Fandom though on another forum I see some who don't find Halo 3 as a big deal. But usually when just talking about PC FPSs in general they choose Half-Life 2 over the PC Versions of Halo mainly due to faster pace action. I have never played Half-Life 2 so I can't really say on that matter. Back on to Halo 3 I'll probably spoil the story for myself when I see the cut scenes on YouTube.
  15. I spent $1000 on 20 or more Xbox games; not PC games. My current PC cost half the price of a PS3 & it plays my current PC Games well enough. The only time a PC is worth updating is when a new OS comes out.My PC is decent enough, but if I did want a Gamer type computer I could always pay a monthly fee instead of paying all at once. Steel Battalion & Steel Battalion: Line Of Contact only had a $250 price because the controller for them has 40+ buttons. It's a must for any real Mech Fan. These games are a once in a lifetime buy as I doubt there will be anymore Steel Battalions. But back on to the real topic at hand. I just don't think an Xbox 360 is worth buying just because of Halo 3. Halo 3 is a decent game, but not the game that would make me buy an Xbox 360. *Edit* I never posted no one should buy Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. I never posted anyone should become a PC Gamer just because I am. I just stated my personal preferance & a chunk of people were all the sudden complaining as if PC Gaming is the Anti-Christ & that I should have nothing to do with it. There the ones that want to pull this thread off its topic because if they wanted to talk about Halo 3 they just talk about it.
  16. Other than advancing the story of Halo I don't see how Halo 3 is going to be better than Halo 2. Who's left to kill off besides The Prophet Of Truth & Gravemind? I don't think those boss fights will be any different than the one with Tartarus. Then again I prefer a weak boss fight over running away from a fight.
  17. I never got my original Xbox because Halo or Halo 2. I got for Steel Battalion. I did get Halo 2 for it though, but later sold it. I now own both Halo & Halo 2 for the PC. The only way I'd get an Xbox 360 is if Capcom came out with a new Steel Battalion. So I don't have a problem if I miss out on Halo 3 & Halo Wars. Because as good as they might be I don't consider them a good enough reason to get an Xbox 360. If I weren't hooked to my Wii I'd have update my PC to Vista by now... As for the rest of the PC talk I don't see the problems with upgrading. I wasted more money on my Xbox than my PC. About $200 for the Xbox; $250 for SB(LoC); And about $1000 on 20 or more games. Over all I had spent about $1450 or more. I ended up selling all my games except for Steel Battalion & Steel Battalion: Line Of Contact as they were the only real reasons to why I own my Xbox. With the money I spent on Xbox I could have afforded an even better computer or upgraded this one by now.
  18. I want to see the 2nd so bad!... I don't think I can wait over a year...
  19. I didn't contribute in the selling of Halo 3... I'll wait for the PC version...
  20. Listen to him talk was the only fun part of that whole game. I can't believe there was a time when I had that game.
  21. I want to buy Halo 5!... I want to make sure I'm not around when the end comes...
  22. If it were up to me it would have ended with the death of the original Alice & leaving the last clone to end up in the last RE movie. I doubt the the thousands of Alices will be in the next movie & will probabley be explained as dying &/or killed off. The only thing I'm really expecting out of the RE4 movie is the zombies like they had in the RE4 Game. I guess I didn't hate this movie as much as you did because I saw something worse a weak before...
  23. I stopped expecting RE movies to be good like the games after 2nd movie. I found the 2nd funny. As for this 3rd movie I found it a little better than OK. Just one more RE movie to go & there won't be another RE movie for a loooong time or possibly never again. Oh well you shouldn't see movies you're going to believe will suck. That's just a waste of money & only encourages possibly more bad movies.
  24. I think that's the main reason to why they are making this show.
  25. I heard they were going to make a couple of prequal... Or at least I think heard that some where... I'd have to check out SHH again.