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  1. What did you hate about the advertisements?
  2. I've seen the Marvel movies when they come to CN. The Avengers movies & the Iron Man have been ok at best... I don't know if I'll like the Dr. Strange movie as I'm not a big fan, but I'll give it a shot.
  3. I've seen it a little back when I lived with my family, but I prefer that parody they had on family Guy.
  4. I didn't see the 1st 1 because it was PG-13, but I'll be seeing AVP2 for sure!
  5. DB(Z/GT) Too damn long & got repetitive. One Piece: An insult to pirates. Pokemon: Part of the reason to why I was Anti-Nintendo until the Wii. Yugioh: Card games? Meh, how lame can you get? I'd think there would be more that I hate that others enjoy, but nope...
  6. This looks like a live action version of The World's Finest; not JL.
  7. Live Free Or Die Hard was rated PG-13 because Bruce Willis's hair would've made it an R rating.
  8. If anyone has been over at VG Cats they have a comic about that...
  9. I'm sure this goes way back to debates Tomino had with marketers about RX-78s color scheme & ends with Turn A Gundam. Although I did enjoy G Gundam & Gundam Wing overall what real purpose did they serve? As far as I can tell AUs were just made to sell action figures. And once an AUs 15 minutes of fame are up it's off to the next AU. This all ends with Turn A Gundam trying to tie in the AU with UC. Not only that, but probabley the last time Tomino will make a Gundam series. He even stated if he were to continue Turn A Gundam its sequal would be something like Turn A Space as he is done with Gundam. But over all I think Turn A Gundam was a sign from Tomino for the Marketers to get their heads out of their asses & stick with one timeline. I think Marketers failed to see that when they started making Gundam Seed. And now with another Gundam AU coming on the way I'm sure GSs 15 minutes of fame are up. As for the next AU I see mainly a lot of shiny robots & a lot of J-Pop Metrosexuals.
  10. Everywhere I go for info on Turn-A says it ties the UC & AUs. As for 00, I'm not going to have anything else to really say about it untill I see it.
  11. If the pilot is a girl it might not be a big deal. But if that Zaku could talk I think it would sound like Donut from Red vs. Blue.
  12. I find the style to be Just 2 Sweet, but the show tries to be real funny & and fails real bad. Maybe if the cast acted older I'd be more interested.
  13. I'll start watching as soon as I'm a little less hooked to my Nintendo Wii. I only noticed it when Raw was showing on SciFi.
  14. DBZ & DB in general should have ended with the death of Freeza & Goku. After that it was the same old thing over & over again. After all these years DB is still on CN. I take that as a sign it's over-rated. If you want to talk about Animes that were under-rated some of those are Blue Gender, GunGrave, & Wolf's Rain.
  15. I'd pilot Gouf Custom Gouf Flight Type Gyan Kai Sazabi Geara Doga Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatu Mina Gundam Epyon And my dream MS Epyon Tetrag
  16. I've watched every Gundam show that has come to CN. My favorites were Stardust Memories & 08th MS Team. I didn't like Gundam Seed. I hated Super Defender: Gundam Force with the exception of Zako Zako Hour; should have been a show. All the other I've found good. Also Gundam Wing still has my favorite Gundam, Epyon.