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  1. Hey at least you didn't have to deal with a break up or you laptop busting on top of all that =P
  2. Aroura

    Oh crap realization hits hard...

    Bravery is nothing without fear, and no good without bad. This war may not be something I believe we should have started or whatever, but you are doing your duty to the people of this nation and we thank you! Bless you!
  3. Aroura


    *passes GRX a tooth pick* Hullo.
  4. Aroura

    hey all

    Hullo n.n Welcome to ac!
  5. Aroura

    Gas Prices

    3.15 or so down here... XP
  6. Aroura

    My poor Mutt

    Poor puppy ;_; Watch out for infection.. Hopefully she heals up fast.
  7. Aroura

    Hey All

    Welcome n.n We don't bite... much >:3
  8. Aroura

    I need money!!

    You could bag groceries or collect carts at your local store.
  9. Aroura

    Input would be nice

    Sounds good. Goku's right though sledding or tubing might be good as well n.n
  10. Aroura

    New computer = Querky things

    *string of curses* .... Well poop bricks.... My computer had that same problem and now that I did freaking system restore it won't start at all and I can't take out the graphics card that might be causing it not to start cause I'm 1200 miles away from the damned thing >.< *cough* Anyway, hopefully that's all thats wrong with your compy and all will work well forever and so forth.
  11. Aroura

    this sick is bullshit

    I had strep last week and have had a sinus infection since.
  12. Aroura


    You seem to have a good handle on the situation, most people would just freak out and end up making things worse.
  13. Aroura


    At least they aren't eppy chibis.
  14. Aroura

    I feel like doing it too

    GG: Snow's not really too much trouble, it's just slightly obnoxious to have it wetting the window right after you try wiping it. Yeah, me too, thanks n.n Dubird: Thanks for the advice that will be useful once I get money A friend of mine said that there might have been a break in the seal or something. Indeed, thank god for credit cards DA: Heck no! That would be hard work! Hehe, anyway I would have no idea how to do it properly. 125 is actually really cheep to have a window replaced normally it's something like 300. I actually had it done at a junk yard, good deal. Sledge: Yeah, they called about half an' hour after I dropped it off. I'm planning on selling it once I get enough for a nice fat down payment. Until then though I'll keep an eye on the transfer case.
  15. Aroura

    I feel like doing it too

    Yeah >.< It's killing me. I want to get a truck when I get down there... At least now I'll be able to get a little more out of it when I sell it.