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  1. I agree more suprises everytime I look around I keeps me hooked and all but sometimes the long winded explanations get a bit annoying, but I guess they need to be there for some reason.
  2. Yes, but look what they did to DBZ it was so toned down from the japaneese version. But it was okay sometimes.
  3. I wish I knew, I've been waiting for a while now try they have updated news.
  4. Again I have to agree. Jeeze damn the dubs yeah to the subs!
  5. I would have to agrre after hearing the original. Man I'm tell you Naruto's believe it line did get on my nerves in the begining episodes.
  6. They are really good and elvan are very sexy
  7. its good really its sweet
  8. Fanfics are normally what I do for fun nowadays too when I get a writers block on my book So far I've been going back and forth with FMA and Naruto but I haven't typed them yet
  9. Please make me a signature: The color can be anything you wish but pink, anything that has to do with Naruto mainly a Sasuke sig. the quote: My path tomorrow is what I make of it today.
  10. so far since I have cable again, but only for a month they showed part of the Gaara vs. Sasuke fight, but the Kazekage attacked the Hokaga and the fake anbu and sand ninjas are stirring up the signal was thrown and all hell is about to break loose next episode but i guess thats common sense considering whats happening
  11. Umm okay then I guess if it had to be a girl I would say Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist) and for the guy it would be a toss up between these two; Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) and umm . . . Sesshomaru (Inu Yasha) It's kinda hard to pick between them all, Spike (Cowboy Bebop) is another fav. aargh I'll stick with those three guys and Winry
  12. Steven King's Stand it's an old book I inherited from my dad's collection it's actually pretty d+mn scary but that's why I like Steven King
  13. let's see Action: Ogre-Tekken 3 and Boss in Soul Caliber III RPG- Sorceress from FFVIII-1st disk- I got stuck on her because I messed up the game and aargh Yeah that and Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2-I save it before I beat him then fight him again I love that fight because its the only one that challenges me anymore-Sephiroth was so hard, but now I'm used to fighting him and the final boss stands no chance against me
  14. You know a lot about Sesshoumaru, care to elaaberate, he is a favorite character of mine, but it is hard for me to find anything on him.
  15. I am a huge anime fan and I spend most of my time re-reading manga's, watching re-runs on Adultswim on Cartoon network, and I own most of the movies because I move around a lot and it's hard to keep a job. Long story** But anyway I have an account with you tube, I am constructing amv's and have over 100 saved amv's on my acount to I am also apart of five other anime sites and have too many fan art pics drawn by me and others to count on my wall in sort of a collage along with five wall scrolls. I don't have near enough to be considered a huge mega fan of anime but when I have the money to buy everything I have found I will change that, but right now with what I do have I'm broke
  16. Karama Edward Riku Sasuke Kazuma Duo
  17. Oh okay no cannabalism from me but I will have you know I am a fan of Hannibal Lecter, I though he was a genius. But then again he is a cannibal, but compared to other known cannibals, he was the most intellegent. Wait I may praise him too much, oh well, I'm not a cannibal though.
  18. Welcome where was this eating fest at I want to join up - oh sorry I am not going to eat anyone today I promised to dismember first - just kidding welcome to AC Mist!
  19. Date- Inuyasha (okay with me I like a challenge) Hero- Inuyasha - okay Villian- Sesshoumaru- works for me though it is ironic twice Inuyasha and once Sesshoumaru Wait I think I confused myself how could I be Inuyasha and then the mystery date be Inuyasha
  20. Hello Im still considered new around here now where did I put that arm at ^-^ Welcome all to AC
  21. Truly who knew I always end up being evil in any quiz that has that as an answer
  22. That sounds good and as a writer myself let me add something I learned the hard way, take your time and make sure you remember what you have in mind so that you don't have to go back a rewrite something from scratch like I had to do like six times in the past six years with my 1st book.
  23. The Real Adventures Of Johny Quest and Sailor Moon opened my eyes to the anime world. Soon after it was Thundercats and Gundam Series and now there is so much anime out there I can't find the time to check them out (so much anime so little time)
  24. Okay I have only seen three of those fights; Gohan vs. Cell Final bout in Fushigi Yuugi and Rock Lee vs. Gaara: but I agree with you on all those fights they were awesome. But as far as old school I would have to say that the fight between Yusuke vs. Toguro and the fight between Heero and Zechs in the end of the first season of Gundam Wing were awesome also.
  25. The fight between sasuke and Naruto was my fav it rocked, especially once I finally got to watch it but Rock Lee vs. Gaara was awesome too!