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  1. Eh....naruto died off for me around chapter 230-something of the manga and around 75-ish of the anime.
  2. *chants* Ecchi, ecchi ecchi ecchi ecchi ecchi ecchi ecchi ....
  3. What? I've seen it, pretty good. Painfully teasing ending though. And a bit excessively gory.
  4. *makes cheap explosion sound effects with his mouth* *pow pow pshhh bogaaahn boom zwichaka bacha poaz!* Pwn!
  5. Eh....Kanna from Air has good potential....(too lazy to harvest all the screenshots right now, might do it later :B )
  6. the japanese version her voice also was changed a bit to match the image a bit more stereotypically.....did they do that either?
  7. the eating-contest one? I think that's Ep 06
  8. I like it though! shh!
  9. I thought they were saying "gotta go" like they have to go to the restroom
  10. np Is there an ending on anime they show on CN? Do they keep the old endings?
  11. The recap episode for this anime is actually the only recap episode i found interesting and worth it to watch
  12. The theme song is "Battlecry"
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Jesus X'D
  14. Thinking about it, Mugen probably doesn't even know the styles, let alone predict moves through that knowledge He doesn't seem the type to care even if he did >_>
  15. Oh...there was some Voice actor named Spike in the English dubs for Eva. It was bad
  16. It love ep 15 where Jin tries to fish and Mugen is all over this one lady and gets fooled alot It's also great when the rappers come out in 16 from nowhere ...and...well...nm...just good times Spike? The same spike that was in Eva? Ugh X_X I wonder if they'll cut the brothel(whorehouse)-based episodes....And ep 5 has a lot of uh....questionable frames so they might cut that ep out as well... What ep is adult swim up to?
  17. What happens next? Naruto goes SSJ2. (somewhat seriously)
  18. Nonono nothing happens to her "WAS" i was merely emphasizing the word in agreement to you
  19. she WAS cute
  20. you wouldn't be able to shed tears I wonder if the author of Naruto will ever elaborate on that female ANBU captain you see during the match against Orochimaru and Sandaime and at funeral of Sarutobi Godgrave, your suspicions are close when you think it had something do with the memorial that kakashi's best friend was on.... It kinda makes you wonder just how far ahead the Naruto artist was thinking when he started the manga...
  21. well it did give us the running joke "i musn't run away, i musn't run away, I MUSN'T RUN AWAY!!11"
  22. sorry to say, it's coming on toonami.... It seems that the anime is farther than i thought....yeah, you're getting pretty darn close to finding out a good bit of kakashi's past.... Wait...there was nothing on Tsunade? The fight with Kabuto? The tri-summon battle, the regeneration seal or anything? Her necklace? That she's a medical ninja?
  23. LEGAL fansubs, at least...some groups will continue...a lot of the good ones will stop though.... anyway....i wonder how the anime will depict Kimimaro and far is the anime along now? You should be getting close to finding out how Kakashi got his sharingan if you're past the initial Tsunade story arc.
  24. Kisaragi (Misato), Asuka are my favorites Eva for me had too much of bleh action and the "deepness" of it came in too suddenly and was sort of out of place...the first half of the series (mainly before the characters begin to get fuxed up) was pretty good though