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  1. forget kung-fu hustle, if they make it look like anything from the last fight scene in Matrix 3 this is gonna be awesome!
  2. haha, it's mid-50s here and it's damn cold for me! :shiver:
  3. You are INO! Charismatic. Confident. You're the classic female role-model if ever there was one. You don't take shit from anyone and speak your mind with ease. You aren't afraid to stand up for yourself when you are right or even when you're wrong. So what if you're a tinsy bit egotistical...? And maybe a smidge obsessive...? yup, that's me! lol
  4. can't wait to see how it turns out
  5. aaah i hate that song!
  6. they translate it as hurricane chronicles. shippuu being "hurricane" and den being the chronicles, or tales, or legend....however you want to put it
  7. my next car is a hybrid...but still, i'm paying $3.11/gal on a student budget (like $200 a month from my parents) so it's not fun. not fun at all.
  8. i don't think naruto will ever stop using his shadow clones....
  9. i wake up in the morning and go "hot-diggity i love being asian" but that's just me....i think this was an idea of myself that people around me have cultivated.
  10. i like mine around my neck
  11. I just found a costume! I'm gonna wear my jinbei, geta, my bokken, and maybe my pointy asian hat. it's gonna be champloo/urahara-esque. it's funny how I have these things just laying around the house....
  12. haha that's so cool! I love me a man in green
  13. I think I'm gonna go to West Hollywood for their Halloween Carnival, but I have no costume
  14. i had to clean and rotate my eyebrow ring when i first got it. if it didn't it would get "stuck"....meaning that the hole would already start to close up with the piercing still inside. needless to say it hurt to get the ring free again, but after six weeks it was fine.
  15. California has evacuated a quarter of a million people as fierce winds fan wildfires in the Los Angeles region, stretching south to the Mexican border. At least one person has died and thousands of homes are at risk in seven counties, where fires have scorched some 240,000 acres (97,000 hectares). Firefighters warn that the fires, which are being fanned by hot winds, will get worse in the days ahead. Hotter temperatures and high winds are forecast for Tuesday. At least 655 homes have been destroyed, including at least 133 homes in one mountain resort community. Thousands more homes are threatened across the region. So I'm real worried cuz I know lots of people in and around these areas, although none of them are forced to evacuate they say they can see the flames from where they live. The sky, since Sunday, has been all shades of grey, brown, and red. It smells of smoke everywhere you go and everything has a light dusting of dirt and ash. It's real hell on my sinuses. I was just reading Lady's post on fucked up weather. They say this mostly because of our record-summer heat that dried everything into kindle. There's at least 12 separate fires going on but also a lot of fear that some will join up and become too big to handle.
  16. actually, so many people are refusing to leave the area that most firefighters are forced to concentrate on rescue efforts instead, leaving little to none left to fight the fires.
  17. the ones in malibu started supposedly because of a downed power line due to the high winds (as high as 80mph). Last I heard as many as 500,000 people have been evacuated. That's twice the number I heard on the news this morning.
  18. i personally love the fact that he's "out" although I do feel kind of suspicious that it was just an afterthought and that Dumbledore was never gay in the beginning but whatever--a new one for the team!
  19. aww but i'm even closer than he is. maybe charter sucks sucks monkey balls. i even closed my messenger programs, games, torrents, etc.
  20. eh, not to bad I guess.
  21. you also get more choice in anime with subbed...I think....
  22. *hides under the punch table* @_@;;
  23. whenever i get a hair cut i lose at least 3 inches of hair and people still ask if i got a hair cut. So...I tell them with a really confused look on my face that it's always been this long and that they are just imagining things. Then they get really confused lol
  24. you'd think this is the kind of stuff they'd teach them in Ninja Academy. What are they teaching in there anyways?
  25. DBZ i only ahd access to the english dubbed version they would play early early saturday mornings. it got so frustrating that they would repeat story arcs, skip random episodes, and even then the episodes the episodes they showed was mainly the guys yelling and powering up. so naturally i got fed of with the series.