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  1. i am becoming more and more fascinated with yourichi and soi fon. ^_~
  2. we watched the ending a few weeks ago when the series finished up, but 13 episodes is not enough! i hope they make another series soon. TSR was simply amazing. the shit sousuke goes thru, the insane fights, drama.. GAH! i need more! ^__^
  3. Justice League/Unlimited Gargoyles Family Guy Exo-Squad Swat Kats Conan the Adventurer
  4. It is his tail. he can use it in combat. heres a screenshot example: and it can bleed too. i think it got cut when he battled jakotsu. it also got cut and bled in movie 3. maybe i'll take a screenshot later on.
  5. i've been cleaning lately and i came across this old folded piece of paper with some of my sketches on it. upon looking at the odd collection of randomness, i decided to share it.
  6. that eyeball freaks me out. and the symbols? just markings from a clogged up pen.
  7. what game looked to be promising, but once played... turned out to be crap? for me.. unlimited saga. i thought it would be a great game, square and enix just merged and i had some high expectations! but then i played it... i thought i must have screwed something up in the options so i looked at the instruction manuel. i then played it again to see if i could get used to it. no. no i couldn't. that game costed me 23 of my dollars and 7 hours of my life. and what did i get in return for it? i measly resale value $2.50.
  8. ohhh!!! think of it. pixar is the leading cg company in the states. so far they've been limited to their demographic (kids) because of their disney contract. you know once they see the advent children style of quality coming out in japan (and being released in the states), they'll adopt some of that for future projects. hell, just imagine pixar or square-enix doing an advent children style dark tower.
  9. thanks everyone! ^___^ hehe, maybe i'll finish my myoga fan art.
  10. ohh.. i didn't even think about a game or anime.
  11. i wonder if we'll be able to directly order it from marvel.
  12. i updated the front page last night! this comic is going to be damn good!
  13. *taps icon* REBOOT!
  14. thats a pretty good site.
  15. *revives old topic* where the f*ck is the Justice League!? enough "encore" naruto repeats! i want my justice league!
  16. thats pretty good so far.
  17. Just a heads up, amazon has the box set on sale for $41! it includes the 4 hour pilot mini-series too!
  18. so many G plants in those pics. i'll never remember all their names. x_x sledge plushies are on sale! only $19.99. Fine Print: (sledge plushie might look like inuyasha plushie with hair cut off, tetsusagia not included)
  19. oh, lmao.. i looked too much into your question. X'D umm.. i don't think he ever stated any significance to the initials RF unless it was in an interview.
  20. "RF" are the initials for many of the incarnations of an ongoing evil being in many stephen king books. Randall Flagg from (The Stand), Richard Fry (The Stand), Flagg the hooded (Eye of the Dragon), Richard Fannin (Dark Tower 4), etc. etc. He often is associated with a pig, "We are Legion, one of many." and if you think about its reference, legion is of one demon, split into many incarnations/beings. thus legion, tho seperate creatures with slightly different names, all derived of the same evil, plauge king's books with those initials RF. I highly suggest watching "Storm of the Century" helluva a good movie/mini series, 6 hours long I think? but yeah, it covers the whole Legion thing in that. heres a good quote: wentworth, ohio. X'D i think i've been there before. sweet.
  21. last order was absolutly great. i loved the zack action.
  22. when Ginkotsu made his apperance in InuYasha, it was like a turning point for me. his pure relentless attack and weaponery were beyond anything ever shown before. and his lack of dialogue and persistant insane laugh just added to his evil demeanor. it had me on the edge of my seat. its a shame the english dub gave him all these extra lines and made him look like just another person after inuyasha.
  23. considering they went into a tomb thru a portal from his own eyeball.. then i would assume that hammer space is quite possible.
  24. it wasn't Lee that got nose to nose with her if you remember right. i think she wants to play the field. btw, i have a feeling that starbuck or D are going to find out they're prego by the end of the next season.