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  1. Use a lint free cloth and star from the center and whip away, then rotate the disk slightly and do it again and again. Don't whipe the cd on your pants or rub it on your shirt. And cleaning it like its an apple on the front of your shirt will only cause micro scratches that could further damage the disk.
  2. Another of my favorite eps is when Kagome's friends finally meet InuYasha. X'D I can't remember the name of the episode tho. That was cute! ^___^
  3. Sledgstone

    He's back!

    They play them on tuesdays because they'd rather spread their anime throughout the week to get more ratings, than just owning the ratings for only one night. In my opinion, their scheduling sucks ass. The only show I watch on CN anymore is Justice League and The Boondocks. I can't remember what episode they started back on, but I'm guessing it was near the end of the Band of Seven episodes.
  4. Its easy to take screenshots with media player. And if I can play anything with media player, then I can get screenshots of anything I want.
  5. Orochimaru looks awesome in that sig. Its just a shame that Orochimaru will be disgraced with Tony Danza's voice.
  6. I've been listening to the Best of InuYasha soundtrack lately and I miss not having new episodes to watch. I hope they eventually make some more. \ and I have a new theory about how they could save the show! What if when Kikyo actually dies, her soul reverts back to Kagome? Seeing as how Kikyo's borrowed soul was stolen from Kagome's body to begin with, wouldn't it make sense that it would return to her upon Kikyo's death? And if that were to happen, Kagome would regain her full power. I've come to the conclusion that Kagome actually had all the spiritual power of Kikyo to begin with. Only with that much power could she have shattered the shikon jewel in the first place. But near the beginning of the series, they bring Kikyo into it and part of Kagome/Kikyo's soul is taken from her.. thus greatly weakening Kagome before she even became proficient at using the bow. So if Kagome was to regain her power, she would no longer be worthless, but quite the opposite. She would be desperatly needed.
  7. Holy crap I can't remember most of those names. x_x; I'll have to brush up on kenshin to think up some good outcomes.
  8. I highly recommend the Combined Community Codec Pack too. I have it installed on both of our computers and just by installing it, we can play everything like .ogg, .mkv, etc. even the latest .mp4 video formats all with our regular windows media player. The only thing is, you have to uninstall any previous codecs that could conflict with the CCCP. Theres instructions on the site that explain it.
  9. FF7: Advent Children - Release Date and Cast Confirmed! VLC media player has a subtitle option.
  10. For me, probably these two.. 121. Decisive Batte! The Last & Strongest Shichinintai 122. Powerful Banryuu! Duel to the Death in Mt Hakurei Bankotsu battle.
  11. I think InuYasha's an ass. Kagome should hook up with Hojo.
  12. Probably guessing.. but it could be a translation issue too.
  13. I watch it out of the corner of my eye most saturday mornings. I've missed too many episodes to keep up with the overall plot tho. I've heard the sub is better tho.. *contimplates watching the fansubs*
  14. Interesting. I think I'll try this out in the near future.
  15. You are GAARA! Power. It's easiest to sum you up in that single word. Power. Life has been hard, but you've come out of it strong, and while you may not be a people person, you'll never be short of opponents. You're power is like a magnet, drawing people in... to their deaths! Muah-hah-ha-HAHAHAHA! I didn't expect that.
  16. Seriously! Those episodes were great! My only guess is that they took them out because of the sadness factor and the fact that luffy fights the beast. Maybe 4kids thought it would be emotionally damaging to their little kid audience. We're almost done watching the alabasta eps, and I can say this now. If they edit out a whale and even the "Little Garden" eps, there is no way in hell they will show most of the alabasta eps. yeah.. 4kids will turn 2 million people and war into a tea party discussion about dance powder.
  17. *shrug* There are pretty limited in their travel. I think there might be canals connecting north and east blue across the red line.. but thats never been mentioned either. and seeing as theres no way anyone could cross the grandline to the other oceans because of the calm belt, thats kinda ruled out too.. sounds like once you're in an ocean, thats the only ocean you'll ever see. but once inside the grand line, anyone can travel to any island, as long as they have an eternal log pose to guide them there. If they don't have that theres no way to travel to any specific island at will.
  18. He can completely change peoples lives just by being near them. But hes just so indifferent about everything. The woman who loved sesshomaru.. it was tragic for her, but I wonder if she could have turned her into another naraku type demon. That ep with Jaken tho.. lmao, jaken he had minions. X'D
  19. I think Naruto is dubbed completely by Viz but even that is edited (I just hope they don't destroy the chunin exam fights), but 4kids did all the editing and dubbing for One Piece. God I hate that company. And it pains me to say this, but considering the quality of FMA's dub, One Piece would have been better off with funimation. x_x
  20. yeah, so many series turn to crap because they milk it for money.. and then we get a shit ending to a good series. *coughSliderscough*
  21. so many people die in one piece.. bodies everywhere.. I wonder if they'll just skip the entire alabasta storyline.. one ep will have vivi in it and the next she'll be gone and they'll be heading to skypedia.
  22. I never cared much for 9, or 8 for that matter. Its mostly because their plots didn't interest me that much, especially near their ends. I did like how 9 went back to the old fantasy roots with equipment and battling and I did like quite a few of the characters. IV was a great game, but X, VI and VII still rank up there as my all time favorites. I will say that VII's biggest downside was the shear amount of plot you could bypass without even being aware of it. Unless you were a hard core explorer going back and forth all over the place all the time you could skip large chunks of story line inadvertently because the game didn't give hints as to were to go for all the scenes.
  23. I wonder if there will eventually be a cylon revolution.. they're making these human type cylons but many of them are actually, ala SK, "becoming" human. and if thats the case, they may not follow the will of the cylons. and we've already seen, via the resurrection ship, that these human types are made in mass just as all the others are. which also makes me wonder.. who is leading the cylons? they aren't acting as a collective consiousness or they wouldn't need resurrecting. they are all individual AI's that learn. So aside from the human type, the fighters and the warriors.. who is issuing the commands. the series makes it look like the human types are running everything like their own quorum, but I don't think thats really the case. Think about it.. who decided to make the human types to begin with? I think there are some serious brain cylons out there... or maybe something else entirely. I don't think any agreement can be made with the cylons.. they've had the upper hand to begin with. and if the cylons really wanted to they could gather about 20 basestars (they had at least that many to take out 13 planets and an armada of battlestars), use the intel from one of the human types in the fleet, jump in and nuke everyone even if it ment killing their own ships.. its all a little too easy for the cylons. I think there is another force at work.. maybe when the cylons went beyond human explored space they found something.. powerful. Maybe something keeping them in moderate check. when starbuck was on caprica she came across human breeding pits where they were using female humans to incubate cylons.. I think they are gathering their forces, building a bigger army. and it just so happened that they were able to pull off an instant takeover of the humans to help them acheive their goals. but.. I think they'll need the next step in evolution to survive. the human models are just the beginning.. I think they need earth because it was the birthplace of man. Something there is the key the cylons need for their own survival.
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