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  1. This situation reminds me of the book Star Wars: Truce at Bakura. Two rival fleets (Rebel, Empire) have to join forces to defeat a common enemy.. however, while in the middle of the battle, one opposing force positions themselves to destroy the other the moment the enemy is defeated. whatever will happen with the battlestars will most likely happen as soon as that ship is destroyed.
  2. Those sigs kick ass! i really like the choji one. ^___^
  3. Those are great! The power of the Sharigan.
  4. Hinata is so cute when she talks to naruto! but I like Ino the best so far. Sakura is good, but she seems like deadweight half the time. I need to watch more eps.
  5. yes.. hes so... "Unique!" X'D
  6. I love that quote, and its so true. *rubs emptiness next to heart*
  7. I like Kakashi, but some of these evil guys are looking pretty badass now.. Gaara especially. *must watch more eps*
  8. Sig Image Request FAQ:
  9. Aizen! Holy Shit! I didn't see that coming.
  10. I can't remember the exact quote, but it was something like this: Grandad: I'm confused, what exactly is "Thug Love"? Is it when you make sweet love to your woman, and just before that special moment, you punch her in the face and throw her down some stairs? ROTFLMAO! X'D
  11. Tom: They'll send me to jail for the weekend! Huey: So, its only a weekend. Tom: It only takes one night to get anally raped! X'D
  12. Its easier for me to list the FF games I haven't beaten.. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Crystal Chronicles, Tactics, and all the gameboy games except for Final Fantasy Adventure (this game was such a clone of zelda, but it was alot of fun.)
  13. yep.. 60 should actually be out sometime early this week tho.
  14. This show is my new favorite comedy. X'D
  15. Eppy said it smells like grandparents.
  16. *has all the manga* I just downloaded ep 60 from dattebayo last night... ichigo and the gang are hardcore niggas now. *must watch and read more bleach* ^____^
  17. Search: "Sessy's Fluffy" Page 2, Ancient Clan's "tails n demons" topic.
  18. *looks at old topic* i didn't even see this one.. but yeah, the Naruto forum is now open.
  19. hehe, well not only is their backstory intriguing, but they're also hot.
  20. i am becoming more and more fascinated with yourichi and soi fon. ^_~
  21. we watched the ending a few weeks ago when the series finished up, but 13 episodes is not enough! i hope they make another series soon. TSR was simply amazing. the shit sousuke goes thru, the insane fights, drama.. GAH! i need more! ^__^
  22. Justice League/Unlimited Gargoyles Family Guy Exo-Squad Swat Kats Conan the Adventurer
  23. It is his tail. he can use it in combat. heres a screenshot example: and it can bleed too. i think it got cut when he battled jakotsu. it also got cut and bled in movie 3. maybe i'll take a screenshot later on.
  24. i've been cleaning lately and i came across this old folded piece of paper with some of my sketches on it. upon looking at the odd collection of randomness, i decided to share it.