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  1. Comcast dropped it's bid for the Fox properties. Looks like Disney will get all their comic character licenses back at this rate.
  2. That bbq and the work they put into it is inspiring. I'd love to eat their food. That whole hog style is something I will never attempt to cook myself mostly because of the space it needs and the cost of the meat. Damn good bbq can be done in a small amount of time depending on the cut tho. Ribs can be smoked to perfection in 3 hours and smaller cuts in similar time but for big cuts like whole hog that takes forever. I've watched alot of competition bbq shows and YouTube videos on bbq to get recipes and techniques but any cook that takes me over 8 hours I'll either use a smaller cut of meat or cook at a higher temp. The kind of bbq these ppl cook is what I'd pay top dollar for because the skill required to cook it right is impressive.
  3. The snow looks way too distracting for me. Without traditional 3D spotting, we'll have to look for movement to see enemies and that snow is way too much of a visual distraction. I'm glad planes will be basically useless without the spotting. Screw the damn planes. They do need to change the shoulder mounted rockets to be a one hit kill for planes and any helicopters there might be. Its ridiculous that the AT rocket in BF1 wouldn't one shot them, but to have an actual rocket/RPG equivalent not destroy them in one hit is just stupid. I'm definitely looking forward to this game, but the crazy low ammo on spawn seems a bit too much. Only 2 clips for an assault on spawn? wtf. I'd waste half those bullets shooting at the first guy I see, then run out of ammo trying to kill the second guy. I don't want to play a game where 70% of the time I'm using a pistol and another 20% of the time I'm in a bleedout screen hoping to get revived with the new revive mechanic. Those 2 things are my biggest concern. The 3D spotting change is massive nerf to planes and snipers and I blame the balance and map design of BF1 for that. Everyone in that game now is a sniper or a plane guy that goes 50-2 every match. I love sniping but its hard to enjoy BF1. That and the vehicles sucked in it. If we can get proper BF4 style vehicle combat again I'll be very pleased. We need tanks that have passenger seats that can actually rotate 360 degrees. I hated being a passenger in tanks in BF1 because of the limited visibility.
  4. I bet the movie will be a bastardization of 3 different series rolled into one and focus almost entirely on some political plot line about pacifisim while the gundam pilot kills people and then cries about the murder he has to commit to achieve peace. And the enemy will be a misguided teen prodigy with weird eyebrows or hair that shows no emotions and has latent psychic powers.
  5. I watched this clip last night. Looks great. I'm a bit concerned of it trying to be too much like Destiny tho with those individual mission difficulty settings. One thing that I do love is being able to swap out to different suits. I hated being stuck as a hunter in destiny because I didn't want to level and gear another alt. The weapons and combat in this look really fun and that map does look pretty expansive.
  6. I'm surprised they're not doing PvP. Almost every game has a multiplayer pvp end game even when it's not needed.. mostly to sell loot boxes and more cosmetics. I'm guessing theres going to be so many weapons they'd rather not try to balance any of it and I don't blame them for that.
  7. My router shat out on me today and screwed me for over an hour as I thought it was my internet. -_-; My power went out and after it came back on my router started freaking out and will only stay connected for 5 seconds at a time and then go down again for 4-5 minutes. I hooked up my old back up router in the meantime. Now I have to call up the support line tomorrow and see if Tenda will honor their warranty. I ordered a TP-Link router off amazon a little while ago for a cheap $59 on sale. It seems decent enough and I've never had any issues with TP-Link before.

    1. DeathscytheX


      Linksys fa life XD My 4 antenna dual 5ghz/2.4ghz beast was worth every penny. I'm sure my neighbors 3 houses down can pick up a medium quality connection on this thing if it wasn't WPA2 locked. XD

    2. Sledgstone


      Lol. I've had a linksys router crap out on me. Ever since then I've had no brand loyalty for routers. :P

    3. DeathscytheX


      I've had a Belkins and D-Links crap out on me but the only Linksys that died on me got hit by lightning. XD I'll have to give that one a pass. I've never had a TP-Link.

  8. That How it should have ended was hilarious!
  9. I thought that Hampster hero was a joke at first. lmao. Hamtaro is in Overwatch now.
  10. I'm more impressed by the Cinematic trailer than I am by the actual gameplay. Blizzard can surprisingly make Pixar quality movies. The game looks like a fun FPS multiplayer with heroes like a MMOBA game. I hope they do more with this game than just make a competitive shooter. I'd love to see a single player / co-op campaign. With a cinematic trailer like that, the cut scenes would be great. Source: Click here to view the article
  11. I went golfing over the weekend for the first time in about 3 years and surprised the hell out of myself by actually making par on 2 par 3 holes. I definitely need to work on my long game. I can hit a 3 wood decent enough by my skill with a driver is atrocious.

  12. I saw this over the weekend. It wasn't as good as Rouge One, but it was still enjoyable. The new canon for Han and Chewy is ok, but I definitely prefer how they did the kessel run in the novels compared to how it was done in this movie. I think the biggest hold up for me was seeing someone else besides Harrison Ford playing Solo but Alden Ehrenreich did a good job.
  13. I wouldn't blame anyone for leaving a show after being on it for over 5 years. They should have either paid her substantially more or maybe she wanted out regardless just to spread her wings. Besides TWD the only other show I've seen her in was supernatural in multiple episodes and that was years ago. She's a great actress and I doubt she'd ever be typecast as Maggie for life. The filming schedule for twd must have been pretty restrictive since most of the actors are never in anything else.
  14. Check your county or local town/city website for electronic recycling days and fees. Near me it's like $25 to recycle a CRT monitor or old tube TV. I remember back in the day the garbage company would pick up everything. Now it's a fee for everything.
  15. That's a very good point. I've never paid tax on any digital games. I don't think that'll change because I think the taxes can only be applied to a physical purchase. I could be wrong tho.
  16. In NY we're taxed by just about every website there is, but now the rest of the country can enjoy paying taxes for all their online purchases. No real change for amazon tho since they already charge taxes for almost every state anyway. I'm wondering if this could force ebay to collect taxes on every single individual seller's transactions now.
  17. I'm glad that's working for you now. Be careful with that CRT monitor especially with it ticking. Make sure it stays unplugged. I had some PC speakers that weren't even turned on that starting making a noise and then started emitting smoke. Wtf. Damn things almost caught on fire. I'm glad I was home when it happened. Now I'm paranoid about stuff like that.
  18. Amazon always taxes us for every purchase that I'm aware of. I usually try to avoid 3rd party sellers since most charge shipping. Maybe some 3rd party ones wouldn't charge me tax but I've never noticed. I think the only large retailer that doesn't charge tax in NY is newegg. But I know they charged me tax before. I think it was some lawsuit or something happened and they stopped charging tax in NY for a while but that will probably change now. I agree this definitely empowers amazon tho. Ever since NY made online retailers charge sales tax years ago almost all my online business shifted to amazon. I used to purchase from a variety of sites to avoid sales tax, but if I have to pay sales tax everywhere I might as well shop on the website with the biggest selection, 2 day shipping and easy returns. I will say that I've purchased more from recently in the last couple years tho. I read this court decision won't really affect most ebay sellers since it only targets individuals and businesses selling over $100,000.00 in goods per year. Some ebay bulk sellers out there are probably going to start making multiple alt accounts now to sell more products to get under the radar. I feel bad for small businesses tho. They're now going to have to upgrade their online selling software to take into account the tax rate of every state and then have to get their accountants to file all those tax claims for every individual state. I wonder how that'll work for small businesses. If its some giant tax bill they pay out to the different states once a year or if some states have laws that require monthly payments of those taxes. It could really screw some small companies logistically.
  19. Good luck with the new cable! I bet that other one didn't work for them but they were trying to save face. If the new cable doesn't work then maybe the CRT is ok and the actual issue is the graphics card not outputting video.
  20. I just watched a quick video of GW1 roller beetle racing. I don't remember ever playing that race. I can definitely see the resemblance to the new mounts tho.
  21. I'm so confused about that mount. lol. Its a hover bike that is somehow connected to the beetle via magic or something. That thing looks so huge it'll be an eyesore once they release a stardust skin for it. Anet has gotten much better with their trailers. I'm getting a bit hyped for this.
  22. What kind of connection was the old CRT monitor? VGA? A vga to hdmi adapter should work. If you have one of those you might have bought the wrong type. There are hdmi to vga convertors that have the same looking connections but will only convert a digital signal to analog when you'd want one that converts from analog to digital/hdmi output. Good luck finding CRT monitors nowadays. I haven't seen one for sale in years.
  23. Hopefully this game has no instant death boss mechanics like Mighty No. 9. God that game was such a let down.
  24. This does look very impressive. I like the angles, lighting, atmosphere, character design. I hope they show how the controls actually handle. It'd be a shame if its just a button masher. If there is some skill involved in getting those kill hits, it'd be pretty amazing.
  25. I was a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and this remaster looks amazing compared to the original game on PS2. I would love to replay this game again on the PS3. Like I said above, I was a big fan of KH.. until KH2 came out. Kingdom Hearts 2 had much better game play compared to KH1, unfortunately, KH2 was actually KH3 because it was a sequel to a gameboy game. Considering the amount of KH games that have come out since KH2 on hand held systems, I can only assume KH3 will actually be Kingdom Hearts 9. Unless KH3 will be a stand alone game that requires no plot knowledge from the previous hand held games, I will have no interest in playing this game. Click here to view the article