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  1. I've never had a reaction to poison ivy before until this week. My right arm is wrecked. Its been 4 days now and I haven't felt an itch like this since i had chicken pox as a kid. Calamine lotion does help tho.

  2. Sony needed to get their heads out of their asses in terms of cross play. I'm guessing they will fully embrace it since they'll use MS server infrastructure. And I'm glad they are doing that. PSN has always been garbage. At one point I had 200 mbps internet, now its 100 mbps... I've never seen a game or update from sony download even close to 30 mbps on my ps4. Its so damn slow.
  3. Sledgstone

    Aurora + Poly aura combo

    That looks great on her.
  4. I"m loving owning a lawn tractor. I've used it only twice so far, but its great. I can get my entire lawn mowed in just under an hour and a half. The cup holder seems so pointless.. lawn tractors don't have shocks, its only the seat that has springs to save you from getting your ass and back wrecked.. I could only imagine someone putting a beer in that cup holder and driving off on the yard, that beer would last maybe 20 seconds before its all over the tractor. XD Now I need to buy a weed trimmer to trim around the trees and the ditch.. and 3 ceiling fans. I hate the light fixtures in 3 rooms. Time for an upgrade.

  5. That looks like a scene taken right out of the book. Creepy as hell. The only thing that is odd to me is that brief shot of a circus. I don't recall a circus in the book.
  6. It looks really good so far. I'm hoping it'll be released within the next decade.
  7. That Sonic should be burned. WTF were they thinking.. and I still don't get why the hell the Sonic movie has to be just him in the real world.. they could have made it a "live-action" movie like Lion King is "live action" and have it based in the video game world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Everyone focuses on how Sonic looks like an abomination, but honestly the entire movie looks like crap. I'm guessing Robotnick at the end of the trailer is going to be at the end of the movie and this entire mess of a film will be yet another origin story movie. Somehow Sonic got transported into the human world, has to get a bunch of rings, that are actually some super conductive new alien alloy that the US military is collecting for new weapons programs or some crap, and has to use those rings to get back to his planet. So it'll be Sonic and some guy that's helping him get back home E.T. style, mix some childish humor in there, have Sonic take out some military forces.. only a mad scientist can defeat him so they hire Jim Carry.. and by then theres 20 minutes left of the movie that might be decent.. then credits and a brief cameo of Tails looking worse than anything we've seen so far as he hints at a sequel.
  8. It was a good movie. The finale was epic and it was great closure for such a long ongoing plot line.
  9. Omg that's some epic looking fights.. 17 monsters. We're finally getting a godzilla movie that focuses on godzilla battles.
  10. Star Trek Discovery Season 2 was amazing. Significant improvement over season 1. Bringing in captain Pike, Spock and the Enterprise as well as tying the entire Discovery series into the timeline and canon of the original series was well done and extremely entertaining to watch. I wish they didn't f*ck up the klingons as much as they did in season 1, because aside from that Discovery is now a solid show that ranks up there with TNG and Voyager for me.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Strider, if you're using the PS4 app its pretty bad. It seems to be inconsistent and I want to blame both Funi and Sony for it... but mostly funi since PS4's connectivity issues can be worked around by Netflix and every other streaming app it can run. Sadly funi's tech division is in the stone ages. When I first signed up you couldn't even save where you were in an ep or have a history of what you watched. With the membership update tuesday, bugs have riddled the library to where you have to use search and know what you're looking for as the selections on browsing are cut in half or worse.

      Some people say they can't even get the app to work, others say they have no issues at all. I will get at least one crash or constant buffering a session. Testing the connection in network settings for me solves the buffer thing, The app crashing, and restarting is just an anomaly, it wont happen for the rest of the day... for a universal solution I can't blame this on Wifi because people say it happens to them on a wired connection. I just know my PS4 has always been finicky about wifi, especially when changing modems over the years. Even though I get 100mbs, my PS4 never does better than around 30-40mbs on wifi. And it will go as low as 12mbs. When I had slower net speeds it was worse. I could run connection test 5 times and get 5 different speeds within a range of 20mbs of each other. So that tells me its never consistent at any time. I think that's what causes the app to crap out for a lot of people because Funi doesn't know how to code for constant connection quality changes or whatever. I can stream on my PC without issue 100%. Who knows what it is. but Yeah I wouldn't blame you for dropping the service since you're mostly a sub watcher.... although Funi now has a ton of subs on simulcast. 

    3. Sledgstone


      @Strider Hiryu I didn't pay a dime for CBS All Access. Now that the second season is done you can get a free 7 day trial, marathon the entire series and cancel it. Aside from Star Trek Discovery there is absolutely nothing I want from CBS All Access. Same with if a season 3 gets made and eventually released 8 months to a year from now, I'll do a different free trial then too after the season finishes airing and watch it. Also, if you didn't finish Enterprise I highly recommend that last season and a half. You'll either love it or hate it since it takes the show in a completely different direction and the tech they show is pretty unique to.

      People gave mixed reviews for Discovery for many obvious reasons for season 1 if you watch it. They did the Klingons completely wrong and then try to say it was canon. My ass. Even with how they tried to fix them in season 2 they still screwed them up beyond redemption with season 1. I honestly did not like season 1 at all until they started a different arc 3/4 through the season. They also focused a bit too much on relationships. Straight, homosexual, etc. I wanted to watch Star Trek not watch some half assed relationship drama sub plots that takes place on a space ship. Season 2 was much better since it actually focused on the exploration first and foremost. The other complaint I saw was people complaining about the crew behavior, occasional swearing, and lack of discipline in some cases. Oh no, there was 3 swear words in this season! Blasphemy! -_-; To me it actually made the characters more relatable. Unlike in Enterprise where Scot Bakula's character and half the crew all tried to be boy scouts in space with too strong of a focus on emotional baggage.

      DS9 was good. I liked the Dominion war and found it very interesting. I think DS9 gets too much crap thrown at it because of Sisko's character progression into becoming basically a space jesus. lol. I definitely understand why people would want religion not mentioned in a space scifi series, but for DS9 it worked because it was unknown alien life living in a worm hole.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      @DeathscytheX Yea I use the PS4 app and its fucking terrible. It worked perfectly when I started to use it (back when I was watching Hellsing Ultimate) but started to go to shit like shortly after (in fact it was horrendous when I was watching Corpse Princess). I hadn't used it since I finished Corpse Princess so I was hoping it was fixed but honestly it's not and my issue is the buffering problem (which also persists in the Phone App as well leading me to conclude the PS4 and Mobile apps are either the same or based on the same architecture). It works fine on my PC (which I tested Saturday night) but ever since I started watching anime through the CR app on PS4 I kinda don't like watching shit on my PC anymore (I like to watch shit while I'm in bed, kinda hard to do when my PC isn't in line of sight)) but I just don't really want to watch it there (as noted). Honestly there is quite a bit on Funimation I'd like to watch (more then I originally thought since CR lost everything when the partnership ended) and it's the only place I can currently stream Isekai Quartet and Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san (which is fucking adorable and so relaxing to watch) so I really don't want to drop my sub yet. After Senko and Isekai are done airing I'll revisit whether or not I want to cancel my sub.

      @Sledgstone Hmmmm, maybe I'll get the week trial then and binge it (once I'm done watching Letterkenny on Hulu (god this show is fucking awesome, if you have Hulu check it out it's fucking hilarious)) since my curiosity is getting the best of me here (I really want to know more about this tech Discovery has because they don't explain it in STO at all). That was my major issue with watching it was their complete fuck-up with the Klingons. I can live with TOS Klingons because it's canon and actually explained in TNG why they are the way they are but those abominations in Discovery are not Klingons. Everything else looked pretty amazing but I just couldn't get past the those looks.

      I plan on watching the rest of Enterprise but it's hard to find the time when I rarely watch anything besides anime now-a-days (I make time here and there for TV/Movies occasionally but I'm always on my PC playing FFXIV or doing other shit and usually have Twitch on as background noise) especially since I got screwed and the channel carrying it back when it was airing went off the air in my area so I only got to see up until the end of S2 (I got to see S3 and part of 4 back when SyFy used to run marathons of it but never got further then that). I actually liked the whole boy scout aspect of it since this was technically humanity's first foray into space (it did get slightly annoying but it was still enjoyable).

      Yea the whole space jesus thing was probably the one of the only things that rubbed me the wrong way in DS9. Never really could wrap my head around it but that only really becomes a massive plot point later on. Still didn't detract from my enjoyment though (especially since some of my favorite Star Trek characters are in DS9). Plus it also introduced my favorite Federation starship (the Defiant, god I love that little ship. Not as much as I like my Presidio Class in STO (it's such a beautiful ship and fucking powerful)).

  11. Wait even longer and after the wallpaper TVs the next step will be 48k contact lenses. The tech will be so advanced and small it can powered by your own eyeball heat and will be synced to your phone. Choose a video or movie to stream and your entire vision will be filled with life like imagery, full 3d, etc. Put in the earbuds and you're all set. Want to play a game, no problem, switch it over to the playstation app and grab a controller.
  12. 8k tv seems like a long way off from here, but definitely within the next 5 years of the expected new console's life span. I'd be surprised if the ps5 would give us 60 fps constantly on a 4k tv. For an 8k tv it'll probably support it but be lucky to hit 30 fps unless it drops settings lower. I say that because current graphics cards that could do 8k now are $1,000 by itself. Sony won't put that strong of a card into the ps5 and keep the price point down. And considering there's already dev kits of the ps5 out there for developers they're already set on what the specs are. Whatever strength they say the GPU is can be amazing for loading times for that spiderman game, but once all the games coming out are standard 4k I'm sure PC master race will declare the new consoles obsolete with in the first 6 months.
  13. I bet it's called Rise of Skywalker because it'll be revealed that Rey actually is a Skywalker, maybe even Luke's kid. The second movie did leave enough openings to fill in gaps for this third movie. When we see luke in the second movie he was living a hermit life like Yoda was on Dagobah and the flash backs we saw were of Luke middle aged. It could be revealed that before or during the establishment of his jedi academy he fell in love, maybe with Mara Jade from the books, had a kid, had a falling out with Mara, maybe never even knew of she was pregnant.. Lots of speculation here. Lol.. but they could make it happen in the movie. It would make sense for her to be a Skywalker, same with Kylo. And if palpatine is back they both may have to team up and rise up against him.. but then again it looked like kylo was reconstructing his Vader style helmet. And I could be completely wrong. The original trilogy and the prequel trilogy was all about the Skywalker lineage. It would only make sense for this movie to continue that. And all good things that come to an end always tie back into the beginning somehow. By bringing palpatine back and focusing on a Skywalker defeating him would bring the entire collection of movies to a good end. Then any squeals after that could have more free range. I did read that the next trilogy will be set in the old republic and I'm very glad for that. Instead of having to focus on specific blood lines or only a handful of force users we'll get movies with a variety of jedi, aliens, completely new plot lines, etc.
  14. Now I'm interested in watching this. I liked the first 2 with Ron Perlman and the trailer and brief reviews I saw for this reboot didn't look to appealing to me. I'll definitely watch it when it comes out on bluray.
  15. I haven't been able to watch this season yet. I'm still about 6 eps behind not counting whatever new episodes have come out. It looks like the eps I need to watch are on netflix now tho.
  16. I need to buy a lawn tractor soon.. maybe this weekend. The last lawn tractor I owned was a piece of crap hand me down that nickel and dimed me to death until I got rid of it and got a decent push mower instead. But my yard now has just over an entire acre of just grass. No way in hell I can push mow that. I might get a Cub Cadet or John Deere tractor. I need to see what might be on sale. I had the lawn mowed at the end of last year right when we moved in and its $40 per mow. x_x

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I had a science teacher that had a goat, now that I think about it he had to mow grass too because he use to tell the class how he sent him out first and watched as he stepped into the hornets nests in the ground and got attacked. He knew where to avoid after that. What a dick. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      That's horrible. XD goats can be assholes to tho. At least the one I met at my aunt's. Lol.

    4. Sledgstone


      I bought my new lawn tractor yesterday. Had to finance it like a mini car payment. I thought about getting a used one but I didn't want to get nickel and dimed to death by random constant repairs over the years.


  17. I'm surprised they're even doing a physical sale of the game if it's digital only. I only own about 6 or 7 ps4 games on disk. I've been buying digital only for ps4 and steam for years. Digital for ps4 mostly because my system was faulty and would spit out disks randomly. But ever since psn started doing actual decent digital sales years ago I stopped buying physical copies altogether except for bf5 that I bought on disk. There's been plenty of other games with no disks tho. I bought a couple sims 4 expansions for lady earlier this year and the physical boxes came with digital codes and no disks. That was PC version tho. Maybe it's more common with PC games.
  18. So Anthem's development was basically 6 years of making all the assets of the game and getting basic controller movements, menu, etc. Then frantically rushing the creation of a campaign, lore and actual gameplay design in the last 6 months to a year.. Sounds like Anthem truly was a clone of Destiny 1. Lol. And this is another example as to why I don't pre-order games any more. The more hype a game gets prior to its release generally means its garbage and the company is banking on pre-order sales and FOMO (fear of missing out). Only a few games will actually deliver on their hype. Borderlands 3 probably will. Last of Us 2 probably will. The next couple big games I expect to flop with massive hype will be Death Stranding and Cyberpunk 2077. After those games come out we'll get more behind the scenes stories about what happened to the development, why they had to cut corners, why we weren't given all the things we were promised, etc. etc.
  19. Sledgstone

    Humble Bundle

    That Namco Bundle doesn't seem all that impressive. A bundle that does look impressive to me tho is this one from Fanatical. I think I'll get this for $5 just for River City Ransom Underground. God I loved River City Ransom when I was a kid. I can't remember how many times I beat it but it was so much fun. I lost entire weekends to that game. https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/alliance-bundle
  20. Been busy with overtime. Gotta get those hours in while I can.

  21. It's a shame they killed off jesus. He'd have had better potential to keep the show going as a leader. It feels like the show got bloated with characters with all the communities but they still kept a focus on the main group.. but now that there is no main group anymore I'm finding it hard to care for any character at this point. Daryl and Carol are the only decent characters left after michonne leaves which means they'll be pretty much unkillable without killing off the show. Alpha and Beta are just odd to me. Negan was an amazing character and the saviors made sense with how they lived and made others suffer. But the whisperers don't make sense to me. They have no quality of life, they never explain why any of them would actually want to live like they do. It's like they're all psycho but aside from alpha and beta there's no other characters in their group to relate with. At least with the saviors if you saw one of the lieutenants get killed you know it was some serious shit. But instead of having a hierarchy of characters as enemies it's all put on the shoulders of 2 characters alone. Alpha and Beta are just not strong enough of characters to keep that tension strong.
  22. I'm really surprised they built up Tara and Henry as much as they did this season only to kill them both off so abruptly. I didn't even realize their heads were on those spikes at first. And when they did the flash back it didn't even show their deaths. Seemed a bit rushed. I still don't understand why they are making a Rick trilogy movie. I could understand the actor wanted out... but then he signed up to do 3 tv movies based on wherever the hell that helicopter took him. This is the last season for Michonne to since Danai Gurira will be leaving.
  23. Everything was updated today. Looks like there was an issue with the sitemap causing search engine result issues. There's also a new giphy button in posts. Feel free to add gifs now. There's a few other features that have been updated but nothing major. I should be getting the themes back up soon to.
  24. That's what was covered in the movie. It's as if you've seen this movie. Lol.. I should probably read the manga. After the motorball tryouts they skipped all the motorball stuff because that was where the movie ended after the final scene with Hugo which would be the setup for a sequel. If they do a sequel they could cover all the motorball events in a flashback or just start the sequel movie with something like.. "after what happened with Hugo, I focused on motorball..." and then cover all the motorball stuff. Her age wasn't exactly stated but Ido told her she's roughly 300 years old at one point in the movie. And her new body was called Berserker and it has nano tech. You might actually like this movie. Lol.
  25. I watched Battle Angel Alita today. It was the most true anime to live action movie I've ever seen. I never read the manga so I can only assume the motorball stuff and her new ultra powerful body was part of the manga. Aside from that every scene that happened in the anime movie happened in this movie almost exactly. It's a shame it was PG13 but that's alright. It still had all the brutal deaths but the kill shots that were gruesome generally took place right off camera which was only a few times. Other times it was mostly a lack of blood to get around an R rating. Like slicing a guy into 5 parts is ok for pg13 when there's no blood flying everywhere. Overall I'm very pleased with how the movie played out and it was setup for a sequel. The movie does explain alot more about Alita than the anime does, like what she is, how old she is, etc. And the giant eyes that freaked everyone out before is nothing. I got used to it within the first couple minutes. The realy unique thing about this movie are all the cyborgs. There's no two cyborgs that are even remotely similar except for in 2 flash back scenes. Other than that a girl with giant eyes is nothing compared to a 10 foot tall guy with a shoulder width bigger than a semi truck or some guy that's larger than a SUV with multiple appendages with circular saws. Also I didn't see any sex appeal at all. Lmao. they made her look physically fit like she was in the anime. And she kicked ass. This was a great movie and I highly recommend it.
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