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For Honor


Here is the trailer for Ubisoft's new IP: For Honor!

Gameplay Demonstration

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Indeed. I've always wanted this style of a multiplayer game. I look forward to hands on coverage on the battle mechanics after game sites get hands on tomorrow. It looks like it has stances, and parry mechanics.

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1 hour ago, Myk JL said:

For Honor's Story Campaign Cinematic reminds me of ESO's PVP Cinematic.

I agree, I thought the video was labeled wrong. It really felt like a pvp trailer.

The campaign walkthrough looks interesting, but the combat system seems a bit off to me. I guess I'm too used to smashing a couple buttons and watching enemies die. XD

The fighting style in For Honor reminds me of an old game I used to play "Die by the Sword". Except in Die by the Sword your weapon or shield literally free floats and follows the exact path of your mouse. So instead of changing stance to left, right or up like in for honor, you literally just attack from left or right or whatever angle you want. The downside to it is that it looks stupid as hell. XD But in For Honor it looks like their fighting system might have been a bit inspired by DbtS but updated in such a way that it looks much more plausible. The big thing that DbtS's combat did with that free floating sword, was allow you to easily target specific limbs. I'd chop enemies legs off left and right and damn if felt good to lob off an enemy's leg, pick it up and beat them to death with it while they hobbled around trying to kill me. XD

Theres not many good vids of that old game, but I found a speed run of it in decent quality:


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Well I'm officially sold. The combat looks like it took cues from the Dynasty Warriors games (main combat) and I love the one-on-one fighting system. Definitely on my to buy list for next year.

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I'm really pumped for this game... It looks to me you can hack and slash through all the regulars and only the more serious enemies you have to melee. The guy that played it live was worse than the one that did this demo. The attack tells are generous enough to move your guard into the right spot... or maybe thats just because I'm use to GW2 boss tells. XD

I was really sold on the MP, but now this campaign looks great, being able to use the environment and what not. It's co-op too which adds to the fun.

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