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  3. I've been in quite a writing mood and I had the urge to share a couple of the poems that I've written recently.... Stormy Horrors Lighning crashes overhead My heart pounds with anticipation My head spins And I gasp as the room Suddenly goes dark The trees sway violently and the branches scratch the windows My heart almost stops as I hear a terrible moan of pain I freeze and I'm immobile I don't know what to do The storm clashes around me And this makes it Even worse for me My curiosity is roused But I am scared stiff at the same time The lights flicker And I find the will to move a bit My hand moves to the door And opens it slowly I cry out in terror As I see what I didn't expect The words that looked To be written in blood I'm sorry love, I couldn't take it anymore. ---------------------- The Dark Haired Beauty The dark haired beauty Danced under the full moon. She thinks she is safe, But she doesn't think of the dangers, Lurking around every corner. She laughs gaily, As she twirls around In her own little world, She doesn't even notice The eerie way that The clouds cover the moon Quickly and mysteriously. A wolf's howl Comes from the west. Her head snapped toward there, And the howl echoed again. Her breath quickens a bit, Just as she saw a figure Coming towards her in the dark, She could see him barely, His figure was covered in blood. He approached her And as he brought His gloved hand to her cheek, It began to rain blood heavily. He grinned at her, Showing his fangs, And she looked at him in shock She was paralyzed. Afraid of what, He was going to do to her. His pale face contorted into laughter, And he brought her into his arms. She looked at him with saddened eyes Eyes that searched his silver ones, She found that he looked at her with affection. But he looked at everything else Around them with hate. All this blood on him, Only meant one thing to her. He's killed many people And that scared her deeply. He smirked to himself, And resolved to do what he wanted. This dark haired beauty, Was going to be the perfect bride. He was going to shape her into the perfect vampiress. Whether she liked it or not, She was going to learn to adapt to her situations. He has found, His perfect mate. She was his for eternity. He wasn't going to let her go. ------------------------------ The Damaged Church Bell The damaged church bell rang its haunting tune. People shiver as they stop in fright. The wind howls across the barren land, As the damaged church bell rings the twelfth time. The villagers look even more frightened now. The sky turned black, There wasn’t a sound of any animal, It was extremely eerie. It scared many to the bone, And it scared others to death. The sky lightened a little, Just enough for the rest of The villagers to see the pale figure Coming towards them slowly. He was emotionless, His eyes were so cold as he passed them. One by one, The villagers began to fall in pain Just as he passed the last house It was like he was the messenger of Death, the one to destroy them all. He looked back to the dying village, With his piercing blue eyes, And coldly glared as It began to burst into flames. His job was finished, It was time to move on. The church bell rang the twelfth time again, And he smirked sadistically. It was something like his calling card He’d show up at the sound of the twelfth Ring of the damaged church bell.
  4. The pain and torment I've felt Has always been hidden behind a mask It's never been broken The mistakes that I've made In showing some emotion Haunt me always when I'm teased The feelings that I've wanted to release Have been locked up deep inside of me The hate, sorrow, loneliness, and pain Doesn't compare to what I want to express now. Everything is slowly pushing against my Well made mask over my emotions, And they are about to boil over. My mask is slowly crumbling, And when it does, I don't know If I'll Be able to put it back up.
  5. Thanks guys. That means alot.
  6. My heart aches The bloody rain pours down It reflects what I’m feeling Tears of blood roll down my face and hit the ground. Clenching my eyes shut tight I try to shut out everything That wants to hurt me I feel empty I feel that something is missing There’s an emptiness deep within my soul My heart is crying My mind wishes it to stop The emptiness I feel consumes me It makes me want to lash out The tears of blood flow more freely I cry out in frustration as I Feel my heart clench in loneliness. And the tears flow faster Opening my eyes As the bloody rain stopped I looked around and I Saw that everything was covered in blood. The emptiness I felt grew And I knew something I was alone.
  7. I find that I often add different Jap words that I use in my fanfics that word doesn't recognize. Sometimes I add French or Spanish to my spell check dictonary too because it gets annoying to see the red lines underneath the words... I use the grammar check but not that often... Most of the time I just go over it myself and see what looks the best to me...
  8. More or less Gaara during the chuunin exams. Especially if they're from battles...
  9. Hey Lady, are you going to make a signature of gaara?
  10. Most of the time I write what I feel but that would be a different way to write...
  11. I see a mix of things when I hear the word alone. I see a lonely person, the moon, darkness, sometimes the stars, and mist. My imagination gets warped sometimes with some words...
  12. Something like that but not quite. There's a big wooded area by my house that I wander around in sometimes. It's just woods that I live by but I'd love to live near the real forest...
  13. I've missed too many episodes to keep up with the plot... the best episodes were the ones where Sonic and Shadow turned super...now I just watch them when I feel like it...
  14. Stylish. Skillful. Sexy. You've never had trouble getting people to notice you even if sometimes you wish they wouldn't. At least you can always feel happy knowing you excel at whatever you try. Now if you could only kill that brother of yours...
  15. I like it. It has a sad and angsty feel to it and I can relate to it in some ways. I can feel the emotion flowing off of every line. This person left you behind...now you're going to leave him behind. I like this part of it alot. "I'll hide away In the back I promise to stay Silent and smiling But deep inside I'm crying Once again you've left me behind Maybe someone should to to you in kind Forgoten again" You most likely don't want to show that you're crying. You have to be strong for you're own sake...
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