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  1. I got my new Smoker assembled tonight. After a good cleaning, it'll be ready for its first bbq this saturday. Pulled pork and chicken.. Mmmmm. I plan on doing a large blog update this weekend. :D

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    2. Sabe


      I do a bit of smoking during the summer... and had the same problem last year. The best solution I found was to add a separate coal pan under my water pan, that way it was using it's own heat source, and keeping the water at a more stable temp. Still had to add more water every hour, though...:(

    3. Sledgstone


      Thanks for the suggestion. I made some modifications to my smoker last weekend, but I haven't had a chance to try using it again. I added a new thermometer, a damper to the bottom to allow me to control airflow, and 3 bolts to the charcoal pan to place a grate on so the ash doesn't choke out the air flow.

    4. Sledgstone


      I was also using royal oak lump charcoal.. turns out the lump charcoal was burning very hot and fast, especially since I couldn't restrict air flow. Also, the lump really added a strong smoke flavor. Way too much. So I'll be trying out kingsford blue briquettes next time. Next time I use the smoker, I'll take pictures to upload so you can see what it looks like.

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