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  1. Well my dryer broke after about 15 years and multiple repairs I've done over those years. I had to buy a new dryer. So far so good. I was finally able to get my laundry done again and my bathroom no longer smells like dirty socks and febreeze. XD

    1. slippers


      had to call sears technician to fix our dryer about six months ago. he said he would be back bc he had no tools to do the job right away, waiting for that numbnut turned into a week or two, finally called someone else, turned out a freaking bird was nesting on a vent exit and that was blocking the flow or whatever. fixed it less than 15 mins. i got the hang of air drying for awhile, but back to being convenient :D 

    2. Sledgstone


      I'm glad that was an easy fix! :D

    3. slippers


      the sears guy kept delaying and pushed back dated schedule. i knew what he was doing. he wanted an extra cash but didn't have time from his work so he made us wait a week after another week. even if he had attempted to fix it, he already told us he was going to vacuum a vent and probably overcharged us. screw that guy.  

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