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  1. Mosquitos here have been a bastard the last 3 weeks! Ravenous assholes that don't even care that I have deep woods off sprayed all over my body and citronella candles are burning everywhere. I even sprayed some cutter bug killing spray onto part of my yard and those bastards keep coming for every time I walk outside. x_x Its times like this that I don't mind winter because it kills every last one of them.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Damn that's got to suck. I bought some cutter bug spray today to see if that's more effective than the deep woods off. 

    3. slippers


      ^ did you notice your avatar is missing? O_o

      yeah it does. one time during hot ass day one of store customers asked my ex coworker why i wear clothes like its winter and he told the customer i was covered in tattoo and was trying to hide it lolol 😂 

      maybe theres a hidden puddle of water they are breeding near your house that you missed. hope you get them. they use to lay eggs on window washing dispenser/bucket thing at work and they were crawling/swimming with mosquito worms..really nasty. couldnt spot them until i got like 1 feet close, i thought they were just hair and dirt at first.

    4. Sledgstone


      Thanks for mentioning my avatar.. It still loads on my browser, but when I clicked on it in my profile it was busted. wtf. I think I got it fixed now. lmao @ the tatoos. XD

      I think because we had so much rain there are small pools of water everywhere now. I'm guessing theres thousands of random little tiny cm size pools of water hidden in the mulch in our flower beds. I think the news guy said it was the third wettest July in history here. x_x

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