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  1. I got a root canal today. F*ck that. Took 1.5 hours this morning. The tooth wasn't cracked so it didn't have to be pulled. But he had to cut a couple millimeters off my jaw line in between the 2 teeth so a crown could get properly mounted. The inside of my jaw looks totally jacked right now. And he accidentally cut the base of my tongue because I guess I moved it by accident. That hurts more than the jaw right now. I have a temp filling in the tooth and it the tooth looks like a square. I have to let this heal for almost a month before I can get a crown molded for it. Fml.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I hear ya. He put a bite block in my mouth so it would force it to stay open. My old dentist wanted me to go to a specialist that was a solid 50 minute drive from my house and wasn't covered by my insurance. I couldn't afford that. My insurance did cover me with aspen dental so I went to the one that was 15 minutes from my house. I hated the aspen dental I went to 10 years ago but this was a different newer location and everyone seemed much more competent. So far so good and I seem to be healing.

      My jaw and tooth hurt but it's nothing compared to the initial infection that actually killed the tooth. That was a brutal 3 weeks. I couldn't let any fluid touch that side of my mouth or it'd trigger a mini migraine.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Oof, yea that initial infection is a bitch. My tooth literally collapsed on itself (when I was younger my mother insisted on sealants so the tooth literally decayed under the sealant until it couldn't handle anymore pressure and cracked).so when the infection hit I couldn't do anything that was hot or cold. If it wasn't room temp it was going to be intense pain. That is until I found to wonder that is Orajel, good god is that stuff amazing (for the initial 4 hours, once it wears off it's pain city all over again).

      Yea, I had to go to a specialist since my dentist wouldn't do root canals. Weirded the hell out of me since I thought dentists were supposed to do them, not oral surgeons. Then again with how incompetent my dentist was it was probably for the best she didn't do it (I've since changed dentists since she decided to start her own practice and I moved to the other one who actually ran the practice she was working at. Much more competent).

    4. Sledgstone


      Orajel only worked for me for about 20 minutes. x_x The pain screamed right through the orajel which surprised the hell out of me. I think it was because the roots of that tooth was so crazy long.

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