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  1. Theres a new update for IPB coming out later this year. Once I upgrade to that, I'll see what new features there are for the articles section and possibly get articles back up and running again. In hindsight, I didn't like the comment implementation. Because it used the forum topic's comments, in the article it would look out of place because the comments wouldn't start from where the post was upgraded to an article. If there is a better implementation of that I'll probably get the articles back up and running. Heres info on random stuff in the new version that may or may not interest anyone. lol.


    And there will be an Invision App that works will all sites that use IPB, but its dependent on the community owner keeping the license valid for it to work. Which I generally don't. For the last 5 or so years I let the license lapse when there is no upgrades available. I never saw the value in paying for license renewals every 6 months when there was no upgrades because all it did was give an anti spam option. We hardly have a spam issue anymore nowadays. Eh, we'll see what the app does and if it has a dark mode or not.

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