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  1. Had a busy weekend. A cousin from out of state visited, another day we put a second coat of paint on our garage and the third day was all yard work. It was a nice having a 3 day weekend. I have another one coming up this weekend, but I have to replace the dip tube in my water heater, hopefully that doesn't take me all day. My water heater is in an awkward location in its own utility closet and I'll have to disconnect 3 water lines to pull it out far enough to get the tube down the top because theres a shelf over the water heater and it has no clearance. I'm sure it'll be a pain in my ass. x_x

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    2. slippers


      ^ XD

      fortunately it turned to the right as soon as laura made a landfall. not a drop of rain and no wind. greetings for that day was like "hey, we dodged a bullet" or "hey, we are so lucky" lmao. have to see next week though, 2 new tropical storms heading this way from atlantic -_-

      lol damn..8 hours sounds like a nightmare. i hope you dont have to go thru that everytime you clean it. O_o the waterheater that got replaced had no problem for 20 years. or at least i dont remember it needing any maintenance. but the new one is electric, maybe little more than a year old, and it already had an overheating issue a couple months back. a technician said it was an error due to power outage but idk. i hope it lasts as long as the old one bc just by calling someone to check on it is like $120.

    3. Sledgstone


      It was only 8 hours because I had to drive to Lowes 3 times, lol. That was probably 2ish hours just in driving and going through the store. But it did take a long time. Mostly because I had to clean all the connections thoroughly because the original owners screwed up the connections and caused a corrosion issue. At one point I had to wait about an hour for the tank to finish draining. x_x When I go to do a yearly maintenance on it, as long as I set the water heater to drain in the morning, I could get the job done in an hour because the elements are facing the front of the heater so I don't need to disconnect anything again. So about an hour once a year not counting the time to drain it isn't too bad.

      That gas water heater probably lasted that long because you must have decent water there. The gas burner is under the tank while an electric one has two heating elements that are inside the tank. Both the gas and electric ones get mineral deposit buildup all over the inside heat sources, that eventually builds up, flakes off and settles to the bottom of the tank, or for electric will build up so much it completely damages the elements until they break. Because I have well water and its heavy with minerals, that build up really builds up very very fast compared to public water that is already treated from a water company. The maintenance I'll have to do is drain the tank, take out the two elements and replace them, only $27 for a set, and vacuum out that mineral buildup at the bottom of the tank. I might get a water softener at some point and then I'd only have to do the maintenance for the water heater maybe once every 10 years. Your gas tank probably had 20 years of mineral buildup that eventually filled up so high it was causing heating issues. and btw, that mineral build up is heavy as hell. I bet those guys struggled their assess off removing that thing. lol.

      Plumbers are expensive. x_x

    4. Sledgstone


      Oh and I forgot to say, that dip tube I installed in the water heater turned my 8 minute warm showers into 30+ minute hot steam showers. Night and day difference. It's like it's brand new. Not bad for a $30 part off amazon. :D

      This is what the calcium buildup looks like that's in every water heater. Google water heater calcium buildup for some nasty looking pictures. Lol. I'm lucky tho, the inside and outside of my tank looks practically new still. But some really old tanks look so unhealthy and unsafe. Lol.



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