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  1. The latest windows update defaulted everything to light mode including the task bar and start menu. x_x Thankfully there is a setting to change that in the taskbar settings. Its like windows decided to burn my eyes first thing this morning. x_x

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    2. slippers


      this was years ago but i never upgraded mine even when it was offering free windows 10. ive heard lots of complaints about windows 10 even before that. my main reason was it said windows 10 wasnt compatible with old steam games

    3. Sledgstone


      Hmm. Windows 10 is pretty damn good now. I thought it was crap initially but it got alot better and more stable with updates.. but then I thought it was crap again because I kept having hard crashes, but it turns out that was bad memory in my PC. I have alot of old games on steam but I haven't come across one that doesn't work yet. Most games also have a steam forum with good info about getting games to run if its getting errors.

      I think windows 10 is still free to upgrade. Windows 7 got end of life this year in january. If you're not using windows 10 yet, you won't get security updates anymore. The last win 7 update was back in February.

    4. slippers


      yeah I’m being really careful with it. I only use it to play old steam games, listen music, and visit YT and check my emails. one of last windows 7 updates disabled several steam games I liked so that sucked

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