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  1. Its finally warmed up around here. It snowed earlier this week and we've had over night freezing multiple days. And then abruptly it was almost 80 yesterday. XD now it's back down to the 60s, but at least it looks like winter is finally over. Now I can get some more yard work done without freezing my ass off. Lol.

    And wtf.. we have gifs again? I thought it was disabled. Lol. Maybe ipb re-enabled it at some point and I never noticed.

    Happy Hailee Steinfeld GIF by Pitch Perfect

    1. DeathscytheX


      Actually gifs never went away, at least on my end. XD I've been waiting for the button to disappear since you said it was going away and it never did.

      Dance GIF by Jason Clarke

    2. Sledgstone


      Lmao. I never noticed. XD

      homer simpson doh GIF

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