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  1. Star Trek Discovery Season 2 was amazing. Significant improvement over season 1. Bringing in captain Pike, Spock and the Enterprise as well as tying the entire Discovery series into the timeline and canon of the original series was well done and extremely entertaining to watch. I wish they didn't f*ck up the klingons as much as they did in season 1, because aside from that Discovery is now a solid show that ranks up there with TNG and Voyager for me.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Strider, if you're using the PS4 app its pretty bad. It seems to be inconsistent and I want to blame both Funi and Sony for it... but mostly funi since PS4's connectivity issues can be worked around by Netflix and every other streaming app it can run. Sadly funi's tech division is in the stone ages. When I first signed up you couldn't even save where you were in an ep or have a history of what you watched. With the membership update tuesday, bugs have riddled the library to where you have to use search and know what you're looking for as the selections on browsing are cut in half or worse.

      Some people say they can't even get the app to work, others say they have no issues at all. I will get at least one crash or constant buffering a session. Testing the connection in network settings for me solves the buffer thing, The app crashing, and restarting is just an anomaly, it wont happen for the rest of the day... for a universal solution I can't blame this on Wifi because people say it happens to them on a wired connection. I just know my PS4 has always been finicky about wifi, especially when changing modems over the years. Even though I get 100mbs, my PS4 never does better than around 30-40mbs on wifi. And it will go as low as 12mbs. When I had slower net speeds it was worse. I could run connection test 5 times and get 5 different speeds within a range of 20mbs of each other. So that tells me its never consistent at any time. I think that's what causes the app to crap out for a lot of people because Funi doesn't know how to code for constant connection quality changes or whatever. I can stream on my PC without issue 100%. Who knows what it is. but Yeah I wouldn't blame you for dropping the service since you're mostly a sub watcher.... although Funi now has a ton of subs on simulcast. 

    3. Sledgstone


      @Strider Hiryu I didn't pay a dime for CBS All Access. Now that the second season is done you can get a free 7 day trial, marathon the entire series and cancel it. Aside from Star Trek Discovery there is absolutely nothing I want from CBS All Access. Same with if a season 3 gets made and eventually released 8 months to a year from now, I'll do a different free trial then too after the season finishes airing and watch it. Also, if you didn't finish Enterprise I highly recommend that last season and a half. You'll either love it or hate it since it takes the show in a completely different direction and the tech they show is pretty unique to.

      People gave mixed reviews for Discovery for many obvious reasons for season 1 if you watch it. They did the Klingons completely wrong and then try to say it was canon. My ass. Even with how they tried to fix them in season 2 they still screwed them up beyond redemption with season 1. I honestly did not like season 1 at all until they started a different arc 3/4 through the season. They also focused a bit too much on relationships. Straight, homosexual, etc. I wanted to watch Star Trek not watch some half assed relationship drama sub plots that takes place on a space ship. Season 2 was much better since it actually focused on the exploration first and foremost. The other complaint I saw was people complaining about the crew behavior, occasional swearing, and lack of discipline in some cases. Oh no, there was 3 swear words in this season! Blasphemy! -_-; To me it actually made the characters more relatable. Unlike in Enterprise where Scot Bakula's character and half the crew all tried to be boy scouts in space with too strong of a focus on emotional baggage.

      DS9 was good. I liked the Dominion war and found it very interesting. I think DS9 gets too much crap thrown at it because of Sisko's character progression into becoming basically a space jesus. lol. I definitely understand why people would want religion not mentioned in a space scifi series, but for DS9 it worked because it was unknown alien life living in a worm hole.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      @DeathscytheX Yea I use the PS4 app and its fucking terrible. It worked perfectly when I started to use it (back when I was watching Hellsing Ultimate) but started to go to shit like shortly after (in fact it was horrendous when I was watching Corpse Princess). I hadn't used it since I finished Corpse Princess so I was hoping it was fixed but honestly it's not and my issue is the buffering problem (which also persists in the Phone App as well leading me to conclude the PS4 and Mobile apps are either the same or based on the same architecture). It works fine on my PC (which I tested Saturday night) but ever since I started watching anime through the CR app on PS4 I kinda don't like watching shit on my PC anymore (I like to watch shit while I'm in bed, kinda hard to do when my PC isn't in line of sight)) but I just don't really want to watch it there (as noted). Honestly there is quite a bit on Funimation I'd like to watch (more then I originally thought since CR lost everything when the partnership ended) and it's the only place I can currently stream Isekai Quartet and Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san (which is fucking adorable and so relaxing to watch) so I really don't want to drop my sub yet. After Senko and Isekai are done airing I'll revisit whether or not I want to cancel my sub.

      @Sledgstone Hmmmm, maybe I'll get the week trial then and binge it (once I'm done watching Letterkenny on Hulu (god this show is fucking awesome, if you have Hulu check it out it's fucking hilarious)) since my curiosity is getting the best of me here (I really want to know more about this tech Discovery has because they don't explain it in STO at all). That was my major issue with watching it was their complete fuck-up with the Klingons. I can live with TOS Klingons because it's canon and actually explained in TNG why they are the way they are but those abominations in Discovery are not Klingons. Everything else looked pretty amazing but I just couldn't get past the those looks.

      I plan on watching the rest of Enterprise but it's hard to find the time when I rarely watch anything besides anime now-a-days (I make time here and there for TV/Movies occasionally but I'm always on my PC playing FFXIV or doing other shit and usually have Twitch on as background noise) especially since I got screwed and the channel carrying it back when it was airing went off the air in my area so I only got to see up until the end of S2 (I got to see S3 and part of 4 back when SyFy used to run marathons of it but never got further then that). I actually liked the whole boy scout aspect of it since this was technically humanity's first foray into space (it did get slightly annoying but it was still enjoyable).

      Yea the whole space jesus thing was probably the one of the only things that rubbed me the wrong way in DS9. Never really could wrap my head around it but that only really becomes a massive plot point later on. Still didn't detract from my enjoyment though (especially since some of my favorite Star Trek characters are in DS9). Plus it also introduced my favorite Federation starship (the Defiant, god I love that little ship. Not as much as I like my Presidio Class in STO (it's such a beautiful ship and fucking powerful)).

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