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  1. The power of friendship prevails in Fairy Tail and the bad guy was defeated. -_-; *slow clap* One chapter left for the epilogue. This guy hasn't drawn a hentai inspired chapter in a long while so I'm going to assume it'll end with a bunch of fan service at this point.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I mention Naruto and One Piece since they're the only other long running series I've cared about. I guess Berserk should be included to but its only a long running series because the guy makes 1-2 chapters every 5 years. -_-; i tried reading hajime no ippo but f*ck that. It's somehow longer than one piece and shows no sign of ending. I loved the anime tho. 

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Considering what I know of One Piece I'd have to agree as it's quite obvious he's working toward a set goal (I still need to sit down and watch it as well as get caught back up on the manga (I believe I got to chapter 30 or 40 before I quit reading due to other concerns) as everything he does feels planned (by what I've read and heard from others). I can't comment much on Naruto as the only chapter I've read is the final one but again it seemed he knew where he was going from the get go (the anime on the other hand didn't seem like it knew where it was going).

      Yea, I need to get back into reading Berserk (I stopped reading at volume 9 but I do have up to volume 35 downloaded) and start reading Five Star Stories (you think Berserk is bad, the author for FSS went on a 9 year hiatus before he started up again in 2015 (stopped in 2006) and the manga has been going on since 1986, I think he's currently on hiatus again).

    4. Sledgstone


      lol. wow. XD It took Gutts and the group 9 years of manga chapters to get to the current island they're on.. take your time reading it, you'll catch up and then wait 8 more years for more progress to be made.

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