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  1. I'm adopting a cat from the shelter. :D We went there last saturday and picked her out. A little kitten 4 months old. We're waiting to hear back from the place about when to pick her up. They give her full vaccinations, spay and a month of flea treatment. They have to spay her before they can release her to us, so we just gotta wait a few more days to find out when we can get her. They got hit with multiple large hoarding cases recently of saved animals and theres alot of volunteers there now. I hope this shelter doesn't screw this up. We have little cat toys and a new litter pan all ready for her.

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    2. Sledgstone


      ROTFLMAO! XD Oh screw that. Contacts and allergies would never work for me. XD 

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      God I'd love to have a cat/kitten but like both of you I'm allergic (and not mildly, I've almost been run to the hospital more than once due to an allergic reaction brought on by a cat). It fucking sucks because cats adore me and always come near me (and I have to pet them because KITTY!). I am thinking of getting a Siberian in the future though pending on whether I can handle their fur or not (they're one of the 5 breeds that don't set off most people allergies that are allergic to cats. Sadly they're also $1200 for a kitten from a breeder).

      I can handle dogs fine (though I am mildly allergic). It's a good thing because I get stuck watching my parents dog quite a bit (cute little scamp but annoying as all hell).

    4. Sledgstone


      That's one expensive cat breed. O_O

      We got the phone call earlier today... We get to pick up our kitty some time tomorrow. :D

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