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    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    ^ that must be it. i asked him again yesterday and he said he applied for 3 children and for each of his child get $1,100, so he had close to $4,000 total on his ebt balance. he told me next one will be on the june 9th but that cant be because i saw those increase starting on last friday. and according to this article ($1,200 per child) it is one time thing, so he must have got the wrong info O_o highest one i saw far is $7,000..my coworker said she even saw $9,000..but yeah it kinda makes sense now. its the amount that they always recieved during school year but since schools were closed due to covid, now they are recieving all at once so the amount looks huge. ill let him know when i see him next time he is spening like crazy right now bc he believes if he doesnt spend them all this month, itll be all gone when he recieves another $4,000 next month. https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-hhsc-announce-2.5-billion-in-pandemic-food-benefits-for-texas-families

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