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Asshat charged in slaying of Kansas doc

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Man charged in slaying of Kansas abortion doctor

(CNN) -- A 51-year-old man was in a Kansas jail Monday, charged with first-degree murder in the killing of a physician whose women's clinic frequently took center stage in the debate over abortion, authorities said.

Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed while serving as an usher at his Wichita, Kansas, church Sunday morning, according to police. Tiller was one of the few U.S. physicians who still performed late-term abortions and had survived a 1993 shooting outside his clinic.

Scott Roeder from the Kansas City, Kansas, area is being held without bond in the Sedgwick County Adult Detention Facility, according to the sheriff's office Web site. He is also charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

I'm not a fan of late term abortions; I stood by a friend once as she went through one and it was fuckin horrible.

I'd prefer ppl use birth control and never get prego to begin with, the morning after pill sounds like a godsend to the forgetful and heavy drinkers :P and though I'm pro abortion I don't think it should be used as birth control; its the last option after you've used up all yer defenses.

I'm no fan of fuckers who kill doctors trying to help women save and preserve the quality of their lives. These wacko right to life fucking freaks need a good ol fashioned brutal raping. Maybe then they'll realize no one should force someone to do something with their body they don't want to do.



                                               Look at the flowers

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In my mail

I am writing today to share my deep, personal sadness and that

of the entire Planned Parenthood family about the murder of Dr.

George Tiller this morning in Kansas.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and those close to

him who are suffering a personal tragedy.

Dr. Tiller was the epitome of high quality medical care

underscored by deep compassion for his patients. While he was

not a Planned Parenthood provider, Dr. Tiller provided critical

reproductive health care services, including abortion services,

to women facing some of the most difficult medical

circumstances. He was continually harassed by abortion opponents

for much of his career - his clinic was burned down, he was shot

by a health center protestor, and he was recently targeted for

investigation only to be acquitted by a jury just a few months


None of this stopped George Tiller from his commitment to

providing women and their families with compassionate care that

others were unwilling to offer.

His death is an enormous loss for the patients who relied on

him, his dedicated staff, and the medical community. And it is

also a loss for each of us for whom Dr. Tiller represented

courage against unbelievable adversity.


Cecile Richards, President

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

I'm writing you today to express my immeasurable shock and deep

sadness over the murder of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas.

On behalf of NARAL Pro-Choice America and our affiliates, our prayers

and thoughts are with Dr. Tiller's family and friends.

If you don't know very much about his background, for almost two

decades Dr. Tiller and those individuals who helped provide care to

his patients have lived under intense harassment tinged with

persistent threats of violence. Even under these adverse

circumstances, Dr. Tiller never wavered in his commitment to providing

abortion services and other reproductive health care to women and

their families, often in the most difficult and heart-breaking


Dr. Tiller's murder will send a chill down the spines of the

brave and courageous providers and other professionals who are part of

reproductive-health centers that serve women across this country. We

want them to know that they have our support as they move forward in

providing these essential services in the aftermath of the shocking

news from Wichita.

We understand that the investigation is ongoing and that

law-enforcement officials have detained a suspect. If it proves to be

an act of anti-abortion violence, as we suspect it is, then the full

weight of the law must be used to send a clear message that these

types of attacks will be prosecuted fully and swiftly.

We also call on opponents of a woman's right to choose to

condemn this action completely and absolutely. What happened today in

Wichita cannot become the beginning of a more aggressive wave of

violence targeting abortion providers and the women for whom they

provide care. Women accessing their legal right to abortion--and

the providers who make this possible--should never be targets of


As we all reflect on Dr. Tiller's service to women and the work

of thousands of reproductive-health care providers across the

country, let us stand strong in this challenging time. You can connect

with other pro-choice Americans on our:

:: Blog: http://action.prochoiceamerica.org/site/R?i=B6QlCdm4s9WvhtHOWO4ROg..

:: Facebook: http://action.prochoiceamerica.org/site/R?i=zijm53MYmL4PxEdgBKWpog..

:: Or by reaching out to your state's affiliate: http://action.prochoiceamerica.org/site/R?i=aMuxKUkO68LWehtj06olAQ..


Nancy Keenan

President, NARAL Pro-Choice America


                                               Look at the flowers

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Wow, how awful. Kind of ironic that a right-wing nut would shoot someone in a church though. Murder and sacrelige in a single act...he's going to have some explaining to do at the pearly gates.


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I don't think the man can talk to his teeth... His "pearly gates" are going to be owned by his "cell buddy"...

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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another one

By now you've probably heard about the murder of Dr. George Tiller ? a Kansas doctor widely known as a provider women's healthcare, especially abortion ? as he handed out the week's bulletin to fellow worshipers at his church 1.

When I heard the news yesterday, I was sitting in a room with dozens of our allies from the USAction family. One of our state directors was a personal friend of Dr. Tiller's and we all sat in stunned silence as our friend and colleague left the room in tears.

Later that night, I attended one of the first vigils for Dr. Tiller, and was heartened by the words of our Board President, William McNary:

"Freedom of choice gives women the opportunity to decide what is right based upon their own ethical, moral and religious beliefs. Though Dr. Tiller is gone from us, let his courage and ideals live in all of us who mourn his loss."

Our thoughts today are with the family of Dr. Tiller, his congregation, and his patients. And if, like me, you're searching for something to do as well as some way to mourn ? Let me direct you to our friends in this movement who's work to protect women's health is not only vitally important, but sometimes very dangerous:

A list of vigils around the country can be found at the feminist blog Feministing:


Planned Parenthood and NARAL-Pro Choice America have issued statements and calls for action:



Credo and others are calling on Bill O'Reilly to own up to inflammatory remarks he made about Tiller:


Others are encouraging donations to Medical Students for choice ?so that a new generation of physicians can take up Tiller's work to protect women's health:


Whatever you do today, I hope you'll join me and all of us at USAction in remembering all the brave people working for equal access to health care for everyone.

- Matt

Matt Holland

Online Director

TrueMajority / USAction


                                               Look at the flowers

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false religions lead to fake martyrs

religion has no place in politics and medicine

you can't pray away war, violence, disease and death; human nature and human biology is what it is.

I am still in disbelief about the murder of Dr. George Tiller in

Kansas two days ago.

I am not alone. The outpouring of sadness and anger, from the

Planned Parenthood family and beyond and from so many others

around the world, has been overwhelming. It's been hard to know

what to do to comfort those who are mourning, and to make some

sense out of this horrific act. We've put our feelings into

words, and we're hoping to use those words to bring us at least

a few steps closer to the world of compassion and caring that

Dr. Tiller sought, and that you and I must continue to seek.

Please read our open letter, add your name, and pass it on.



                                               Look at the flowers

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