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Moon Doggie

WTF? I do beilive this is what happens when my friends try to entertain themselves

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I hadn't been able to go any where, cause i'm on crutches. so i go and search youtube for something to watch since there was nothing on tv and this is what i find


rasaphane...how much is rasaphane corp. worth?

i wish i could of been there :(

eh...$5.50...that's all i have on me so that's how much it's worth

Maybe next time when you're not a cripple I'll invite you to come to the zoo :P

If you listen closely you can hear why we're all laughing and giggling, and at the end there's some random guy off in the distance if you're wondering why i said "some murder"

I didn't know my voice was so high pitched, I sound like one of those peppy girls that lead the spirit squad ^_^:

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