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Myk JL

2020 Predictions?

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ehh i think everyone got a plan until you get hit applies here. shoot him in the neck, get him in the face, idk, there really is no time to think as it happens so fast. you just act on your instinct as your head go numb. when i got robbed at workplace at gunpoint i just froze. i had my snub nose in my back pocket and i left one chamber empty bc i didnt want the gun to go off accidently while i was working so it was too late to draw my gun anyway but it wasnt even an option. i dont know why i thought i would have time to casually get my gun out, roll the chamber once and im ready for gunfight. lucky he only grabbed cash on register and left bc other customer was pulling in. but my former coworker got worst of it. someone quit so my schedule changed and i had to go to a different store to help out. it was a slow night so he was putting motor oil in his jeep when 4 men with shotguns and pistols came out from corner and dragged him inside and beat him (kick, punch, pistol whip him) pretty badly. he normally have his pistol tucked in his back pants. but on that night he left the gun under the counter. extremely lucky robbers didnt find it when they were searching everywhere for valuables. while they were getting away he grabbed his gun under the counter and pointed at one of running robbers and "click"..his fking pistol was jammed. he wouldve been so so screwed if he had his gun on him. he said he had that gun for years, never had prob with it so he was very shook. just imagine i was suppose to work that night. and another time i was opening the store in the morning when alarm went off bc i forgot the password. cop came and stood outside asking for my ID. i have my ID in my car so i reached for my keys..But i had forgotten that i keep my gun in my front pocket now fully loaded bc of that 1st incident. i was like oh shit, ppl die for this shit. remember that guy who got swatted by his game buddy as a prank, he reached for his front pocket and died as a result? it wasnt even that long that i watched that video and commented i would never be that stupid and here i am doing the same thing. i glanced at him as he was looking at something else so i casually reached my back pocket to get my keys out. just to show, you just never know when or how its gonna happen. i planned and played in my head numerous scenarios if i ever get attacked and need to use my gun, i would do this and that, but when it actually happened, i didnt even have time to think. just be alert on your surroundings but nothing else you can do about it. 


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