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Rocks & Spears may stop your fears.

But that sound of water will really make me want to go to the rest room.


I didn't see the first new It, but It has made me nostalgic for if Jeepers Creepers 3 ever happens in the 2020s. *Edit* Never mind.... Apparently Jeepers Creeps 3 happened in 2017 and failed so bad that the sequel I was waiting to happen 23 years after the first won't be happening.

This is how I would rank the movies I've seen for this year so far.

  1. Ready Or Not (2019) - I doubt there will be a better ending to a movie this year than this.
  2. Hellboy (2019) - Sorry, not sorry that The Critics are Wrong.
  3. John Wick Chapter 3 - My One Big Gripe prevents it from being Number Two.
  4. It Chapter 2 - It was okay....
  5. Anna - There are better Female Spy Movies I haven't seen.
  6. Shaft (2019) - I guess if it weren't for the violence this movie would easily be mistaken for SNL skits.
  7. Stuber - Too cliché.

I'll put the Movie Bob review down below when It becomes available.


The Movie Bob Review came to YouTube on Monday September 9 but I forgot to post it because It came out on Friday.


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I never became who I wanted to be, & I doubt I ever will.

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I just came back from the theater. It was decent but the first was better IMO. The special effects were hilarious to me. Maybe they're suppose to be, but they weren't scary. I laughed a lot during the film. I guess all the "woe is me" self pity the engrossed a good 3/4ths of the film made it drag a bit. Maybe that's how the book is. Either way it was still a good movie.


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3 hours ago, Akane Tendo said:

So not much of a scary movie then? 

I didn’t think the first one was scary. More of an eerie feel but I did like it. 

Was it worth the theater trip or should I wait for it to be released? 


I still prefer the Tim Curry version. So wait unless you really want to see It Chapter 2.

I never became who I wanted to be, & I doubt I ever will.

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