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Humble Assassin's Creed Bundle

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I'd suggest, if you really want to play them, saving up money and buying them on console. That's a great price for all of them but honestly I've never really heard great things about the PC versions of these games (that's up to you though).

Honestly speaking you should buy the Ezio Collection on PSN. It contains ACII, ACII: Brotherhood, and ACII: Revelations (all HD remakes). These are the 3 best games in the series by far (with an exception for AC4: Black Flag, though I have yet to beat it it's freaking amazing) and cover the best Assassin in the series (Ezio is awesome, one of my favorite game characters to date). Of the 3 ACII is the best one but Brotherhood does give it a run for it's money in some aspects. Revelations was somewhat of a let down but was still a damn good game compared to the original and 3 (I can't comment on Unity or the Chronicles series as I have not played them). Just my opinion though but I wouldn't consider getting these games if you don't like repetitive gaming because they're pretty much the same thing with different skins (go here, do a few missions to uncover big bad Templar, assassinate said Templar, rinse and repeat (we're talking worse then MMO repetitiveness)). Story wise though they're great games and you honestly don't need to play the first one to know whats going on (they cover enough of the first games story for you to pick it up and a cursory glance on Wikipedia about the game will give you everything you need to know). Plus running around Florence, Tuscany, and Venice is freaking fun and the graphics (the old ones, I have yet to play the remakes) were beyond beautiful.


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I have yet to actually download U Play for my previous Ubisoft Bundle because I keep hearing how bad U Play is.

The first AC is okay. Too bad Altair can't swim.

If Ezio never aged & was the main protagonist the whole time I'd easily recommend every AC.

I never played AC3, but that's because I didn't care for the actual trilogy ending in the US.

The last new AC I played was Black Flag. I never finished it because I got too obsessed with upgrading the ship which eventually became boring.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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