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Humble 2K Bundle 2 - Battleborn

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It's not surprising considering the game is pretty much dead now. The entire single player aspect of the game is able to be done solo you'll just need to pick the right hero for you to do it (don't do it with Thorn, the amount of skill required to use her is nuts), the difficulty is based on the amount of people you do the mission with.

The only game besides Battleborn I'd want is Spec Ops: The Line (I already own Civ 5 and Mafia 2 (definitely worth getting, I loved every minute of it), the only other two games worth getting (not a Borderlands fan)).


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I never got Spec Ops: The Line from the last humble bundle it was in, so I know I'll pay at least $1. I would like to get the borderlands presequel but I still haven't beaten the first borderlands yet. That and I know if I wait long enough I can get the pre-sequel with all DLC for $7 at some point in a steam sale. I'd rather get battleborn on ps4, but with how the game has microtransactions and its pretty much dead, I wonder how long it'll be before its a free game on PS+. Sometimes these bundles look great but other times they seem more like minor savings by buying them bundled compared to paying an extra $1 or so per game during a large steam sale.


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