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Bill Nye versus Ken Ham on Science

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Since no one has posted about this debate that happened last Tuesday I guess I might as well. But its a long debate. And if you just want a short answer from an atheist there's always TYT.

But onto the actual debate its pretty long so don't say I didn't warn you or didn't notice the length in the bottom right.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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I was going to post something about it but decided not to. I watched this Wednesday night and must say it was well worth the almost 3 hours I spent watching it. Really informative and this debate just goes to prove why I love Bill Nye so much (outside of the fact that I watched his as a kid and he's the reason I loved science class so much), such passion for his chosen career. While I think Ham is a complete nutter for his view on science I must say his part of the debate was rather informative (at least on the view of creationism) though his continual reference to the Bible being the only proof he needs for his beliefs is absurd.


Have to say I was rather impressed by how respectful both men were toward each other. Normally this type of debate brings out the worst in both sides. Then again Bill is a classy guy so he doesn't let this stuff get him down or bring out the worst in him.


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