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Strike Vector

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Gah, I'm torn. After watching that trailer I really want to buy it but on the other hand I'm really not into the whole FPS type mech games out there (I believe that it's killing the mech genre, thats just me though (look at what it did to Armored Core 5, horrible game)). Plus I don't have $20 atm (noticed it's on sale, normally $30+).


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This game looks good, but I'm going to have to hold off until I can download a demo or free weekend trial to test it out to make sure it will run on my laptop. It looks like fun, but I hope it doesn't turn stagnant like the jet dogfights in BF4.


btw, this game reminds me of Strike Suit Zero. I got that game in a humble bundle a few weeks ago and it kind of looks like a single player version of this, minus the cockpit view. (edit), maybe not.. most of Strike Suit Zero is in space with no debris to fly thru. It looks more like flying a gundam in space and shooting mobile dolls, while strike vector seems much faster paced.


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    • By Sledgstone
      Nvidia is launching an online game streaming service called GeForce NOW.
      I'm going to quote myself here from another topic:
      With Playstation having it's own streaming service and now Nvidia making it's own service, having to own physical consoles and PCs specifically for gaming might come to an end within our lifetimes.
      The downside to the Nvidia service is the cost. I've been seeing the numbers "$25 per 20 hours of gaming" floating around alot. If so, thats a hell of an expense for now.
      Source: http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/geforce-now-for-mac-and-pc-announced-at-ces-2017
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      Am I the only one suffering from steam sale fatigue? Maybe its just me but ever since they changed the store to the design it is now nothing in the store appeals to me anymore. Its probably because of the massive influx of every game from every independent developer. Theres so many games on there that I never look at what new games came out anymore because in any given week 40+ new games were released and 250+ games are listed in their weekly sales. I stopped looking and only pay attention to humble bundle sales now. Even with the steam sale going on now I don't see any huge sale thats leaping out at me to take my money anymore. Sure I still have a backlog of games but there seems to be less and less new AAA or indie games that I'm interested in for PC. Unless its a game I want for console I hardly look at the steam store anymore even though I use steam on a daily basis.
    • By Sledgstone
      I got my Steam Link in the mail today. Its a nice little device. But right off the bat I had an issue with it. Not with it per-say, but with Amazon. They shipped me a used Steam Link. wtf. All the stickers and tape were broken and somebody obviously returned it. The previous owner's name was Justin. Here is a link to my review:
      Anyway, the steam link does work amazingly good.. if connected with a LAN cable. Wifi would probably work a hell of a lot better if I upgraded my router to something that actually supports 802.11ac, mine only connects as fast as 802.11n. Because of this my steam link is practically unusable in my living room while connected over wifi. I actually own a 25 foot (might be 50 foot, its really long) ethernet cable so it was no big deal for me to drop a cable line down the flight of stairs from my PC to my living room to try it out. With a hard line connection like that the steam link works so good, its as if my PC is in the same room and connected to the tv with an hdmi cable. The steam link auto recognized my wireless xbox 360 pc controller. The wireless pc dongle stays powered on so whenever I want to boot up the steam link, I only have to hit the xbox button on my controller to turn it on. Once I get a new graphics card I'll be able to play my entire library of games on my TV in surround sound. Oh.. and it looks like I should be able to play all my origin games with it too. As long as the streaming connection is established with Steam, I can alt-tab out of steam and my TV is now broadcasting my desktop and any and all programs running. I should be able to open Origin and play every game just as if I was running it through steam. The steam link has 2 USB ports, so if I don't want to play a game with my controller, I can simply unhook it and connect a mouse and keyboard.
      Maybe one of these days I'll upgrade my router and see if this can actually stream over wifi correctly. If not, having to run a hard wire cable is a bit of an annoyance.
    • By Sledgstone
      The Steam summer sale 2016 started about an hour ago:
      I was half expecting Mighty No. 9 to be on sale for 50% off only 2 days after release.
      There aren't any games I've been actively waiting to go on sale, but I might pick up that steam link for $35.
    • By Myk JL
      I'm not fully against this. But I am against the lack of oversight this will have. And the fact that Valve is taking a 75% cut instead of a %40 or less cut of the money being made. I think anyone who wants to be supported for their Game Mods might as well stick to Patreon.
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