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ReBoot gets a Reboot!

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Remember ReBoot, the wacky CG animated series set inside a computer, starring a collection of green sprites who spend their days fighting Hexadecimal, Megabyte and playing the users' games? Well it's bAAAaaaaack!

Rainmaker Entertainment has just announced the re-birth of Mainframe Entertainment, the folks responsible for ReBoot. And with this newly revamped division of television entertainment comes a brand new ReBoot on television.

[Mainframe Entertainment] has unveiled the first two series in development: an all-new version of the popular ReBoot franchise and Tiger’s Apprentice, a CGI animated series based on the trilogy of young adult novels written by award-winning author Laurence Yep.

No word on whether the annoying kid will be in this series. Fingers crossed they keep Bob's silver dreads. REBOOT!




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Kilobyte became Gigabyte then was split into 2 halves with one being What's Her Face.... & the other being Megabyte. I don't think you'll ever see Megabyte renamed Terabyte because then Gigabyte would sound weaker.


M'aiq The Lair needs to make a cameo!

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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I watched Reboot during its original broadcast on YTV here in Canada! It was actually designed and produced here, if I recall correctly. Perhaps one of my countries greatest cultural achievements? Hahaha.

Also, for some reason this reminded me of a particular PSA aimed at kids that used to run constantly around the same time Reboot was airing, done in the same sort of crude early 3D animation. It basically just showed this robot running through a minefield/volcano/something like that, avoiding almost every dangerous thing, but then finally getting hit at the end which causes his arm to fall off. He then just casually re-attaches it, and says "I can put my arm back on. You can't. Play safe!" Did you guys have that in the States, or have I just described what must sound like the most ridiculous thing ever for no reason? X'D

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