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See the PS4 on June 10th.

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I think them revealing it at their E3 announcement was obvious. Still makes me feel they shouldn't have had that February announcement if they were going to do this at E3 anyway. That commercial also made me feel like I was staring at a blurred out PS3 followed by some edited photos.

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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The PS4 better look good if its going to sit next to my PS3. lol. If they were smart, the new design will let us stack it on top of our existing PS3s to save space. :P


LOL. I thought the same... I'm seeing something that looks like a PS3 gen 1 model with sharper "futuristic" angles and pointy edges... like they got someone from Ferrari to design the body.


One of those close ups looked like a speedometer!


j/k. :P


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