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Table Salt artwork.. impressive!

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These are a bunch of videos of sodium superfan Bashir Sultani 'drawing' a bunch of different video game/pop culture characters with table salt. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume Bashir's blood pressure is off the charts. As you can see, Link is looking pretty damn good and throwing a kind of 'come hither' glance over his shoulder like you'd expect a suave-ass stud like Link to be. The Vade? Ice cold killa. Mario? Mario looks like he just saw Bowser's balls hanging out the bottom of his turtle shell. And can you blame him? I heard they're spiked like the blue shells in Mario Kart.



Click the link for more videos. Some of these are really impressive!


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wow that guy is amazing at that @_@



"That fairy needs to stop shouting in my ear, or I'm going to throw her friend I have trapped in the bottle into a lava pit or something. HEY, LISTEN! No, YOU listen. If something's important, just say so without yelling at me. Or fly over to it and change color like you usually do. Just because I'm busy mowing the lawn and hoping I'll find some spare change, doesn't mean I can't hear you." - Link

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