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Cosplayin ...

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... cosplayin cosplayin cosplayin!

Seen some really good cosplayers over the years I've been going to Otakon (including AC's very own Cabbitgirl who has a fan following at Otakon + FanFest and Ladywriter has a fan following at the FanFest), and it just amazes me how everyone's not nervous or extremely up-beat about it!

This year I *MIGHT* cosplay, and am trying to get a thing done here and there, but now when I think about it - I'm uber shy, I prefer to be invisible, and all that. So cosplaying is something I absolutely don't need! Or maybe I do, if they don't see my fugly face X'D ...

Either way, the topic's about your cosplaying experiences. Share. Discuss. Embarrassing moments. Epic moments. Stalkers. Being a Stalkee. Whatever else comes to your mind (not mine X'D cos then it might get a little weird)

Speaking of epic moments - I can actually remember the times I had a boner looking at a sexy costume. Ok, too much sharing. KTHXBAI :thief:

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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ahahah actually my most awkward experience happened this year gg!! and noone saw it D: you and .... hmm... i think it was matt... were standing right there by that punkish booth where i got my goggles when this guy (maybe later teens? early 20s?) approached me. it went something like this~

boy: ryo-ohki!!

me: *turns around looks for source of sound* O_O

boy: *stands directly across the way, lots of people walking back and forth staring at me with mouth open, eyes wide*

me: *look left and right, notice boy staring at me* me?

boy: .....y-ya.... you're.. ryo-ohki right?

me: yep yep *smile, move closer so traffic of people doesn't cut through our conversation*

boy: *breathing heavily*

me: ... O_O

boy: *breathing quickens*

me: Soooo... did you like the series?

boy: well.... um... ya................*gulp* i saw um.. tenchi... uh tenchi muyo... um.. *breathing heavily* tokyo.. uhm..

me: *smiling nodding*

boy: *paused... looked up... ran away*

me: *look around in disbelief, turn around to find GG again standing only a foot behind me* Did you SEE that?!

GG: whaaa? see what?

me: you really didn't see the boy who was just talking to me..

GG: you were talking to someone? where?

me: he ran away... >_>


I could not make that up if I tried. That is by far THE most memorable story I have X'D I can't even believe you didn't see it GG!!! D:

OH OH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COSPLAY!!! tell me what character you may wanna be and ill see if i can whip up a costume of a different character and we can be a pair!! :sway: that way you don't have to be alone!


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I did several cosplays at Jacon in 2000. The one that seemed to get the most attention was Avery from Sailor Moon (wish i could find the pics of me, but here's a ref, the one in gold on the left). It wasn't perfect, but I got lots of compliments, including one of the police that was there for security. Ok, he didn't actually say anything, but the center of the convention center was a large open area that had an open walkway for each level. This guy was on the third floor, and apparently had a really good view of me when he was looking down. XD My favorite has been Chocolate Misu from Sorcerer Hunters, though. *civilian mode, wasn't going to attempt the other outfit!* Had lots of people wanting to take pics, including other Sorcerer Hunter cosplayers.

The thing that helps when you're cosplaying is adopt that role. You're not P-kun, you're whoever you're dressing up as. Granted, can't do that all the time, but if you're noticed, be that other person a little. That helps a lot.

Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints!


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yeah that bollywood vid is fail and a half right there XD



"That fairy needs to stop shouting in my ear, or I'm going to throw her friend I have trapped in the bottle into a lava pit or something. HEY, LISTEN! No, YOU listen. If something's important, just say so without yelling at me. Or fly over to it and change color like you usually do. Just because I'm busy mowing the lawn and hoping I'll find some spare change, doesn't mean I can't hear you." - Link

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