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Fear the Walking Dead

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The first half was really lackluster.... they could have made it an hour premier. It felt they were trying to stretch it out for the sake of being 90 minutes. When he met Calvin in the diner that when it started getting really good. Hopefully the show picks it up next week.

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I liked it overall, but I wouldn't be upset if they never made another episode.


3 of the 6 eps were decent while the other half was just meh. We could have done without the neighbor drama, because we never see the husband again after his walker wife got put down in his arms. Same goes for the guy that was freaking out and abandoned his family.... that seemed like a waste of time too... both of those characters are dead, no one cares enough about them to bring them back like Morgan in TWD.


Travis turned out to be a good character in the end, but hey took too much time developing him. Daniel was a great character, and if the show continues on he should be one of the stronger ones now that his wife is out of the picture. He has what it takes to survive. Strand is super shady. I don't like him or trust him. He's clearly out for himself and only feels obligated to the group because they saved him. He made that clear during his introduction. They need him though because of his resources. Nick is a bit cliche... I liked his character, but he reminds me of Charlie on LOST. The rest of the characters are very meh.... The ex wife died, so what... Madison is just there, same goes for her daughter and Travis' son. Ofelia was a big stronger, but she didn't get enough screen time, and was overshadowed by everything else that was going on.... if it wasn't for the whole solider relationship thing, she would probably be as bland as the rest.


The last 2 episodes finished strong, and there is potential there. Something would have to go wrong with the ship. I suppose the current issue is that someone needs to swim to it and bring it back. but I don't see how the show would work with them holding up on a ship, and only being in danger on supply runs when they have to dock. What is really messed up is that they are the reason the city is the shape its in. They let all the walkers out to save their family members. If there was anything to take from the show, it gave us an idea how quickly everything went south in Atlanta when Rick was in a coma.

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      @Strider Hiryu PR3 Ships incoming and two are Iron Blood!
      Oof, I guess I'll have to throw what little I have in the dorm to be able to farm XP on later levels. 😭
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      Wearing a mask with glasses sucks. I've been using neck gaiters, but when you were anything that has to go around your ears it makes your glasses lose grip. I'm going to get a new Rx on contacts Monday. I stopped wearing them about 2 years ago becasue I couldn't wear them a whole day without my eyes getting irritated. I just need them for 8-10 hours tho, just to get through work.
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      Watched Parasyte on Netflix. Overall an entertaining watch. Pretty violent, but the story and the ending fell a little short for me. Some of the characters got killed off too quickly. Feels like one of those series that could have been 2-3 seasons but they were worried they wouldn't get renewed and tried to shove it all into one.
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      Got my pool setup last night. All thats left to do is hook up the filter and order a water delivery.  This same time last year we were digging out that pool spot for all of June. I'll always remember that back breaking digging. This year we put a light layer of sand down since the level is good and we wont have to worry about the pool shifting at all. I'd like to get a permanent pool at some point. It looks like buying a new ground tarp and water delivery every year will be roughly $200 a year for expenses. And these intex pools are only meant to last roughly 2-4 years, but the pool was roughly $280 on sale I think. Even then its still cheaper than a $2-$5k pool. I might stick with using these cheap pools for years.
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      My Mobile game spending habits have been pretty tame. I'll drop a few dollars on Arknights banners now and then. Azur Lane, I have it to a science to generally go into events with 100+ cubes to get everything. But lets face it. Azur Lane makes it's money off skins... and the best way to get skins is to make it easy to get the ships. Arknight's skins are mad expensive, and I only found out last week that the Siege one I really want is gonna be free with Contingency Contract coming up! Other than that, they don't do much for me as the E2 art looks amazing as is... and I'm the only one that gets to see them so I can't flex.

      Azur Lane tho I can flex with my defense fleet in PvP. Plus you can have multiple secretaries grace your home page at random. Being a man of culture, I can appreciate all the fan service bikini skins they throw out there... but it ain't for me. The in game chibis have to look just as good as the secretary full art to get my money. That being said... they just had to bring out a bunch of black dress skins.... and FINALLY Enterprise gets a skin that's not prudishly modest. INSTAPURCHASE! I went to town on the Qipao skins a few months ago. I'll probably buy most of these as well. I'll buy skins for characters I don't have yet if the art is good and the in game model looks cool. (I'm so glad I bought that Taihou L2D qipao now that I have her )
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