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    I'm a college girl. ^_^
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    anime, writing, chatting on the computer
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    seller of hopes and dreams
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    FMA, DBZ, Inu Yasha.....
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    Zelda, any and all
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    anything by John Saul
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  1. That was different...kind of catchy. Damn it! I better not have that song stuck in my head now!
  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! *eats cake*
  3. I think I have that game....*looks at game shelf*....yup, there it is *points*...I never really got into playing it though. Is it really so good that I should consider putting it on my computer and playing it all night and ignoring my homework?
  4. Well that's just crazyness....I love the original. I hope they don't screw it up.
  5. I was wondering about that. It seems to be my luck that I start watching a series and there is only one dvd...the others have yet to come out. But I will endevour to watch this one. It looks good.
  6. *finds the gas* WOOHOOO!!!!! :w00t:
  7. I just bought this anime the other day mainly because I liked the front cover picture and the story sounds interesting. Has anyone ever seen it?
  8. Are they making a remake of Hellraiser?!?
  9. Well it's nice to be back. It's been an insane and crazy few months. Not only was I at school full time taking such fun courses as Managerial Accounting, Marketing, Business Leadership, Operations Management, and Statistics...but I was also working a lot. August my dad passed away, in September my boss passed away, and in October one of my mom's really good friends (who I really liked) passed away.
  10. Welcome to the insanity known as the AC.
  11. Yar

  12. I saw that they were finally making a live action DBZ movie. I don't know how any of the people will work...I mean they have that guy from Buffy playing Picollo...should be interesting. I wonder who they will have playing Krillin.....or Vegeta (if they have him in the movie which they better). I'm still going to watch it when it comes to theaters.
  13. I really love Tsubasa so far. I am only on volume 13 so far but it's good. I love when Fai keeps calling Kuragane "daddy".
  14. I just saw this online. August 15th, theatres. Anyone going to see it?
  15. would appear that I'm back (though right now I'm at school). WELCOME ME BACK!!!!!!! please?