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  1. -blink blink blink- did I seriously see..yup.... ..dude..it takes WAY less to manufacture a Wii... Source So uh...you were probably only really thinking about the 360/Ps3, but you have to remember, the Wii is outselling everything else, and in my opinion it's kicking out the best games--since most of what comes out on Ps3/360, you can just get for your PC...so... PC gamers 1 -- Ps3/360 owners: 0 ....and Nintendo 80million..
  2. @Dubu: I get that, but why not rig it up so that the Wii runs the game on the low end graphics, and the other two run it on the high? I mean, if we can alter the settings on the computer, why not passively do it for the consoles? @DX: I really disagree--freeware development can dicate rather or not a game is worth getting or not.
  3. Tsk--I love PC gaming so much more. I'd just as soon drop 2k and build a fully wicked gaming PC that will play games that come out in the 360 AND the Ps3, rather than drop about 1k for either the 360 or the PS3, and then lose stuff that is other wise exclusive to the other. IE: PS3 owners will never get a shot to play BioShock, while PC will be able to pick it up and smirk their way to the undersea bank. I've also heard that Prototype(something I'm lusting after) will be a Ps3 & PC only, nothing for the 360, and this game is going to be obscenely wicked. Not sure how accurate that info is, but you never know. There's also PC only stuff that, in all honesty, blows the shit out of anything on the Ps3/360. Personally, I don't think any console will ever put out anything like Neverwinter Nights. Neverwinter, to me, is the best MMO I've ever seen..especially since individuals can create and run their own servers. The closest thing I've seen to this was .hack//FRAGMENT, something I wish that Japan would have ported outside their boarders...'cause if they would have sales would have been so epic that the game would still be operating. In case you haven't heard about .hack//FRAGMENT, it was huge..an actual .hack MMORPG, and it merged together your Ps2 with your PC in a fully epic way. On the PC you could build your own dungeons, custom maps, custom monsters, background music, EVERYTHING was customizable, and then you set up your keywords--and uploaded it to the system, allow any other play access to your Dungeon, or you could place a password on it and make it something private for just you and your friends. Then you could head over to your Ps2, log on, and take part in the game, just like you would Monster Hunter or Phantasy Star Online...I just don't see why this game didn't take off in Japan, .hack//SIGN is EXTREMELY successful, and I know it has a huge fanbase in the States--I don't understand why they didn't port it and allow the servers to really fill up. The idea of being able to combine PC and Console gaming--that's what I think the industry is REALLY heading, not to the eventual out-doing of the other side, but rather a beautiful union, combining the strengths of both(ie: using the PC for map creation/customization/ect.) and allowing the more streamlined interface of the Console to create a wonderful playing environment. As long as someone is willing to hook up a keyboard to their PS3/360/Wii, (hopefully via wireless connection) I don't see why communication would be hurt either.. personally I would love to see a Neverwinter port to all three consoles(obviously taking graphics into consideration on each, downgrading where needed, and writing custom interface for the wii, of course) As epic as that would be to crate--I think that the sales would be equally massive. Just think on that..an mmo, with a full off line campaign(and unlimited downloadable Mods to play through as well) full of DnD level customization, and people being able to run their own servers, make their own haks, mods, all of the open development that we could create on the PC and upload to make available for enjoyment on the console! If you want a sample of how much downloadable content head here and type hak or mod into the search, or anything really--assuming your familiar with Morrowind and all the mods made available for that--it's on that scale, if not larger due to the ability to play online. PC and Console NEED to merge like this..even if it's not the Neverwinter franchise--something like this needs to be brought about, hopefully without a monthly fee, and without any download fees--seeing as up to now on similar PC only games the content is 100% free. Opinions?
  4. Lol, Vinnie--never throw a going away party for your friends in NY...EVER! T.T I want to remain monster free damnit!
  5. T.T;; Just verifyin'...¬¬
  6. Bottom of your back..? Liiiike the small of your back, or are we goin' for a bum shot here..? ~<3
  7. Really? I don't have any issues with the text communication.. Mmm.. -shrug- we could always set up a vent. server or something.
  8. ._. wait wait wait wait...did this douche really use the term; "Barbie Streetwalker"...? I do believe he did.. we already have those--they're called Hookers addicted to plastic surgery..how about we address the REAL issue of Americans becoming addicted to unrealistic body ideals and going under the knife to have their fat sucked out of their asses and pumped back into their faces? How about we take a look at the fact that 15-year old boys are already objectifying women because their parents are unfit to raise them? How about we get our president to look at the terrorism going on in the USA half as seriously as the CIVIL wars going on in other countries that have been occurring for HUNDREDS OF YEARS?! Instead of flying over to bomb the fuck out of some idiot with a spear how about we try to straighten up the bullshit that's destroying the integrity of our own country? Sorry, I have a serious issue when parents are paying more attention to what the dip shits at the ESRB have to say than making sure their offspring adhere to the fucking drug laws!! Video games don't make stable children violent--violent video games can even give children a healthy VIRTUAL way to manage aggression/stress. It's the children who are already unstable and already at risk of taking a pistol to school that shouldn't be playing the shit! And who's going to determine which children are unstable? I dunno..how about the parents say more than; "GOD DAMN IT JOHNNY WHY DID YOU GET A FUCKING 'B-' IN TRIG THEORY!? NOW YOU'LL NEVER GET INTO YALE"--newsflash you waste of existence..Johnny is in fucking fourth grade. Our kids are smart, and for the most part--they're pretty responsible. But all the potential in the world is easily squandered if the people in charge of helping our youth develop don't step the fuck up. I'm not saying every parent is bad-- there are DAMN good parents out there, who do stay informed. But they are a minority. Children in elementary schools are being diagnosed with depression, does no one see something seriously wrong with that? Sorry for the rant..but..that just pisses me the fuck off.
  9. DX Strider! you should re-install and just back your stuffs up on a flash drive? T.T No neglecting Homeworks!! D:< but you should still give the game a shot. I think it's probably the closest you can get to a DnD Game without breaking out the dice yourself. Plus, if someone here at AC wanted to host a server we could all play together--even recruit DM's for the server from the NWN forums, or Sledge 'n Lady could learn to DM--I'm sure Sledge will get a kick out of playin' God. <3
  10. I just got a working version of the game(Ie: a Diamond pack that doesn't have three identical CD-Keys). The graphics may be old school, but the game if viciously wicked. Anyone else play?
  11. don't you mean 'Evercrack'? @sledge: Yar...I just hope I can figure out how to get back into my account! I had like....four max level characters with like...uber wicked gear--like, drops from the hardest parts of the game at the time. T.T
  12. Damn you Eppy!!! T.T Let me have my small triumph...
  13. Lol! I'd be in for re-installing GW to play with you guys! I have the Core, and the first expansion too...I wonder if I can get my old account! Omfg..I'd be so stoaked...I'd have a shitload of progress back.
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