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  1. Zepling

    Happy Halloween!

    I'm Michael Myers tonight, hehe. *stab stab* I'm supposed to go to some parties tonight but I really don't want to. I think I'm going to the midnight showing/production/extravaganza of Rocky Horror Picture Show instead. Science fiction...double feature...
  2. Yay! $3.15 yesterday!
  3. I am happily voting NO on Prop 8. It is not right to take rights away from people because of a factor which is out of their control. I don't believe same sex marriage has anything to do with schools, as the horribly deceptive Yes on 8 ads say. This prop is causing a lot of controversy here in the bay area. I have seen demonstrations, vandalism, and loud arguments on both sides. Yes on 8 people are putting their signs all over my town and painting their car windows with "Protect families! Protect our children! Vote Yes on 8". Conversely, I've seen No on 8 people vandalize those cars and signs with "Bigot" written over them.
  4. I prefer Maddow over Olbermann. Olbermann can get on my nerves with his rantings sometimes but it doesn't keep me from watching his show. Maddow is much more level headed and and can whip out facts like it's no one's business. She's a much better host than that rude Bill O character (whom, admittedly, I used to watch most nights during my summer break because he can be so ridiculous). Now I refuse to give him the ratings. I agree with you about her interview style. I think she is a great interviewer. My only complaint is that now that she has her own show, she is modeling it solidly after 'Countdown.' I felt that when she guest hosted on Countdown, she was less smart-alicky and more objective. She always had an opinion but she usually told it how she saw the topic, explaining both the good and the bad. But I think since MSNBC is marketing the two shows together, it would make sense if she changed her exaggerated her style a little to match Countdown. Do you watch Harball? Were you watching when Matthews said that Obama's speech made him "tingle?" I also love David Gergen. I wish he'd get his own show.
  5. I am admittedly an animal rights nut and I have to say that hunting an animal from a helicopter is just incredibly fucked up. On top of that, Palin couldn't save these poor creatures and put them in a zoo. I think I'm seeing red.
  6. There has never been any hard evidence that he has profited directly from his organizations lawsuits. He does own stock, however. I do have a question about Ron Paul. Under a hypothetical Paul administration, how would people like my brother be handled? I'm a bit confused by his stance on Public health. I looked it up on ontheissues.org but I'm still having some trouble. for background: my brother is on both (federal) MediCare and (state) MedicAid. He also collects Social Security. He is severely disabled and cannot work. Under a supposed Paul Administration, would he be unable to collect MedicAid since Paul has stated that we should dissolve it into an all-volunteer, pro-bono medical care system? Would his MediCaid, which is used to pay for some of his medical supplies (not actual care) be cut off? If that were the case he'd have to go to a nursing home, which would be unfortunate. I don't mean to press you about Ron Paul since you aren't his spokesperson. I just want to understand him because I see a lot in him that 1) is contradictory (not a big deal, everyone has contradictions within themselves) 2) a lot of what he stands for could be very damaging to my family if implemented 3) he has a very loyal group of supporters (is it just me or do a minority of Paul's supporters have a "holier than thou, I'm smarter than you"/Libertarian attitude? Not accusing you, just do a YouTube search on Ron Paul you'll see what I mean, I think)
  7. All that he did was point out that the muscle car lacked certain safety features that are now standard. He got the Corvair booted, big whoop. The gas embargo killed the muscle car, not Ralph Nader. And much, much later he was responsible for the seat belt law being passed which saves an estimated 10,000 lives yearly. I think that is deserving of praise. Even if he had killed the muscle car, is that not what a "maverick" would do? To go against the grain, disregard popularity, take on Congress and big business for what he knows is right? John McCain better watch himself.
  8. If Ron Paul is a maverick, what does that make a guy like Nader who can't gain enough support [to save his life] for any position in public office? What is more "mavericky" than that? Well if we're planning on writing in and throwing the election anyway, then I guess I don't feel quite as bad about writing in Nader. http://www.votenader.org/index.html Nader/Gonzalez '08! Or we can just write in Joe the Plumber. I mean, geez. He got 26 shout outs last night during the debates. Have you heard his opinions. He sounds like just the guy we need in office. He's got spunk. :spiritgun Actually, I'm thinking about writing in this smiley for president: He won't use a hatchet or a scalpel when dealing with the economy, he'll use a medieval sword that kind of looks suspiciously naughty. Ugh, I'm sick of this election. The only thing I find important in this election is Prop 8. For those of you who don't live in California, Prop 8 is the ban against gay marriage put forth by the "family coalitions" with the dirtiest, cheapest campaign ads I have ever seen. That is the only prop or measure that I am going to feel proud voting either for or against. Well, against, to be exact. Oh yeah, I forgot to say what I say to an undecided. I would say "I'm sorry that you are being bombarded with dirty ads and studied like rats." But jeez, if you are still undecided, you need to stay home or flip a coin because all you need to know is on the internet. Does what happens in the campaign actually INFLUENCE votes, or does it just reinforce your already solid opinions? (When I say "you" I am not actually addressing anyone specifically).
  9. I was really hoping that Alice in Wonderland would be live action.
  10. My dad lost half of his 401k in only one f*ing day. Not to mention the whole world is pissed at us right now because now their economies are in the toilet. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/sep/22/marketturmoil.creditcrunch?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-euromood20-2008sep20,0,7535469.story http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fg-iran23-2008sep23,0,4954098.story
  11. Same can be said about the Hillary campaign. Sorry, I couldn't resist...But seriously, just because she came in second does not mean she deserves the vp nomination. Just like how Obama does not deserve votes from Hillary supporters just because he's a Democrat. Palin is just a ploy to grab the angry Hillary voters and at the same time, pander to the fundies. Bleh. It's sad but she is energizing the Republican base. I thought the either party was more intelligent than to fall for this bull. Sad bit number two, where I live, a ton of Hillary chicks are leaning toward McCain because of this Palin pick. Count me in for a write in...only I'm writing in Nader.
  12. I actually got into a dumb fight with my bf over breast implants. When we were first dating, he mentioned to me that he thought fakies looked bad and he did not find them attractive. Then I learned of his fascination with Ice T's wife COCO. Grrr, it still ticks me off a bit. He called her perfect *ruffles feathers*. Anyway, it's really not that important an issue. here's a pic of Coco. I am very much against shallow cosmetic surgery (elective, unecessary). I'm very much a "what you see is what you get" kind of gal. I don't wear dresses (too drafty), high heels (can't walk in them), no wonder bras (I had one once, but the cheap thing's wire kept poking me), no make up (at all, I just don't like it), no nail polish (I keep them nice though). I realize that personal appearance is a choice and I don't look down on people who don't live like me, I just do what works for me (like not wearing make up). I am a bit of a hypocrite though. I have very pale skin so I dyed my blonde hair a brownish red to compliment my skin tone instead of washing me out like had looked before.
  13. That Piccolo looks more like Garlic Jr.
  14. Wow, if they were working to please the fans they would have AT LEAST included Krillin.
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