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    Hope is Emo

    http://www.hopeisemo.com/ Main website, thats where I watch them. In total there are 9 episodes right now (and sadly they haven't updated in around a month). I find it to be some good stuff and I rather like that they're mocking emo kids.
  2. Starless Night - Olivia (2nd NANA ending)
  3. Strider Hiryu

    oh noes!!!

    Frankly I'd say restart over in FFX-2 and play thru for the good ending since you already know what happens in FFX (and you're not missing much in beating that game, final boss is a joke and the story just doesn't hold up past a certain point). Only reason I'd say go back to FFX is Blitzball. Thats the only reason I ever put FFX in for now (since I've beaten the game so many times).
  4. -15 and they cancel school, no offense but they're a bunch of pussies. Frick I used to have to walk to school in -50 degree temps (back in middle school). Man, I swear everyone outside of the northern Midwestern states would die if they moved to North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, etc because thats the norm temp around here during the winter. I feel bad you guys are getting hit this hard but frankly I'm happy to see other people are finally finding out what winter is really like.
  5. Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - Dimmu Borgir
  6. I would say welcome to the insanity but it already seems you're there (with being Sledge's brother and all ) so I'll just say welcome to the clan and enjoy your stay.
  7. The GG is right, Empire Strikes Back was the best movie out of the original Star Wars Trilogy.
  8. Strider Hiryu

    Oh snap!

    Well I'll be damned it's the Cobras. Welcome back to the insanity
  9. Asterisk - Orange Range (I might not like Bleach but the first op is awesome)
  10. Eh, trailer didn't show enough to get me hyped about it. I liked the first one (scared the living crap out of me that night after seeing it) but I didn't like the second movie (wasn't really that good). I'll still see this one but I doubt it'll be as good as the first one. If you read the wiki entry you provided Extinction takes place six years after the events of the second movie after the a huge outbreak of the T-virus, one that couldn't be stopped.
  11. DX is right, at your age thats about all you're going to be able to find in the way of work because businesses won't start hiring till your at least 15 (then again that depends on what state you living in and local laws). So if you want money you're just going to have to grit your teeth and start mowing lawns, continue babysitting, and get a paper route.
  12. Hmmm, read about it this morning. Little mixed in reaction on it though. Since they didn't name the apprentice I wonder if he's the one I've read about or if they're pulling a new one out.
  13. Eh, no so much. Without a plot theres to much to work around. See the movie won't do well if they don't meet fan standards and believe me WoW fans have high standards. Also with the lore Warcraft has anyone trying to make a movie out of it is bound to screw up. Eh, as you pointed out though every movie adaptation of a game has sucked and it's no doubt a MSG or WoW movie would suck also.
  14. It's Japan, they're all a little fruity over there. Why feel stupid about it Hell_Cat? For the longest time I thought Aya in Psycho le Cemu was a chick until I watched an interview with them and heard his voice (and my god is his voice extremely deep). I don't know what it is about the guys in Japan but I don't know how they can enjoy dressing like chicks (look at Mana, I don't think he even knows how to dress as a guy).
  15. For some reason I can't think of any actor that can pull off Snake in a movie because anyone they pick will probably kill the character (unless they got the guy who voiced him to play the part but I doubt that would work). Eh, you can't really say if MSG will be the next series of movies like Bond until the movie actually comes out and we see how it does. Off Topic: God I hope not. Seeing as how WoW has no plot (like almost every MMO) or a lack of a continual running plot they're not going to be able to make a movie out of it. The only Warcraft movies that could be made would have to be based on the first three RTS games since they have an actual plot to follow and actual character/heroes to follow (you have no hero to follow in WoW since every PC character is considered a hero). Eh, since all Blizzard cares about is money I wouldn't be surprised if there is a WoW movie though (gg Blizz, go kill you're lore some more).
  16. The addiction didn't set in until someone gave me the link to BBR. *shifty look at Eppy* It all went downhill from there but man were those good times I actually have news footage of hide's funeral somewhere on my computer (I watch it every year on the anniversary of his death as well as listen to nothing but his and X Japan's music. My way of honoring the memory of such a great musical genius). The amount of people who showed up for it was nuts but it was a great thing to see the man had so many loving fans. The footage is extremely sad since everyone one is crying, makes you want to cry just seeing it.
  17. Been a fan of J-rock for years (I blame hide and the rest of those at AP and Bye Bye Reality for my addiction to it). In fact of my 50 or so gigs of music around half of it is J-rock. I'm a huge fan of hide (he's by far the best J-rocker ever). Other favorites include D'espairsRay, Dir en Grey, L'Arc~en~Ciel, MUCC, Psycho le Cemu (also a big fans of theirs), and others.
  18. I love Chrono Trigger to death and it's by far the best RPG I've ever played. However, I'd hate to see a remake. I'm sorry but the old school SNES graphics are, besides the story and characters, what make the game what it is. Plus, I usually tend to hate remakes. They never feel the same as the original and I lose interest fast.
  19. I use specifically made wet cloths that are made to be used on electronics when I clean my laptop screen. As for cleaning out my keyboard and dust from the fans I use those pressurized air cans they sell at various electronic stores to blow the dust and other crap out of it. They work wonders.
  20. Eh, I won't be upgrading for a long while (considering all the bad things I've been hearing about Vista from random computer salesmen and the IT department on campus). I'll upgrade when it becomes necessary to.
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