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  1. Last I checked it was $3.29 and it's only going to go up more from the impression I get from my boss and the owner (I work at a gas station now).
  2. Strider Hiryu

    AC Wars!

    That's awesome X'D
  3. Sadly enough it seems I have the same fansub as you since mine doesn't translate the last line the Major says (last line translated is her telling Batou that the net is vast and infinite).
  4. 1. Trigun Maximum 2. Eden 3. NANA 4. Lament of the Lamb (Hitsuji no Uta) 5. Samurai Deeper Kyo 6. Rurouni Kenshin 7. Goth 8. Hellsing 9. Ghost in the Shell 10. Chobits
  5. Strider Hiryu

    Starcraft 2

    That was a freaking hot trailer. I can't f'in wait for it to come out now, it's going to be awesome
  6. I'm with Vinnie, I was hoping the movie would be focused more on the Transformers and their fight. Eh, the trailer looked good but I'm still skeptical about whether the movie will actually be good or not (the Transformer fan in me is getting worried that this movie will be complete crap).
  7. Hora's "Venom" Album (awesome Japanese Dark Wave and reminiscent of his days when he and Kaya were still working together under the Schwarz Stein name)
  8. EVA you'd be surprised how many groups subbed it (however, only one group is still allowing their copy out. Everyone else who subbed it stopped allowing downloads after what Bandai had said). As for your question goku I'd have to watch it again to see what she says (I haven't seen it in three months so I don't remember). I don't think it was anything too important though. Chances are though I have the same fansub since there is only one that I know of circulating.
  9. "INNOCENT SORROW" - abingdon boys school "Fre@k SHoW" - abingdon boys school "HOWLING" - abingdon boys school
  10. Fansubbed. Don't remember who did it but I grabbed it off of Box awhile ago (Don't exactly remember how long ago). The quality was crap but I really didn't mind since I wanted to see it.
  11. Eh, it is ANN so they're usually on the money and since June 11 is the day they're starting their Monday block of anime I don't doubt they'll show it. Only real way to tell is when June 11 hits to see if it's on Sci-Fi. Not like it matters, I got my copy preordered and I've already seen it so I probably wouldn't watch it on Sci-Fi
  12. Strider Hiryu


    Welcome to the insanity! Do enjoy your stay and beware the n00b eaters
  13. Strider Hiryu

    Hey All

    Welcome to the insanity! Beware the n00b eaters and enjoy your stay
  14. "Hikari Sasuhou" - Back-on (OP to Murder Princess) "HOWLING" - abingdon boys school (OP to Darker than Black)
  15. "Kuroi Namida ~deep sadness version~" - Anna Tsuchiya
  16. Playlist for today consists of hide's King of Psyborg Rock; Ja, Zoo; and Hide Your Face albums
  17. Eh I've got enough, most of my manga is scanlations though since I can't afford to buy manga anymore (bills suck). What I own in hard cover though is the following: Rurouni Kenshin vol. 1-21 Samurai Deeper Kyo vol. 1-17 Negima! vol. 1-9 Love Hina vol. 1-14 Chobits vol. 1-8 Angelic Layer vol. 1-5 Onegai Teacher vol. 1-2 Escaflowne vol. 1-3 Trigun vol. 1-2 Trigun Maximum vol. 1-9 Comic Party (Tokyopop serialization) vol. 1-4 Comic Party (CPM serialization) vol. 1-3 DearS vol. 1-7 Peacemaker Kurogane vol. 1-3 Dr. Slump vol. 1-3 Rozen Maiden vol. 1 Le Portrait de Petite Cossette vol. 1 Nadesico vol. 1-4 As you can see I have plenty, some are finished some aren't (either due to loss of interest, lack of money, or subsequent volumes aren't out yet). I won't even go into my scanlation collection.
  18. Bah, I knew I should of finished watching that last night but no I had to go play Worms on my 360. Man seeing the Ninja would of been awesome but ohwell they'll show it again. I left off where they were starting to test the sword stopping myth.
  19. It's a fun game. I've played the 360 version of it on my friends 360 and I've enjoyed it. Just finished up the Dark Brotherhood questline last friday night on my character and started up the Mage Guild quests (and got to level 9, I don't get over to his place that often). Haven't done anything storyline wise except for the beginning stuff, I find the side quests and the exploring to be more interesting then running around closing gates and what not.
  20. I can't decide whether I should laugh or be highly disturbed but I'll admit they were hysterical.
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