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  1. Actually minion that Gundam is combat ready and can be used outside the mobile armor add-on in combat. The Stamen was specifically built, however, to be used within the armor system. In combat outside of the armor the suit is at a slight disadvantage but it would not be easily destroyed
  2. The short sword is known as the Wakizashi and it wasn't used for seppuku (they carried the short sword as a way of letting them stay armed indoors since it was customary to leave your katana at the entrance, thus the reason Samurai carried two swords), the Tanto (dagger) was used to make the cuts in seppuku. Now that you've had your history lesson back to the Gundam discussion.
  3. You know now that I think about it all the guys did sound somewhat similar, no wonder their voices never left me with the impression the Japanese voices did. Technically Sony Films (if I got that right, it's been awhile since I last looked up what company grabbed the rights for Blood+) is doing the dub so it's up to them how they do it. You really can't turn Blood+ into a comedy because the animation sets it up to be a very emotional series but I don't have a doubt in my mind they'll change the script enough to add a comedic twist (we've already noticed this with the French accent on Argiano and the Jamaican accent on whats his name).
  4. I had the displeasure of viewing the dub last night. I'm sorry but that's one of the worst dubs I've heard in a long time (not as horrible as the Trigun dub mind you but still bad). That french accent on Argiano (sp?) was obviously forced and don't get me started on the Jamaican accent. It's almost as if the people doing the parts have no emotion or just didn't want to do the job. I only hope it gets better because if they continue being as emotionless as they are now people aren't going to feel what they should when watching it (Blood+ is a very emotional series and I'm not feeling that from watching the dub).
  5. Eh, in technicality they were the same things in the movie also but we're not getting technical (only real difference is in the movie Saya is a vampire and in the series she isn't (not a spoiler so don't get ticked at me those of you who haven't seen the series))
  6. I watched it as it came out. I must say I was impressed with it, even if I originally refused to watch it since it had nothing to do with the original Blood movie (I loved the movie and was afraid they'd take to many liberties with the anime). And they're not vampires, they're Chiropterans (there is a difference, even if both are blood sucking beasts).
  7. Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists Album (yea the whole thing is in the playlist, too lazy to list all the songs)
  8. "Player" - Origa with Heartsdales "Replica" - Iralia Graziano "Date of Rebirth" - Origa "Take a Little Hand" - Yoko Kanno
  9. Strider Hiryu

    Favorite game?

    Hard for me to choose just one since I have quite a few favorite games but to size it down I'll go with two series of games that will always remain on top of my favorites list. The Suikoden series of RPG's are by far the best RPG's ever created for any system. They've taken the fun of recruiting people, playing in tactical battles (where strategy is a key to win), and fighting bosses with a unique battle system and thrown it in with awesome characters and a huge backstory. Sadly they're underrated because people seem to only follow the huge names like Final Fantasy and what not. The Ace Combat series of games would have to be my other favorite. They are by far the best air combat sims on the market today. I really don't know how else to put it, they're just awesome.
  10. You want cold, come out to my neck of the woods GG in the dead of winter. You'll freeze your ass of out here though right now you wouldn't, we're warming up out here (and it's pissing me off. I love the cold).
  11. Hmmmm, with Epples on Pumpkin Scissors and Kanon (both have been awesomely good, especially right now). Red Garden is disgustingly good right now, all the lovely drama
  12. Eh, I'd give you rep but I've already seen that multiple times (go go having all gamer friends that have no lives). Still though it is hilarious.
  13. Strider Hiryu

    Hope is Emo

    http://www.hopeisemo.com/ Main website, thats where I watch them. In total there are 9 episodes right now (and sadly they haven't updated in around a month). I find it to be some good stuff and I rather like that they're mocking emo kids.
  14. Starless Night - Olivia (2nd NANA ending)
  15. Strider Hiryu

    oh noes!!!

    Frankly I'd say restart over in FFX-2 and play thru for the good ending since you already know what happens in FFX (and you're not missing much in beating that game, final boss is a joke and the story just doesn't hold up past a certain point). Only reason I'd say go back to FFX is Blitzball. Thats the only reason I ever put FFX in for now (since I've beaten the game so many times).
  16. -15 and they cancel school, no offense but they're a bunch of pussies. Frick I used to have to walk to school in -50 degree temps (back in middle school). Man, I swear everyone outside of the northern Midwestern states would die if they moved to North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, etc because thats the norm temp around here during the winter. I feel bad you guys are getting hit this hard but frankly I'm happy to see other people are finally finding out what winter is really like.
  17. Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - Dimmu Borgir
  18. I would say welcome to the insanity but it already seems you're there (with being Sledge's brother and all ) so I'll just say welcome to the clan and enjoy your stay.
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