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  1. It was on Christmas night too and I avoided it like the plague both times(I seriously hate the dub of Spirited Away). I'm with DX, No Face is the man. Can't really say what my favorite part of the movie is. Probably I don't have one since the whole movie is great (hell I watched it four times the day I got it).
  2. If I'm right that will be known as Mobile Ops: The One Year War in the US. Looks to be an impressive game, much more impressive then Crossfire.
  3. I hate rap with a passion, that is the crap its turned into today. Old school rap, like Run DMC, now that was good stuff. Was actually about something other then what rock listed.
  4. You'd think they would have tested those straps. Anyone could of seen this coming (and I find it extremely hilarious)
  5. "Holla Back Girl" - Gwen Steffani (only because my mother wants to listen to it and it's on my computer because I had to dl it for her)
  6. "I wish the atrocity known as the SEED franchise was never made." In all seriousness (though for me that was serious) I'm sure that poor suit wants to be put out of it's misery. Man getting a pink paint job has got to be a new low for a mobile suit.
  7. Hah, creepy but extremely hilarious
  8. I think he meant console wise Eva. Agito is handheld, other two are for PS3
  9. "Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix)" - Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori (Halo 2 OST)
  10. Actually I'd hope that ADV or Geneon would get it. I'm not a fan of Funi so I'd sadly not watch or buy it if they got it. Viz is different, haven't seen anything they're releasing DVD wise so I don't know what there quality is like. I could see Geneon doing a smash up job on One Piece and I think ADV would do it justice if they got ahold of it.
  11. And there was much rejoicing Quite happy they dropped it, they shouldn't of even got it in the first place
  12. "Player" - Origa with Heartsdales (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society OST)
  13. "I Do" - Iralia Graziano (2nd Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST)
  14. Welcome to the insanity
  15. Meh, it's still as big as ever DX. I play but not on the tournament level seeing as how I've only been playing for two years and my three decks would get trounced in tournament play. Once I get my Hellbent deck to where it's undefeatable I will start entering tournaments but right now it still needs some tweaking.
  16. Welcome to the insanity
  17. By the sounds of it your talking about the hack job of an anime known as Robotech but I'm not 100% certain for I've only seen 5 eps of the anime. Link to a description of Robotech. If that sounds familiar then thats what it's called. Also since your new here a piece of friendly advice, refrain from double posting. Admins and mods frown upon it.
  18. Well hell thats awesome. Still doesn't matter though, don't have one of those beasts yet.
  19. Good to hear it's working great for ya DX. I'm still glad I'm waiting to get one though. I'm disappointed with its backwards compatibility problems, maybe they'll be remedied in a few months.
  20. Lovely choice Right now after a bad night of WoW I'm listening to: "Syphilis and Disorder" - Schwarz Stein
  21. That was extremely sad but extremely hilarious. Ending was a little lame but all around it was funny.
  22. I've heard mixed feelings about the PS3 from people who were lucky enough to get one and it's making me wonder. For one it's not fully backwards compatible like it was supposed to be (people are having problems playing PS2 games on it), it likes to overheat itself, etc. I'm beginning to think my idea of waiting for one was a good one. Have to wait and see what others say about it first (and get DX's impression of it).
  23. And you do know how much I hate you now don't you? Bah, j/k. Grats man. I want some pics of the bad boy when you get it. Yes Hellcat they've been going on eBay for $2000 starting bids, I've been keeping track. Hell one sold for $3100 on Thursday night before the PS3 even hit the market.
  24. Dude, you do know MSG: Crossfire was a launch title right? That is so worth a PS3 (imo). That and Resistance looks like a sweet ass game. Meh, I'll probably head the same route and buy a 360. Really want to get my hands on Mobile Ops when it's released and get a couple of games I like for the system (Enchanted Arms, Perfect Dark Zero, etc).
  25. I was going to go camp out at Best Buy but I said screw it. Had to work this morning and thats a little more important. I'll just end up getting one next year when they have more 60 gigs on the market. Plus you know over half the bastards that were in line to get one are going to put them on eBay for like $2000. I really hate people like that, getting something that all they want to do is sell it while those of us who want it can't get it.