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  1. The only movie other then the original Trilogy of the series is Char's Counterattack which wraps up the whole Amuro/Char thing. I wouldn't write the Zeta movies out. They're extremely good and have new animation in them but as I said it's an alternate telling of the original series (which I really need to watch them again). Turn-A and Gundam X have nothing to do with each other. Both are AU series having nothing to do with the UC timeline. Since you already have Gundam X downloaded I'd watch that first then download and watch Turn-A. Gundam X is an awesome show and is somewhat a "What if Zeon had won the war?" story or at least how I took it (note: Zeon is not present in the series nor should it be since it's an AU series but a lot of Gundam fans speculate it as that sort of story).
  2. Movies are a good "alternate" telling of Zeta and completely write Double Zeta out of existence with the new take on the ending. Gundam ZZ is your next one in line in the UC timeline. Though I have not personally seen it myself (I have it downloaded but with college and work I don't have much time to watch it as well as still have Turn-A Gundam and Victory Gundam to watch) I've heard it's complete crap or at least the first half of the series is. Supposedly it starts getting good in the last half but I can't say anything about that.
  3. Currently: -World of Warcraft (been playing since Beta) -Chromehounds (or I will be soon. Friend of mine is going to get me into his squad) -Gears of War Debating about starting: -Warhammer Online (when it hits the market) -FFXI (I'm debating about whether it's worth the money or not. Can't afford to pay for two games a month but I've been curious about it since it came out nor can I afford to buy it and it's expansions) Dropped: -City of Heroes/Villains (may go back one day. Was rather boring and geared toward partying which I don't like doing a lot of)
  4. Don't really understand people like those and for an expansion thats not all it was hyped up to be. Could just be me but BC just doesn't feel worth the money I paid for it.
  5. I thought about it, I really did. Then I ended up going to ZG, MC, and AQ20 in WoW so I missed it
  6. Me too X'D
  7. I look forward to this new movie in hopes it's as stupid as the first one
  8. Eh, I'm a little leary about this. I'm an old school trekkie so I don't really know how to take this and Matt Damon, eh.
  9. $100 + Plane Ticket + Hotel room = not worth it I'll just catch GameSpot's coverage of it when it happens because I don't have the money to attend that.
  10. "Seize The Day" - Diecast
  11. "Blurry" - Puddle of Mudd
  12. Meh, it's been an overly bad year for Sony and sadly people feel the reason to rub it in. I'll admit, I'm not happy with how Sony is handling themselves right now nor on the severe shortage of systems (hell I bought a 360 since I have to wait till sometime next year to get a PS3). 2007 should hopefully prove to be a better year for Sony.
  13. It was on Christmas night too and I avoided it like the plague both times(I seriously hate the dub of Spirited Away). I'm with DX, No Face is the man. Can't really say what my favorite part of the movie is. Probably I don't have one since the whole movie is great (hell I watched it four times the day I got it).
  14. If I'm right that will be known as Mobile Ops: The One Year War in the US. Looks to be an impressive game, much more impressive then Crossfire.
  15. I hate rap with a passion, that is the crap its turned into today. Old school rap, like Run DMC, now that was good stuff. Was actually about something other then what rock listed.
  16. You'd think they would have tested those straps. Anyone could of seen this coming (and I find it extremely hilarious)
  17. "Holla Back Girl" - Gwen Steffani (only because my mother wants to listen to it and it's on my computer because I had to dl it for her)
  18. "I wish the atrocity known as the SEED franchise was never made." In all seriousness (though for me that was serious) I'm sure that poor suit wants to be put out of it's misery. Man getting a pink paint job has got to be a new low for a mobile suit.
  19. Hah, creepy but extremely hilarious
  20. I think he meant console wise Eva. Agito is handheld, other two are for PS3
  21. "Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix)" - Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori (Halo 2 OST)
  22. Actually I'd hope that ADV or Geneon would get it. I'm not a fan of Funi so I'd sadly not watch or buy it if they got it. Viz is different, haven't seen anything they're releasing DVD wise so I don't know what there quality is like. I could see Geneon doing a smash up job on One Piece and I think ADV would do it justice if they got ahold of it.
  23. And there was much rejoicing Quite happy they dropped it, they shouldn't of even got it in the first place
  24. "Player" - Origa with Heartsdales (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society OST)
  25. "I Do" - Iralia Graziano (2nd Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST)