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  1. Oh the fat chocobos can fly and it's hilarious to watch.
  2. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Side view of my anima weapon
  3. Meh, they have a lot to live up to (I'm a die hard GitS fan so they better do this movie right) and I'm far from impressed with these teasers. Considering how well Arise did (though it kept to the ideals of the franchise and the overall story wasn't bad it was still an underhanded blow to fans) this movie has a lot to prove.
  4. , I'll take screenshots of them and show ya. My favorite mount is Slepnir (Odin's mount) but I never get to use it because it doesn't fly.
  5. It might be possible but I honestly don't want to buy another copy of the game just to make another account (like most MMO's the game is linked to your account (damn CD-Keys)). Plus the logistics would be a nightmare as the wedding is a huge celebration and you actually have to reserve a time to do it and both accounts have to be on at the same time (another problem, my PS4 version is linked to my PC account so I can't go that route). Meh, honestly as much as I want the chocobo it's not worth all the hassle (or money). My standard, draught (two seater chocobo), and 2 fat chocobos will have to do (yes I have two fat chocobos, a normal one and a white one with a crown (got it when I got my maid outfit)).
  6. I named her Seabiscuit and she was a damn fine horse. She died so young with a brilliant future ahead of her /cry. I shall miss our long frolics through the desert sand murdering unsuspecting Scouts It was pretty hit or miss communication wise when I wasn't playing with either of you. Most of the time it was just a guy/gal (yes I actually ran into the rare female Battlefield player, damn near died of a heart attack when she spoke) saying thanks over squad chat. I got very few actual in-game Thank You's. I do hope they increase the player cap for Rush, 24 just seemed like to little (at least on Sinai, 12 v 12 just doesn't work with how it's segmented for Rush). It never felt like anyone was really doing anything and if you had a heavy tank on the field you lost 6 available people to attack/defend (if they actually got in the damn tank). I guess I should say any tank (I mean we spent most of our time in tanks when we were playing, though we actually pushed the objectives unlike other tank users on our team (I can't remember his name but god did he piss me off in that one match sitting back doing nothing)).
  7. Nah, in fact I can craft all the dyes available in the game on my Alchemist (and sell them if I want but there is no money in it and it takes to damn much time to gather the required mats to do so). Well not all, there are some you actually have to spend real money for (like the Metallic colors, Jet Black, Pure White, and I believe the Pastel colors require you to buy them for real money). The one thing I like about SE is that they give you pretty much everything for free (though you generally have to craft or do some sort of quest for it) with the exception of specialty things likes some of the mounts (I own all the purchasable mounts with the exception of 1, can't afford it atm), NPC glamour sets, minions (which I own all of them with the exception of 3, 1 I don't want and I couldn't afford the other 2 when they were released (that will be remedied soon)), the specialty dyes, the marriage items (yea you can marry in FFXIV and you get a sweet freaking chocobo mount if you go for the best package (which I want so damn bad but sadly I have no one to marry, I have an obsession with the mounts in this game and I don't know why)), housing items (some special housing items that I have no interest in as I don't own a house in-game (though in a week I will have an apartment when they release it in patch 3.4 (though it's going to cost me 500,000 gil))), and the fantasia potions (allow you to change your characters gender/race/appearance).
  8. The only downside to it is that I only get one set of stats instead of two weapons with different stats (though the stats on the pair equal out to probably what I'd get on two seperation swords). Meh, it's a good thing I actually like purple (though I'd prefer them in crimson). I know certain colors retain the glow but a lot of the off colors (like the Crimson one I want) don't. Not like it matters, come patch 3.45 they'll probably have a bigger glow in a different color.
  9. Honestly I liked the new Conquest system. My only problem with it was the time limit which was fixed before the end of the beta. Honestly I'm not liking the switch back to kills counting, it's just going to bring out more Scout players and no one but those brave few will play the objective anymore (this saddens me more then anything, I actually had fun storming the objectives in the beta with a good squad). We're going to be hearing PTFO for ages again. This change will probably cement me into Rush now unless they find a way to balance the changes (like increasing the dynamic weather lengths to render Scouts useless or doing what Sledge said). Medic's main problem is the scoring system for them, that's the only real reason no one picked them. 25 points for a revive isn't worth it (50 for squad revive) so why go out of you're way to do it (remember it's all about the score, people give zero fucks about anything else other then K/D. I actually tried to play Medic the way it's supposed to, you won't believe how many thank yous I got for doing it during the beta (Sledge's brother giving me most of them)) when you can just run with a bandage bag and the rifle grenades (or the crate if you had it unlocked, running two med stations. Even better is running the wrench now to repair vehicles). As you know I played Medic pretty much exclusively because I love the class and it actually gave me a reason to play aggressively because I could heal myself and I could keep my squad up (and revive when it actually worked, the icon thing didn't bug me. The fact that I couldn't revive someone who hadn't rushed their respawn pissed me off). Plus their weapons are by far one of the best in the game, that 1916 rifle is a beast and probably the best way to counter Scouts outside of playing one (3 hit kills is amazing). Happy to hear Support is going to get some love too (but I wish they would of been more specific about what they were giving them to make them better against tanks). Kinda sad about the Horse as, besides playing Medic and the Light Tank (RIP beta LT), was some of the most fun I had during the beta (ask Sledge, I actually named my horse and everything. Went on some amazing kill sprees as well). I admit though it is needed, those horses could take more hits then a LT sometimes.
  10. Nah, the good thing about ninja weapons (and monk weapons as well) is that they come in pairs (we only have one weapon slot on our characters so they just made NIN and MNK weapons as pairs) so both were crafted at the same time. So they're the same in all respects. I forgot to mention I could dye the weapons if I wanted to but I'd loose that slight glow they have so I opted not to.
  11. I'd almost wish these were purchasable due to the time investment needed to get them (and the monetary investment, I blew over 5 million gil just to craft these). The only good thing is the weapon can be customized to the stats I want (with the exception of Vit and Dex, those are standard values for the weapon) making it, in a lot of ways, the best weapon you can get for your character (with the exception of the top raid tier weapon, which is marginally better but has different stat distribution).
  12. Short swords for these. Ninja's wield either short swords or daggers. Next time I'm on I'll take some more screenshots of her as the other jobs I mentioned (maybe get one of my chocobo as well). Might take some other random ones as well (I have some older ones I can post as well from before the expansion came out last year).
  13. From the album FFXIV Pics

    So after months of grinding I finally finished my anima weapon's quest line (and right before patch 3.4, well until patch 3.45 when they add in the last step) and got my Spurs of the Thorn Prince for my Ninja. Also since I've never actually posted any photos of her here is Aylanis, my main (I do have alts but she's primarily the character I play the most (I have 78 days of total game time on her, I need a life)). Depending on if others want to see them I can take screenshots of her as a Monk, White Mage (not much to really see as she's glamoured to look like a maid), Dragoon (though I warn you her armor is goofy as hell on Dragoon, I kind of let that job take a sideline to the others), Bard, and Machinist (though my Bard and Machinist look the same just with different weapons as they share the same gear). Also she's currently glamoured to look like my favorite NPC in the game (her name is Y'shtola and yes I paid real money for her gear set).
  14. Oh great like the Scout needs anything else to make it more desirable. I'm really debating whether or not I want to play this anymore with those last two Scout gadgets because everyone is going to be running them (I can see no reason not to have the decoy gadget and I can see that damn shield being used on any map where a sniper needs to be in the open more). Support seems to be getting the shaft yet again. I really hope DICE gives them something more to make them more desirable on the field (dynamite would be a nice addition for them). I think Medic is in a very good place right now so I really don't understand why no one played it (outside of the lack of points you got for reviving). They've got probably the second best weapon in the game (outside of bolt-actions), they can heal teammates, and revive people (though it was extremely buggy in the beta, they really need to get it fixed. I don't know how many times I wasn't able to revive Sledge or his brother that day we played). The only thing they can nix are those rifle grenades. They're extremely under-powered and you can barely launch them more then 10 meters or so (unless you arc the hell out of it). The only real one of use will be the smoke variant. Assault seems to be DICE's love child this time around (besides Scout) so they're in a pretty damn good place being the anti-vehicle class (though I wish their weapons were more accurate, I know these were the first SMGs but still). Meh, hopefully they'll add in more gadgets for everyone besides these (and maybe look at nerfing other classes (hint: Scout)).
  15. From the album FFXIV Pics

    View of the anime weapon in the ninja's battle stance
  16. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Side view of my anima weapon
  17. Pfft, there were like 9 Tenchu's Sledge (though 2 were handheld titles). I can't say much I only played Wrath of Heaven (or Return from Darkness as I played in on Xbox) and Z. Wrath of Heaven is what got me into the games (though I honestly had no idea what was going on story wise) and Z is a damn good game (instead of playing as the main characters you make you're own ninja, was freaking fun as hell especially with friends).
  18. I like what I see, has a Tenchu sort of feel to it (everything except the magic/mystical powers) and I've been looking for a game that offers a similar play style (god I miss the Tenchu games, so much fun. I should dig out Tenchu Z again and play through it).
  19. Oh I'm sure they will but someone had to say it. Mag size I don't really see being a problem as long as the weapon is accurate (I hope they treat it differently based on it's mag size, firing it longer to get better accuracy is going to hurt big time with it. Then again maybe we'll get versions with bigger mag sizes (I know there was a 40 round mag for it but it was used exclusively in an anti-air roll and was discontinued in 1927 (it might show up in the game but I doubt it)) to balance it out) since support pretty much has infinite ammo. If the Mosin gets fucked up people will be up in arms considering how much love that gun gets. I might pull support out more in the actual game since the BAR is going to be in the game but I honestly was far from impressed with it in the beta. Support just seemed to be a lot weaker then it should be. I get a lot of it had to do with us not having access to all of it's gadgets but those changes to the MG's were a major game changer (I mean I go full Rambo all the time in BF4 with Support but those LMG's are a lot more accurate then the guns we're playing with now). Plus it's hard to give up that awesome range Medic has with it's DMR's. I was afraid Medic was going to be on of the worst classes in the game but I'm happy to see it's not. The only real thing I'm not looking forward to is everyone playing Scout in retail. That one class pretty much ruined most of my fun in the beta and I really hope DICE either makes some serious changes or has some maps where Scouts are at a serious disadvantage (as is Sinai is a Scouts paradise).
  20. As much as I hate to be the pessimist in the room, watch the BAR be the worst MG in the game. I just had to say it but it's probably the one weapon I'm looking forward to most in this game (outside of that semi-auto shotgun). Sadly I'll have to pull myself away from Medic if I ever want to use it (and that's going to be hard to do, I absolutely love the Medic class's weapons).
  21. Started playing Journey today. Have no idea whats really going on (I understand for the most part but without any talking or narrations it's all pretty much how you take what you're shown in the cutscenes) but the art style is nice, the puzzle mechanics are pretty interesting, the ability to meet random people playing it is cool (even if you can't speak to each other), and the soundtrack is freaking amazing (probably the best part of the game so far for me). It's a rather relaxing game, can't wait to find time to sit down and actually finish it (I think I'm a third of the way through the game).

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Yea, it pretty much is. All it really gives you is cutscenes and a few pictographs while you're traveling with a basic premise (I've read a plot synopsis from the developers so I know what they're trying to say through the game but it is pretty much up to your own thoughts on it). It's roughly a 2-3 hour playthrough by what I've read (if you only plan on playing it once, I'll probably play this multiple times just because the soundtrack is awesome and as I said it's a very relaxing game). Even though I haven't beaten it I fully understand why this game was so well received when it first came out.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      So I beat it tonight after my curiosity got the best of me. I really do have to say this game is amazing and I plan on playing it through multiple times now that I've finally reached the end. It really is a deeply personal experience (evoking all sorts of feelings and thoughts, I honestly found it to be a greatly moving game to the point I had a tear in my eye when I reached the end) and while there is a plot there you really do make meaning for yourself while you play through the game. You get to meet a variety of people playing through the game (I played through with 6 different people in my one play through playing with the last person for the last half of the game) and though you can't talk (every character has a unique tone that you can use to get their attention but that's about all it's useful for) you still get a sense of camaraderie while you journey with them. The soundtrack, as I said is amazing, really does set a tone for each stage/level you progress to getting serious when it needs to and uplifting when it needs to. There are points where the game gets rather tense (I won't say what they are so you can surprise yourself as it's part of the experience) and points where it's downright goofy (meeting the cloth whale was probably the strangest thing I found in the game).

      Overall this game deserves all the praise it's gotten and more. This game has more to it then most AAA titles on the market today and did so with a relatively small team and a simple idea. I can't stress enough how much everyone should give this game a try and while I admit it's not for everyone I'm sure even those who dislike it for what it is has something they found enjoyable about it. I really wish big name developers would look at these indie studios and take notes on what a game should be and not what they want it to be.

    3. Sledgstone


      Awesome. This game is next on my to play list. :D

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  22. It was probably one of the best campaigns I've played in a COD game so it'd definitely be worth buying just for that (though I recommend staying away from Veteran difficulty if you ever do pick it up, the AI gets grenade happy (and they're extremely accurate with those grenades) when you set it to this which makes the levels frustrating as hell to complete (it's the main reason I never actually beat it on Veteran difficulty back in the day). The "All Ghillied Up" level still remains one of my all time favorite levels in an FPS game to date.
  23. Good god firing a sniper rifle from the hip is excruciatingly hard to get used to but it's the only real way to play Ana as scoping with her takes to long. Learning how far to lead characters to heal/damage them took me a good minute or two but once I got the hang of it I was a healing machine (almost beat out the Mercy in heals). Honestly I'm extremely used to hip firing from my MW and MW2 days as the only real way to play was to hip fire (unless you were sniping). Aiming down sites just slowed you down to damn much so Overwatch feels good to me (though certain heroes need some work on their weapons) due to that (though I will admit my skills are extremely rusty, a fact I found out during the Titanfall Tech Test. I really need a good COD like game to play again to get back my twitch reflexes and hip firing accuracy). Out of my 8 or so rounds this afternoon I got teamed up with 3 good teams who actually played like they had brains and knew what they were doing (that Ana round I played we lost but my team was extremely close to winning thanks to the Mercy, myself and the D'va) but it was those other 5 rounds that just aggravated the hell out of me (especially the last one where I spent almost the entire round dead due to idiotic teammates). Yea I'm sure the matchmaking can be blamed on the free weekend and the fact that all the higher level players are playing Comp atm but they could of at least let us queue with the normal players. What level you are means nothing more then how much time you spend playing the game so it'd would of been nice to play with people who actually know how the game works and how team comp makes or breaks a match. Then again it is a free weekend so you really can't expect much more than this.
  24. So I lied. I played a few matches this afternoon just to see if I really do want to buy it. Honestly after the shit show that was quick play I don't think I can stomach this game and probably won't be purchasing it now (I can't stomach playing with randoms and with the way my work schedule is I don't see me having any real time to play with DX or any of my other friends that have it). No it's not because of the changes to characters (I actually like the changes to Mercy and in my first game I got Play of the Match with her) it's the community. I realize I'm playing with people who are only trying out the free weekend but I'm seeing exactly what you were talking about DX, people refuse to do what's good for the team and would rather run fucking 2 Widows and 2 Reapers instead of thinking what was best. I'm not griping because I actually like playing support/healer characters in this game but it's fucking retarded to run a healer when there is no tank and all you do the entire match is spend in face down in the dirt (which is exactly how my last match went). I assume the game as a whole is probably better but I sadly can't comment on it due to being stuck with these idiots trying it out. I'd give anything to actually fight with people who know what they're doing. I won't be playing anymore this weekend that's for sure but I'm going to have to take a serious look at the game and whether or not I buy it (with BF1 coming out in October, Mafia 3 right around the corner, and Deus Ex having been released (though I hear it's not that great I'd still like to play it) my funds will be taxed (have to rebuild my savings after that 4 month unemployment period)) or put it into the "maybe in the future" category. On a positive note I absolutely love Ana and though my first time playing her wasn't exactly what someone would call epic I thought I did a damn good job backing up my teams Mercy with side heals and that nice healing grenade. I also Nano Boosted our D'va and watched her completely wreck the entire enemy team three times (my god she's a monster with nano boost on). I also tried playing Roadhog. It's safe to say I'm terrible with him but he is fun to play once you learn how to use him effectively.
  25. Sadly I highly doubt they'll release it separately as it seems this is only a way to get IW to sell. We'll just have to look back on our COD4 days with a distant fondness. Watching that gameplay makes me miss my Ghost class layout. Oh how I loved running around the map with a silenced P90 and stomping snipers and campers. Don't know if I'm fond of the point increase on kills but it's a minor dislike. Everything else look amazing.