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  1. Think of religions like cake. On the outside it looks so appealing that you just have to have a piece. The frosting and piping and elaborate decorations are the things that particular religion shows off to the world. Beautiful architecture, holidays, ceremonies and messages of love and peace. Some people window shop before they pick a cake, but most eat their parent's cake during childhood and get used to eating that particular cake and are satisfied with it. You didn't bake the cake so you aren't going to know what ingredients went into the cake unless you look at the recipe. Some people need to know what they're eating because some things are toxic to them, some people want to know what they're eating so they can choose what goes in their body, some people don't care what the cake is made of. The recipe for your religion cake is the religions holy text and history. Some people look at the recipe and reject the cake, some people decide to only lick the frosting, and some people shovel the cake in their face anyway. The health nut who looks at the recipes and concludes All cake is full of seriously bad shit! is the anti-theist. The frosting lickers are your moderates. They want the pretty and the sweet, they deliberately fill up on frosting before they get to the cake so they eat less of it. They don't like all the ingredients so they're selective about the bites they take. The one shoveling it in like Goku at a buffet is your fundamentalist. They know their cake has some hard core shit in it, but its the best and everyone should eat it! The problem with cake is it has the potential to make you sick. Someone with a peanut/genocide allergy isn't going to dive into that cake. Over eating or excessive amounts of cake over time can have negative health consequences. It could lead to diabetes/ a defective set of morals.
    1. Sledgstone


      That is f*cking amazing. We could be in a galaxy like star wars and never know it. O_O

    2. DeathscytheX


      I think our galaxy would be more like Mass Effect. :P This is pretty awesome considering a few days ago we only knew of one that was circling way too close to its sun.

  2. I boobies Save the tatas Save second base Are you fucking kidding me? No, unfortunately the above garbage is making its shitty rounds. Cancer is, at worst, a fucking death sentence; at best a long, sickening, painful, expensive, time consuming fight to live. People fighting breast cancer may have to have their breasts removed. There goes boobies, tatas and second base so I guess you no longer give a shit because we couldn't save them titties. The ignorant trinity sends the message that a woman's breasts, a part of her body, is there for the happiness of someone else. It says screw the patient those breasts just made for groping are attached to. Breasts full of cancer are so sexy. How utterly fucking disgusting. Take a minute to imagine an external part of your body turning traitor trying to kill you and you end up having to have it surgically removed. That's what breast cancer is.
  3. upworthy shared this today. it moved me to tears
  4. Some people are ignorant by choice. I had a couple Jehovah Witnesses drop by here a week or so ago. I engaged them in conversation about why they believe and why I measure empirical evidence and come to conclusions that are provable facts. These two older men did not know the difference between a hypothesis and a theory. They admitted to being content with getting knowledge (hahahaha) from their scriptures while I said No I want to know everything and even jokingly asked Do you guys even science? when discussing scientific errors in the Bible. They were scientifically illiterate by choice as well as having very little understanding of history, sociology, psychology etc.... Basically it boiled down to they love the high their neurotransmitters give them when they're doing their gawd thing and are content with their ignorance. You shoulda seen the looks on their faces when I brought up Lot mwahahahaha
  5. American media is controlled by a handful of old dicks.Its a psyops type campaign to maintain the current power structure. The house of representatives has turned into fucking dinner theater. The republican party is tearing itself apart from the inside.Poor John McCain with the tea party is like the old man yelling at rowdy kids to get off his lawn. Its a motherfucking disservice to the American people for one side to consistently offer up fucking retarded candidates.WE are being ripped off every time some scientific illiterate goes to Washington. There should be a science test required before you can run for office and politicians need to leave their fucking religion at home. I like to read about our politics from the perspective of the UK India Aljazeer etc. You cant count on what is here to get the whole story because there is too much smoke and mirrors. What you can do here is find actual journalists to follow, just like picking different politicians to follow. I like Rachel Maddow and Richard Engel but I read articles all over the place.
  6. cuz it's fun my fav Cas moments.... this lead to this love Bobby's line at the end
  7. Jensen would have made a better Batman, his voice is closer to the batz then whats-his-face I'm glad he didn't get the role as that would interrupt the taping of Supernatural I have no interest in the movie, re-hashed plots the same fucking story for 2-3-5 fucking flicks. Piss on it
  8. Nothing like a dose of ignorant misogyny to start my day

  9. this court is corrupt
  10. Couldn't find it on youtube, but.....
  11. I have successfully completed another journey around the sun
  12. Lightning has a buster sword your argument is invalid
  13. If Daryl dies... well you know
  14. If we tried putting all the stupid ppl in jail it would bankrupt us in a day. Probation for two years with psy evaluations every 6 months would likely be enough to prevent derp from doing something dangerous.
  15. [devils advocate] I don't feel a bit sorry for the fucknard. Its about time we start punishing stupid. He lives near an elementary school. Fuck him for not knowing how to conduct himself in public. [/devils advocate]
  16. From the album Sigs by Lady

    The Last of Us
  17. the game play, world and enemies warrant a second game. Nothin like shiving a clicker or beating a head in with a metal pipe to relieve some stress
  18. Falling Skies has turned into some boring ass shit

    1. Sledgstone


      I wish they'd stop with the Mason / Pope fighting. What the show needs to do is have those new aliens explain what the fish heads are actually doing on the planet. They never explained if they are there harvesting the Earth's resources, if they are there to build their ranks by converting people to skitters.. they obviously aren't colonizing considering they've only shown a couple fish heads in the past 3 seasons.

    2. DeathscytheX


      This is their "twd season 2" tom was being an ass for no reason. Tonight's ep looks promising.

    3. Sledgstone


      Looks like the entire episode was/is dedicated to Hal and his bug issue. I bet he'll be fine in the end and I'll put my money on Pope's third betting option.. "Gets off scott free" :P

  19. I enjoyed the game and look forward to a sequel
  20. the new x box sounds like a bad expensive fuckin joke
  21. ugh wtf I wash my hands w antibacterial soap 10-20? frigin times a day. Pets food cleaning gardening using the toilet! Even my fuckin windex is anti bac wtf.....