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  1. X'D You could get into a serious trouble if you do that i think lmao I heard some strangers just randomly sit next each other and start rubbing their legs together all throughout the movie. lol crazy people
  2. w00t Happy Birthday!! one more year and :wino:hehe
  3. i guess you reallly can't go any further with mary jane getting kidnapped and rescued all the time. i don't follow comics but i thought it ditched mary jane in a time warp for the story to progress..or maybe i'm thinking something else. either way i never liked toby and kirnst playing those characters..thought the story started too young in HS
  4. HB!!
  5. Haha. I loved that one. lol. In that movie, that little boy creeped me out. Something like a boy has a penis and a girl has a vagina. He kept repeating. Ring 2 AND Ophan - "I'M NOT YOUR F*CKING MOMMIE!!"
  6. I prefer watching it home too only because those people that check time with their cell phones that flashes during dark urg that annoys me to no end. But yea it's disgusting. Lol!! I would not have mind if they were hot young couples either. But, in your case, I bet they were doing it just because sitting up front is pain to watch any movie, especially with 3D glasses. I sat on like 5th roll at the very end to the left when I was watching Avatar. It still hurt my eyes.
  7. For movie, Kill Bill for sure lol. For anime, I recommend Princess Nine. I don't want to spoil it but it deals with boy troubles, body image issues, jealousy, suicidal thoughts, and giving up hope etc as the series progress. Just little patient with this and anyone would fall in love with this series. And Escaflowne is just too beautiful anime even though it isn't girl power anime. If your sister likes bloody slaughtering action, try Elfen Lied. All girls power there. But this anime is really depressing.
  8. Yea seriously. But Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide after breaking up with her.. Why..
  9. I saw it last night and there's a reason for that. It's due to a particular pilot that flew that plane. Anyway I wish I could go on with details but I couldn't because my tummy was hurting while I was watching so I didn't really pay attention to all the details so didn't enjoy the movie, which I would have if it wasn't for the tummy ache I'm sure. But I can tell you that there are more deaths and close calls than Day After Tomorrow. A lot of emotional tricks (sappy moments) that the movie tries to pull you in but you could easily notice that they try too hard and can't really conncent with most of characters. This was funny but the middle aged couple in front of me lol..I think the woman gave him a handjob because she covered his lap with her jacket and some minutes later the guy slapped his thigh and stood up real fast and then sat back down. It couldn't be the scene 'cause nothing exciting was going on at that time. They even brought a kid too disgusting lol..luckily he sat seperately from them. I didn't know the movie was released until a few days ago though so I had to see it as soon as I found out. It came out November 13th are you kidding me? I thought it was coming out in April or something. WTF
  10. Yea this Winter sucks. It even snowed once lol like last month. It always had been 3 days of cold weather and 2 days of warm weather that followed here during the weeks of Winter, but it has been consistently cold for a month straight this time and I heard it's gonna be real cold on Friday too.
  11. I'm thinking of watching Escaflowne again but haven't watched anime in like a month or so
  12. Haha thanx for the heads up. Haven't watched sifi in years though - p The Four Feathers - Everything was fine except Kate Hudson. I think she gets all these leading roles because her mother is famous. Terminator Salvation - Some of plotholes I can spot but it was okay movie. CG Arnold was the best part lmao.
  13. lol
  14. ROTFL!! He goes under the blanket and comes out almost naked! I hope that's fake lol
  15. LOL awesome [ame=]YouTube- Chinese Man Throws Bicycle at Thieves on Scooter![/ame]
  16. LOL I thought he was gonna kick their asses and that would've been a lot cooler but I think he was just trying to retrieve his whatever was left of his bicycle haha.
  17. I finally got to see District 9 Urg I hated the first hour because it was like documentary film..but the last parts got was somewhat emotional until..they didn't explain why they came and why they subjugated and made me angry again lol. Stop with alien roaches though. Enough of roach aliens. ARg.
  18. Nami Tamaki - this is like the first JP MV I saw [ame=]YouTube- Nami Tamaki Prayer[/ame] Tomiko Van [ame=]YouTube- Do As Infinity - Fukai Mori[/ame]
  19. got the ticket for tomorrow night (wednesday). i'll be seeing it after all. EDIT: Saw it with 3D glasses. I thought it could do wasn't a big deal for me. The storyline was very parallel to a 3D animated movie Battle for Terra except for some minor differences in details and characters. I'm just comparing these 2 movies but Battle for Terra had more of original in creating completely new Native aliens and its culture, something totally different than what you would normally see, while Avatar integrated both from African and Native American culture on Native aliens which I thought was lame. But yea all in all it was enjoyable and I liked seeing new creatures and all and action scenes were good too.
  20. :happybirthday:Happy Birthday!!
  21. This is like 5 time I saw around the net circling around within a couple days I really hope that's fake.. Otherwise deadline she set for herself she already crossed half of em out what a whore lol
  22. Happy belated Anniversary! ^____^
  23. Never heard of it until saw TV commenting about this movie last week. I'll probably wait for dvd
  24. I only remember her from Clueless. Her body image changed dramatically after seeing her on commercials years later and she didn't look healthy and looked too skinny for her. I'm sure she lived well and no regrets though RIP
  25. Does it follow the comic book storyline I wonder? Never a fan of first movie but I hope I like this one.