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  1. quote 2nd amendment here and i bet everyone will interpret it differently. half of americans believe it is outdated, immoral, and barbaric. but that doesn't make gun supporters nor americans as a whole guilty as those crazy shooters who think obama is taking away their gun rights and start out shooting some americans have already done. let's not even bring up american citizens' extremist hands in atrocities throughout america's whole existence and world by electing warmongering leaders in the pretentious name of freedom. no sane person should buy that imo. so back to topic, christianity has tons of different denominations in america alone because bible is long and complicated. if some say God is all loving, i'd say bull. it says clearly "how" God's love is demonstrated. but millions of ppl will probably say it differently. just look at christians' comments here. most of them will definitely disagree with my christian belief like they did with me 7 or so years ago. they'll probably disagree among themselves too. do i still think they are wrong? yeah. very much so. do they still think i'm wrong? yeah. do you think we are all wrong? yeah. of course. most religions as i listed in the previous post teach about hell or some sort of consequences and punishment (that's why i listed it to point that out without being direct) but christianity gets the most heat because it's popular and it's easy pick since everyone heard of it, especially from media nowdays getting bambard as if all christians are from westboro chruch. i don't think soldiers die because of gay ppl. they are dying because americans want cheap oil. but 2nd popular religion quran also says i will be damned forever for being a christian. am i bothered? offended? no, i don't believe in their religion. they dress up in hijabs and whatnot to remind everyone that. but if i'm that offended by their words and their daily attires, i won't keep brining it up how crazy they are. it's their culture. it's their belief. what americans are going to do? it'll just make me look insecure that i actually believe i'm going to hell or they are all terrorists. (i don't want argument who's right or not. my post was not meant to convince anyone. just my pov on why christianity is hated and misunderstood, and mostly saying let's not generalize everyone because we all know no one likes that)
  2. ^ have faith..more for your sexy zoroastrian women who can't wait to be your bride
  3. happy belated birthday GG
  4. lots of good points made just want to add my thoughts. i think ppl in western countries rebel against their parents' religion more than ppl in eastern countries due to cultural difference..> pushing of importance of individualism in the west (dubird's point) vs respecting tradition/parents wishes in the east (gg's point), not always the case but in the end it's parents' upbringing, culture, and influence have lot to do with person's current belief system. i faced both of worlds growing up as roman catholic(because of my grandma) and when my mother(was agnostic) became protestant, she tried to force it on me at one point but she let me be and then I converted to protestantism on my own years later. interesting that as of now fastest growing religion is islam. 20,000 americans become muslim every year despite media, religious, family, and cultural opposition. agree that if you push hard, it'll backfire. A list of numbers of people claiming their religion. Christianity: 2.1 billion Islam: 1.5 billion Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion Hinduism: 900 million Chinese traditional religion: 394 million Buddhism: 376 million primal-indigenous: 300 million African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million Sikhism: 23 million Juche: 19 million Spiritism: 15 million Judaism: 14 million Baha'i: 7 million Jainism: 4.2 million Shinto: 4 million Cao Dai: 4 million Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million Tenrikyo: 2 million Neo-Paganism: 1 million Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand Rastafarianism: 600 thousand Scientology: 500 thousand
  5. His church's been anti Islam for some time now. And he announced it in July to burn Quran. And building of mosques goes way back early this year. I even posted about it in June. Two propaganda news like Fox and Msnbc are riling ppl up only now when no one cared about before, because November is coming up wink wink. Nothing like this in past 8 years of 9/11s. Just my thought. I do feel sorry for moderate Muslims though..they must be going through crap with all the racial attacks and insults for trying to build Islamic center near GZ as if post 9/11 wasn't any better for them. They are just another minority scapegoat that Americans love to create if another group's stereotype image wears off. But on the other hand, every day there is another suicide bombs goes off. Yesterday 17 died in Pakistan while they have to deal with flood, day before that in Baghdad, and today in Russian market where 20 died. So can't blame if people are getting angry at them. It's hard not to generalize..for me too..when everything is centered around them again.
  6. Hahaha
  7. kudos to knocking him out for what he did. But damn him for stomping his head while he was unconscious. Lucky he didnt die.
  8. My hair is still little short on sides about little over chin length so mostly I wear a hat and/or wear a ponytail whatever. Anyway what I do is I wear a high ponytail and then before the last loop I bend the ponytail in half and tuck it in..kinda looks like a ballerina hairbun y'know what I mean. I saw this one Prof wears same hairstyle as mine minus the hairpins since his hair is decently long. I wore it a couple times like this to school and no one said anything..yet. It's okay since I'm still trying to grow my hair out, right? It's barely noticeable..?
  9. 2 days?? damn i'd go crazy if it took that long. i don't use hair dryer so it takes a couple hours at most for mine to dry..but i do wear a ponytail when it's still wet since a towel (i try to squeeze the living daylights out of it to get all the water out from my hair) can do only so much..but if i don't it'll go puff up.
  10. dubird/cabbit - ah..i have at least 2 differnt 2 in 1s (same brand ) because i thought they would help..what a waste. thanx but i do have a dove conditioner that i bought months ago and forgot about. ;. i'll give that a try as well. and nah, i don't go to sleep with my hair wet, but i always put a hand towel over my pillow..can't help it though because i don't want my pillow to get dirt and oil and stuff.
  11. [ame=]Triple H on Flickr - Photo Sharing![/ame] haha triple h looks way better for the part.
  12. i think my hair's always been just got worse and worse lol. i've been using pert plus w/conditioner (2 in 1) but i never really liked it. i just bought a dove shampoo. i used them in the past and made my hair softer so hopefully this will work. i'll look for suave too next time to see which is better
  13. bartender: can't wear a bun in a correct form like other ppl do so it looks messy now since it got longer, so i try not to go out in public like that. and yea i have a soulpatch now but i've been called ma'am from afar with a ponytail but no mistake in close haha. dubird: yea i thought so so i gave up on dyeing it. i don't use anything else other than a shampoo. my hair texture is oddly different than years before that it looks like it's thinning and a bit more curlier/ doesn't look like healthy hair at all.. but luckily it still shows sign of growing and it's now chest length if i pull it down. i did trim once after this thread back in november last year but it didn't help that much
  14. cool. didn't know there was a book. it can't be natural disasters or nuclear warfare because houses and buildings are intact with minimum damage. only thing that seem to be effected are trees and animals because remaining humans can't wipe out the animals that quick? i was looking for birds in sky but there were none. just strange lol. but a good movie about trying to survive even when many are giving up.
  15. it's really unfortunate and sad. i'm sure many muslims have already given their lives opposing sharia law that we never hear about but their chances are slim even saddam, although no angel, demolished sharia law in iraq but US invasion brought it back same goes for Iran until Islamic revolution hits in 70s due to America's meddling and coup you leave a gap and another will take it, sometimes to much worse or even going backwards to secure it.
  16. just saw it. wondering though..what killed all those animals and why were there humans still allowed to live? they never explained it so that's my only prob with this movie.
  17. the pics of a beautiful woman with her long hair loose in a white dress is from the stoning of soraya m. very heart breaking movie based on a true story, happened in 80s in a small village in Iran. basically her husband wanted to leave her for a young girl but she didn't want to divorce him. her husband lied and accused her of adultery, bribing and threatening others to get witnesses against her. don't believe all muslim nations practice such a radical law though
  18. That actually scares me. No one here is an expert on how to stop this thing, but BP experts/engineers aren't doing any better after watching their incompetent efforts to stop this and clean this mess up for 2 months now, until spill gets so huge that it could threaten Atlantic oceanic life if this continues. Hurricane season is upon the gulf coast and it could get way, way worse. If president of the most powerful country doesn't know what to do, with all the fields of experts, resources, money, and menpower, then he is absolutely useless. Let's all just hope another Katrina doesn't hit.
  19. "More than 120 veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq commit suicide every week" -2008 Still left with conscience are they? No sympathy for dogs of war, mere cannon fodders. They volunteered to rape and murder the innocents. Whatever they deserve. Done enough savagery to create more terrorists we need to worry about anyway.
  20. i think this was one of my firsts.. "Paul's miraculous adventure"..basically a horny pedo devil wanted a young girl - Paul's girlfriend - and kidnaps her. Paul using magical toys to try to rescue her in a strange world. One of them was a flying ship with triangular wings and wheels which was so cool. i use to have it as a toy but i broke it and threw it away..I still regret it to this day Anyway this is a vid of opening theme in Korean since can't find the Japanese one. [nomedia=]YouTube- ì´ìƒí•œ 나ë¼ì˜ í´[/nomedia]
  21. It's population, not some kind of animals you can divide equally and slaughter I'm pretty sure there are many both whites and nonwhites who hold this view as well, holding Americans as a whole accountable, not a guilt trip in any way; it's the way it happened. Rooting self sufficient cultures like Native Americans' are still affected today as they are still suffering with high unemployment rates and high suicide rates, and I still see that as same as encampment and continuing genoicde. Same repeated tragedies like in Australia where you drop white/british criminals and renegades in Australian continent, and you'll still end up with their aboriginal people destroyed and dominated just like in American continent, and that's not including all the Western exploitation of the world during past and even today. What's sad is they were not emperors nor soldiers that do heinous things, these were white settlers/citizens that were capable of these. But anyway America was always been in war, and still is, and continue to be in the future. One documentary I saw showing one Arab's terrorist's point of view saying all American citizens are equally responsible and deserve it since they are the ones electing leaders that love wars and supporting it. Not that I agree with terrorists killing innocents but seemingly it's true that large population of Americans still want to destroy everything that they dislike just like their forefathers. Sorry if this sounded like some white/antiAmerican rant and apologize to anyone offended. I know not all people are like this today. The topic was ranting about Americans after all.
  22. Some of those empires you have mentioned accepted accumulation as long as they submitted. Koreans defended against Mongol invasions 7 times until they gave up and surrendered. Romans granted citizens to those who were willing to pay taxes. Alexander respected the culture of others that he conquered. Don't know much of Ottoman empire except Jews keep brining up Armenian massacre. Hitler and Stalin, both Whites, wanted to wipe out everything that they didn't want. But none of them were able to conquer the entire continent and annihilate and isolate the population of Native Americans.
  23. **No offense first of all to White majority of people in this forum for my use of language.** That argument was used by White supremacists and any other sympathizers of any kind of atrocities that were committed around the globe and I heard of it so many times. If that were the case, no one should condemn anyone for what others are doing right now to other nations or refugees. COUGH Israel COUGH. I don't want to play blame games but no other race **but Whites** has wiped out an entire race of population of American continent. That was just unprecedented and pure evil. France alone shitted most of African continent but only for resources. A continent, not a nation. Believe that? But we were talking about the rants about Anglo American ancestors --> Yankees of North and Rednecks of South in the US competing who were the better ones and I was only saying they were no difference between them when killing Native Americans and enslaving Africans in the past since they are both guilty of that. Unless you were Palin fans, MidWesterners are real Americans. Not.
  24. North Easterners were the first to kill Native Americans and steal their lands and spread their disease across America. But that doesn't mean Northerners are better than Southerners. They are just your typical Americans as the world sees them. Founding fathers owned slaves after all since he is eager to claim them as his own too. They had no guts to extinguish the fire that they started so they postponed the impending civil war to their children. All Anglo American ancestors are guilty of genocide and slavery. No one should be proud of that, pretending others flaw didn't exit, and not what right things they did afterwards, because everyone eventually tried to.
  25. Now Israelis are mocking the dead activists and oppressed palestines. No wonder the whole world hates them.