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  1. Hopefully this'll get ported to a portable console.
  2. If Disney has to destroy Fan Fiction then Disney doesn't deserve Fans.
  3. Once upon a time a video like this would've appeared in The Escapist Thread. .... But the escapist had screwed themselves over years ago with their changing their video player & downsizing. It never felt appropriate for me to just make a thread about The Jimquisition until now. And even then it still feels a little awkward because.... Oh, Hey! There is the wallpaper I use!.... By the process of elimination.
  4. Good news! Venom was rated PG-13 so I could skip it! Oops, wrong review. Here's MovieBob's Venom review.
  5. This might be a good PG-13 movie, but it's name sounds like a scrapped title for Blood Drive because it was too similar to Mortal Kombat.
  6. Some good news updated with some scary news. California enacts net neutrality law—US gov’t immediately sues to block it [Updated]
  7. Otherwise known as The Death Of Net Neutrality. So before ISPs destroy us all for the sake of liking us only as consumers here's what I did before the end. Gaming As a sign of me being overly paranoid (And GWG not giving me these games sooner) I bought Dark Souls II, TES IV Oblivion (Again), TES V Skyrim (Again), Saints Row (Again), Saints Row 2 (Again), Fallout 3 (Again), & Fallout NV (Again). Yeah the only game I didn't buy again was Dark Souls II. Because I didn't really get into Dark Souls after years of not just looking up how to beat the first boss. I still expect this to be the hardest Dark Souls I'll ever play even if I don't have to worry about being invaded. TES IV Oblivion was about $5 when I bought it on Xbox 360. My PS3 copy is preowned & stopped working. TES V Skyrim is what caused my PS3 to break due to my own insanity. Thus making me prefer digital distribution even more. Also I'm still sick of buying Skyrim & hope not to do so again until the 2020s. Saints Row 1&2 I already owned for Xbox 360 (2 also being the one I own multiple times also on PS3 & Steam). Both were under $5 each. Not sure why MS doesn't make at least the first Saints Row run on Xbox One as it has remained exclusive to them. Fallout 3 & NV I both owned & sold for the PS3 due to moral issues. But this time around I'm playing as immoral characters so not as big of a problem this time around. Also they were about $5 each. My Fiction & HTML5 Game Ideas I was expecting 2017 to somehow be my last chance to save myself before Ben Carson destroyed my housing assistance. And still get myself destroyed because of Ajiit Pai. However I'm once again save by procrastination. Over a decade of demotivated procrastination. My self censorship continues. my political views As Net Neutrality comes to an end I wonder if I'll have the urge to vote. As my needs for my American Dream were either overlooked or were going to be hated anyway. I think if my representatives ever represent me it'll be when I'm pass the age of 40 still dealing with the crisis my mother created for me when I was 21.
  8. I guess I'll be preordering The Walking Dead Final Season again for Nintendo Switch. - I also finished Batman: The Telltale Series. I'm disappointed in how they handled Harvey Dent. It just got to that part of the story where Harvey is a snowflake on steroids.
  9. I had received a phone call today at 11:32:05 AM that my preorder for The Walking Dead Final Season for Nintendo Switch was cancelled. I made that preorder on 8/30/2018 at 5:16 PM. The $5 I had on it is now added to the $5 I already have on Dark Souls for Nintendo Switch. Sorry I don't feel more sad about this. It just feels more ironic. That a company like Telltale Games just didn't have enough time to make better decisions. On the bright side they did make an M Rated Batman game that I own for Nintendo Switch. And I feel more obligated to play it.
  10. I'm hoping PlayStation Classic has the Classic Version of Resident Evil 2.
  11. The Nintendo Switch is my favorite handheld even though I play it twice a month....
  12. I wish I liked Serious Sam 3 or Bound By Flame, but quickly lost interest due to recharge issues. Here They Lie sounds like a game I would play on a handheld so I too could lie.
  13. Just to keep better track of Games available through PS Plus when discussing them. December of this month. Kind of a Downer there isn't even 1 free PS4 game, but hopefully there will be enough outcry for Sony to reconsider that. Being Released tomorrow for PS Plus. I've never played Grid before & to a certain extent I wish they were giving Midnight Club LA.
  14. If there were books anyone was looking for, my bad for not posting about more Humble Book Bundles. Here's a Unity Bundle that contains games & software.
  15. I gotta love that last Venom phrase in this HISHE.
  16. The narrator sounds like he belongs in an EC rated game. I'm guessing that the choose your gender option is only for stating the character as he or she.
  17. I wasn't expecting to find this clip online so soon. Especially with the added parts I didn't remember seeing earlier.
  18. Poor Ryan Reynold's got stuck with Green Lantern....
  19. If anyone deserved the loss more out of the 2 it was Comcast. I'm looking forward to the gloom & doom of no more Rated R Marvel Movies. Followed by the doom & gloom of Sony dropping out of the console wars if they are bought by Disney. …. Only reason to why Disney is the lesser of 2 evils is simply because they aren't an ISP trying to destroy small online businesses.
  20. The first time I saw one of those videos I thought it was about a video game similar to Tokyo Jungle.
  21. It hurts to stare....
  22. Based on some of the things stated I was expecting the video to end with they have an uphill battle with lobbyists.
  23. I think it'll get compared to G-Saviour if it sucks.