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  1. I didn't contribute in the selling of Halo 3... I'll wait for the PC version...
  2. Listen to him talk was the only fun part of that whole game. I can't believe there was a time when I had that game.
  3. I want to buy Halo 5!... I want to make sure I'm not around when the end comes...
  4. If it were up to me it would have ended with the death of the original Alice & leaving the last clone to end up in the last RE movie. I doubt the the thousands of Alices will be in the next movie & will probabley be explained as dying &/or killed off. The only thing I'm really expecting out of the RE4 movie is the zombies like they had in the RE4 Game. I guess I didn't hate this movie as much as you did because I saw something worse a weak before...
  5. I stopped expecting RE movies to be good like the games after 2nd movie. I found the 2nd funny. As for this 3rd movie I found it a little better than OK. Just one more RE movie to go & there won't be another RE movie for a loooong time or possibly never again. Oh well you shouldn't see movies you're going to believe will suck. That's just a waste of money & only encourages possibly more bad movies.
  6. I think that's the main reason to why they are making this show.
  7. I heard they were going to make a couple of prequal... Or at least I think heard that some where... I'd have to check out SHH again.
  8. More precise "Wolverine & the X-Men"... I think it is just a sign that no matter how much the X-Men already revolves around Wolverine that Wolverine would suck if it was just him going up against the X-Men's deadliest foes. The original X-Men don't seem to matter that much at all. Beast will never be just a big agile guy without blue fur. Angel will be shown as a rich pansy if he isn't Archangel. Iceman will tend to show up as an almost carbon copy of the Human Torch. Jean Grey is only interesting as Phoenix. And Cyclops always has to have a grudge with Wolverine, because even though he is a team leader in battle, he still comes off as kinda dull. Remove Wolverine & you just have to 1st X-team among a dozen X-teams. I wouldn't have mind if they just did Logan pre X-Men. Heck that's what I've would've wanted... *cough*Deadpool*cough*
  9. I don't know where you heard that, but that's an out right lie. Their first flight was a success if you ever seen it on TV. I've seen it more than once on the science channel.
  10. Damn, every time I see a White Knight, I just want to paint one green & scream "SEIG ZEON!"
  11. There was a hard setting?!... Man it has been a long time since I've played that game on Snes... or any Snes game for that matter.
  12. Are we talking about that one where Luigi is out to save Mario? Or is it that one with Peach? If it's the one with Luigi, Well all you really had to do was read news papers & answer questions. That was the easiest Mario game I've ever played so I'm shocked to hear that anyone had problems with that.
  13. This sounds like a real bad idea... Bad enough to make T3 look amazing...
  14. WHOLEY $#!+ THIS MOVIE ROCKED! It's like someone took Crank & mixed it up with James Bond. By far the best action movie I've seen all year. If you haven't seen it yet you should.
  15. I hope this Marvel movie is good... I've been disappointed by the last 3-4 Marvel movies I've seen. On a bright side I pretty much found Ozzy's Iron Man song added to the trailer funny.
  16. I watch Anime dubbed. I don't see the point in watching Anime subbed. Listening to an Anime character speak in Japanese I find is just weird. Only time I do prefer Sub over Dub is when it's a movie like Pan's Labyrinth.
  17. I got CoV wanting to try it, but there is no offline play. The nicest thing I can (so far) say about this is... it is one good looking paperweight...
  18. I might watch. I remember watching it when I was a kid & I'm currently watch at times Ninja Warrior which is similar.
  19. What did you hate about the advertisements?
  20. I've seen the Marvel movies when they come to CN. The Avengers movies & the Iron Man have been ok at best... I don't know if I'll like the Dr. Strange movie as I'm not a big fan, but I'll give it a shot.
  21. I've seen it a little back when I lived with my family, but I prefer that parody they had on family Guy.
  22. I didn't see the 1st 1 because it was PG-13, but I'll be seeing AVP2 for sure!
  23. DB(Z/GT) Too damn long & got repetitive. One Piece: An insult to pirates. Pokemon: Part of the reason to why I was Anti-Nintendo until the Wii. Yugioh: Card games? Meh, how lame can you get? I'd think there would be more that I hate that others enjoy, but nope...
  24. This looks like a live action version of The World's Finest; not JL.
  25. Live Free Or Die Hard was rated PG-13 because Bruce Willis's hair would've made it an R rating.