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  1. I will be surprised it it ever happens, WoW is still the number 1 mmo. But the game is past its half life, a movie of WoW calibre will take at least 2 years to make, In which WoW will be well into its next expansion and loosing even more subs WoW fans will be less then and any non WoW fans will think it is a LoTR rip off, and will probably not watch it So I will be suprised if it actually gets off the ground Now if it was made CG, it would massively reduce costs on actors and sets, and there latest CG sequences are fantastic (SC2 trailer being an example) considering the movie was announced years ago. with the game story is constantly changing, so the question will be how will the movie influence the game, will it be a retelling of Warcraft or anything up to current lore or a side story, too many questions and no answers is another reason why I have lil faith in this making it to production
  2. Young justice is an awesome show, Really big shame CN has lost touch with what viewers want, I guess they never made it into a toy line, I found it way better then JL, animation was great, the only draw back is the very slow pacing with a lot of rich characters and sub plots that you cant get enough into 17 min episode Green lantern though not as good as young justice, Still one of the few cartoons worth watching Also SW:TCW is being canned also, CN is really gutting its maturer audience
  3. Kite

    Childhood Heroes

    My Heroes Well, Spiderman, Superman, Guyver
  4. I want to see this, but might wait untill DvD Has a Van Hellsing feel to it,
  5. my problem is not with the director or actors, but the cannon, It has been established in books all the way to Lukes great grand kids He can ret con it all ofcourse, he got away with it in star trek, But to me that would really undermine SW. Star wars cannon has been added to in movies, cartoons, comics and hundreds of novels over many decades The newest trilogy had its flaws but it at least fits well with the whole SW universe it he fucks that all up in 120 minutes, I will be very sad
  6. I hope Hillary runs next election. With all the republican hate on women's rights, It would just make them look like even more clowns braggin on women rights with a women president. not only that, I believe she is more then capable She has aged in the last few years, but this is a sign of her dedication to her work
  7. a crazy idea, what if we dump like 90% of the worlds supply of liquid nitrogen into parts of the ocean to make a man made iceberg , in attempt to recreate the ice caps assuming liquid nitrogen freezes its surroundings as opposed to just becoming frozen itself
  8. I liked it a lot, I wonder if they will continue the series
  9. it should work in theory, but im guessing unless were using a lot of nukes, it would take a hell of a long time to make a trench big enough to drop sea levels by a single MM wouldnt it be easier just to build a coast line barrier ;p I
  10. Thats some amazing CGI This post has been promoted to an article
  11. i did, but it is only for PvP Not campaign or Vs computer I am not a fan or RTS matches vs players as i suck at them
  12. Omg, berserk looked awesome, I understand the actual western market for a berserk game might be small, but any true fan would have bought 10 copies to ensure its release ;p also i have pre ordered SC2 expansion, The story was fantastic
  13. I feel bad for Arnold, I think most people want to see the movie, just dont want to pay to see it in the cinema,
  14. if only he was named Lance Legstrong, he could have avoided all of this
  15. I think the anime is way more developed which is natural given the length of them both, being honest i think the movies are missing some of the essence of what made berserk so great which is the character development and growth, but i am such a berserk fan i mentally fill in the blanks ;p the second movie had 2 key scenes left out which i am not sure were in the original manga The original anime music is / was amazing, but i find most older anime had better music then more recent work, The CG was not great, but I understood what they were trying for, these days of HD animators attention to detail is more important then ever, CG makes life easier for them, imagine spending 25 mins drawing then an hour animating clouds that are on scene for 4 seconds what are your thoughts on it
  16. PvP is one of the main issues in ToR, combat is very sluggish compared to WoW Combat and abilities looks great, but feels slow in pvp. you feel the moves, they are more meaningful then macro'ing 4 skills per button and smashing you razor naga. But this doesnt translate to pvp when you play against players who are not static NPC's My friend always complained about gear itemisation, too simple Persoanlly what did it for me was the pace we progressed, In the gear we acquired via leveling, we managed to clear both raids (8man) without the need of doing end game quests or 4 man parties for gear grinding. And there was not much to do in between raiding As the worlds were extreamly linear designed for questing, there was no where you could just chill out other then the space station. I loved playing the story, As Sith, you really felt powerful. the Warrior just smashes everything in there way working his way up. And the Inquisitor story was very fun, You seek power, where the warrior seems naturally a power house the inquisitor takes power as you progress I perfered it way more then the Jedi stories. which i can barely recall even though i played the Jedi last. The companion system is fun, as they are a story gold mine, the romance option should be more developed,. you basicly build up rep. kiss, build up more rep, imply you had sex., and thats it
  17. I get the impression the guys at SyFy have ADHD or something, they make a series, very good one in fact like SG-U get an idea for another show and cancal it to make Alphas, again a very good show, then defiance pops into someone's skull and they can Alphas with little warning It is like they will only do one show a time and seem to get bored of making it about 2 seasons in
  18. Kotor 1 was amazing. Kotor 2 had better game play / features, but the story was very disappointing compared to KOTOR 1 Now on to SWTOR, impossible to sum up an MMO in a few sentences. But Overall. I enjoyed the story element, just end game was very lackluster
  19. I like this show a lot. It makes you think, who is the good guys and who is the bad. The future government is bad, but the rebels methods are worse The main character is likeable, and though very attractive, she isn't a sex symbol, but a very respectable lead
  20. cliffhanger.... annoying as hell
  21. shame it was like heroes a bit but more scientific, powers were explained, Shame it is cancelled
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