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  1. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Godzilla anime coming to Netflix   
    Rodan is really the only big name next to Godzilla. I was hoping for Gigan, Destoroyah, or of course Ghidorah.
    Human characters
  2. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Myk JL in Spider-Man: Homecoming   
    Superior to Fox's X-Men movies or Sony's Spider-Movies?.... Or just that one joke where you see Spider-Man in an X-Men blooper?
  3. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Mass Effect: Andromeda   
    I was telling Sledge, after playing as 2B in NieR, all these female character models are pretty ugly to me. I don't think I want to romance any of them. I tried to customize my twin not to look so weird. I don't know why its hard to get a decent female face that doesn't look like bad plastic surgery. The hair styles don't help because they all look like wigs, which goes for the males too. 
    Now that I've made it past the first planet, the story has really picked up and got me excited... although I really miss renegade... I REEEAAALY miss it. I'd like to tell some of these assholes how it really is. The few times you get a smart ass response, you're generally smacked back down by the NPC. Ryder lacks the grit Shepard had... I get he/she is a different character, but man they really put the "green" aspect to the forefront. I do like SAM a lot though, his voice acting is great.
  4. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Dubird in Mass Effect: Andromeda   
    The only movement issues I have while playing is due to either A: hitting the right key on the keyboard (some of the things require me to use my pinkie, and for some reason, I always have trouble placing it ) or B: driving the Nomad.  And that's not a knock on the Nomad, I just suck at it.  I'm pretty much as horrible a Nomad driver as I am a Mako driver.  I always imagined the crew members drawing straws and whoever loses has to go on mission where my Shepard had to drive. 
    Here's a video someone did about what bothered him about the animations, and he's pointed out reasons for some of the things that make sense.
    One thing he doesn't mention is that the eyeballs have no shading. The white around our eyes is not completely white. There can be slight color on the edges because of blood vessels, and there's shading from the eyelids as well. That shading doesn't really touch the eyeballs in Andromeda. So the creepiness sticks out even more in some lighting situations.
    There's also the issue that there's very little body movement. There's occasionally an arm movement, but the dialogue tends to be characters standing almost perfectly still, no arm or head movement. It's like watching two mannequins swaying slightly in the wind talking to each other. We don't hold our heads still to talk, we tilt it, move it, turn slightly to the side, etc. It's puzzling to me how Bioware could go from ME3 animations that aren't perfect, but with subtleties that humans have, to demon-eyed mannequins. I don't know if it can be fixed in a patch (though I really hope so), but it's not going to stop me from playing. I'm enjoying the story and the exploration enough that I'm still going to play. But actual immersion is not going to happen with the animation the way it is.
  5. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Overwatch - Trailers   
    Orisa is something this game needed desperately. She may not be a true anchor tank like Rein but she serves an important purpose on control and escort maps. Her ult is amazing, its like every player having a Mercy boost at the same time, and thus it helps teams power through choke points and the final push on maps that generally are dominated by the defending team like Hanamura. I always forget to record these things when I'm having too much fun, I had a 25 player kill streak with D.Va the other night and didn't record that either -_-;. I played with a few friends tonight and of course Orisa is currently a popular pick. I went match after match of watching the other team get her alt and some idiot not using her right on my team. Unless myself or one of my friends had a chance to pick her, I never saw her ult on my team. Orisa has the best single target weapon of any tank. She has the best range and highest DPS for a tank. When she shoots, she is as slow as D.Va, but without the luxury of a quick escape and endless ammo. But as a tank she can pressure Phara, Widow, and Bastion.
    I really like this character. Shes not good for every situation, but she is needed for just as many if not more. I was playing as her on Kings Row, we got the payload to the most difficult turn near the end and struggled for a while. I got my alt, dropped it, threw my shield in front of it and we dominated and pushed it in with ease. I was really impressed. The barrel is a powerful ult, but its very vulnerable because it has to have LOS on players to work. Its not like Symmetra's shield generator that can be stashed in a corner. Even with Orisa's shield in front of it, you have to make sure flankers cant get to it... or in my case in another match, Junkrat, in which I took the other team's barrel out. A different match on Hanamura was my favorite though. My friend was Orisa and I was Lucio.... Hanamura is a nightmare to capture point B. The other team is always going to go with Bastion and/or Symmetra. The hallway to the spawn is shorter than most maps letting the defending team run back to it for a quick HP top off. You damn near need a team kill to cap. Anyways, we coordinated our alts, and I spammed the group up button and ult notification, surprisingly everyone grouped up on me and I hit the sound barrier and speed boost. We charged in and my friend dropped the barrel and shield and we crushed them. Team Kill, we win. This is probably why Lucio's AoE's are getting nerfed soon. Him and Orisa is a pretty powerful combo.
    The new changes to Sombra are subtle but amazing. More access to hack and trans-locator is what she needed. I played her a few rounds and wreaked havoc on the other teams healers. And the fact that Junkrat doesn't hurt himself with his own bombs now is amazing. I can now lure people into small rooms and end them every time. You can be even more reckless now, which matches the character. Ole Junks is a nightmare for Orisa, shes big and can't get away, plus she requires accuracy so spamming jump makes it hard for her to hit him. Since D.Va doesn't have aim, and Roadhog can just hook, they don't have much issue with him like Rein and Orisa.
    Oh and thankfully they nerfed Bastion again. that 30% less damage in turret mode was unacceptable.
  6. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in One Punch Man English Dub   
    They are the same studio that made Mob Psycho 100, I'll def be watching it. 
  7. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Dubird in Mass Effect: Andromeda   
    Ok, second look.  I figured out what's been bugging me a bit. 
    1: While the facial animations are ok enough for talking, it's the EYES that are off.  Either the character is constantly blinking or NOT blinking.  Plus, the eyeballs never stay steady, they jump around a lot.  I don't know if that's fixable in a patch, hopefully it is.  It is distracting right now, but hopefully I'll get used to it.  Though, it is rather sad that the facial animation is BETTER in ME3.  Not sure why they would step back for that, but if it is patchable, I'm willing to wait it out.  The body animations are on par with ME3, so I'm rather used to them by now.
    2: The VA is only half good.  What I mean by that is many VAs do a good job, including FemRyder.  (don't know about male Ryder yet)  But many others are just....bad.  Poor pacing, very stilted and stiff.  I don't know if it's bad direction or just not good VAs.  I lean towards bad direction because one of those that doesn't sound good is the VA for Liara T'Soni, and she's great in the first trilogy.  (no, she's not in it, but you run across a few logs sent to one of the other characters)  That's more distracting than the facial animations for me.
    With all that being said, the story is very good, I'm totally invested in my Ryder, so looking forward to seeing where it goes from here!  Unfortunatly, real life is getting in my way with that pesky 'job' and 'school' that I'm signed up for.  Damn you, RL! 
    As for combat, I still suck at aiming, but I'm getting better!  Don't like how they handle cover, hoping I can get the hang of it since it's not a good idea to stand there and let bad guys unload a clip on you while you're trying to hit them!  Tactical cloak is still the best power ever.  Of all time.  Being able to sneak up on bad guys and drop them before they can return fire is very satisfying. Still getting used the HUD as well, but that's not unusual for me.  It always takes me a while to really get the hang of where to look for my information I need.  Overall, combat so far is fine, interested to see what the new powers can do.  *evillaughalaKrankor*
  8. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in NieR Automata   
    Oddly enough, no there were no frame rate drops during any of the boss fights. I think this has to do with them being contained in an isolated area. The game takes weird artistic directions at times. There are sequences in black and white, and there are a lot of colorless boss fights, as well as colorful ones... I think most the frame issues are just from the open world core area when you turn corners and run into grass and water. Plus I've noticed some texture pop ins at times.
    I "beat" this game just a few hours ago. I put that in quotations because apparently there are multiple play throughs with different POVs. After I beat it, I'm now playing from 9S' POV. It will be interesting because the we did get separated a few times, and I already got to see what he was doing at the start of the game which was pretty much the demo. There are many unanswered questions so I assume there will be at least one more play through after this... I'm hoping, which will be completely different from a totally different character's POV.
    The first play through took me a little more than 16 hours. I doubt this go will take more than 3-4 as I wont get that load of side quests. I kept all my gear and level from the first go around. 9S' style of fighting is meh... he only has light attack and hacking. You can hack enemies and make them explode. Each hack depends on the size of the enemy. I prefer 2B way more. The best thing about 9S is that he can open chests and doors with hacking that weren't accessible when you were playing as 2B. So now I'm getting more weapons and goods to upgrade my weapons even more.
    The centerpiece of this game is its boss fights and main quest sequences. Man they are amazing show pieces. I got some footage saved I'll edit later and upload. Some of the supporting cast in this game is great. The voice work is outstanding, even though the lip syncing is really off at times. You can tell the dub doesn't match up well with the lip expressions at times. The words are just completely different and this isn't cel shade, so it cant be helped. Overall I'm impressed with this game, I just hope it gives me a reason to play as 2B again with fully upgraded and new gear. I'd like to slot some of these newer weapons into the heavy attacks that 9S doesn't have.
  9. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in NieR Automata   
    After debating between HZD and this, I went with this because I felt it was shorter and would be easier to knock out before Mass Effect.
    The Good
    Combat is fluid and rewarding. Dodging is extremely forgiving requiring zero timing to get right, when you see an enemy do their big attack animation, you can start spamming it in the middle of your combo chain. You combo chain will continue and the dodge will happen before you take damage. It may sound lowskill, but screw it, I like it, but sadly I think they did this for another reason I'll go into later. My only gripe about the combo system is that successful dodges sometimes result in a knock up air combo... obviously smaller bosses aren't going to be knocked up, but you continue with the animation attacking air and missing out on DPSing the boss. Other than that, combo chains are easily strung together with light and heavy attacks. Any weapon can be slotted in the heavy and light attack arrangements. This will effect their maximum combo ability in which both are noted in the weapon stats without having to slot and find out.
    Weapons are upgradable through materials and currency, both which are dropped from defeated enemies. These upgrades increase power, max combo ability, and may add buffs like faster attack, discount from vendors when equipped, etc. Weapons are purchased through vendors and found in hidden locations. Each that I've acquired have different styles of attack. You have two weapon set ups you can swap on the fly via the UP button on the D-pad.
    Since you're an android you can upgrade your abilities with chips. These chips give a variety of things like auto-consuming health when down to a % of HP, reduced damage taken from melee/ranged attacks, HP increase, to even drop rate % of loot from enemies. These chips all cannot be equipped as you get them however. you have a limited amount of space to install software, and each take up a certain amount of space depending on the quality and what they do. Chips can be fused with like chips to increase their abilities... which in turn may make the final product take up more space. You can purchase more slots to equip more/better chips and you also have 3 set ups you can configure and swap too if you so desire.
    The big boss fights are wild and engaging. I've fought 3 so far and they were all very different fights, as a whole, the combat never gets stale. As you get better, newer types of enemies show up with different attacks, and different means to take them down. The game's ability to transition from 3D hack and slash, to side scroller, to top down scroller, to twin stick shooter is incredible. It never feels out of place, because the transitions are so smooth and just work with the situation.
    The more unique thing about this game is the online connectivity for a single player title. After the intro mission you are given the option to go online. Its completely worth it for you and others that play the game. What this does is allows you to see where other players have died in the game. While you'll never see an active player screwing up your game like Watchdogs, you can use their corpse to loot for random chips and money depending on what they had equipped, or you can repair their remains and it becomes a temporary AI  ally that will fight along side you for as long as it can. What is interesting about this is that it will use what ever weapon the player was using when they died. When you die, you lose a small amount of items and money. I believe this is what gets passed on to another player. You can still retrieve your items back if you go back to your remains. You have a generous amount of time to get back to it, but stray for too long and it will disappear... and if you die before getting back to it, it will disappear. I almost left it once because I wandered into a place that I shouldn't have... but when I realized I dropped my best chip (health regen per kill) I had to go back to get it and run out. What is humorous is that you'll see bodies scattered everywhere around boss fights. You can only revive one dead player at a time however, so you can't have an army of android corpses to take down the boss for you. These AI fight really well, but they are severely limited outside of that. You can leave them behind real fast if you do too many complex things... they can't jump up buildings with you, and if you have to glide down on your pod, they'll just clumsily fall to their demise and explode.   This system also doesn't seem to be region locked. I've come across players with Kanji names. So hopefully people that get this game late will still have lootable corpses the other players left behind no matter what part of the world you're playing it in.
    The voice acting is really good, and the character models are nice... I don't know why they all cover their eyes with cloth though. Maybe its too avoid a Mass Effect situation. Oh, and there is full button map customization. This should be standard on every game this generation... not just NieR and Overwatch. Presets are lazy and need to go away. I was very satisfied as I only wanted to change 2 buttons... other games would make me have to deal with 3 other buttons being in places I didn't want them just to arrange shoot and dodge where I wanted them.
    The Bad
    I have a feeling this game is more side quests than anything.... damn there are a lot of side quests and they are the only decent way to level up. Combat gives XP, but not much. These side quests have a lot of variety and I don't mind them, but this game is lacking in the fast travel department. The world isn't that big, but running to the zones I need to go to gets a bit meh. I guess they want you to enjoy the white thong booty jiggle as you run naurto style in a short skirt that they spent so much time realistically animating. Getting places isn't that bad, because when you access a new area, you're generally given a short cut on the way back to come and go as you please... but I still would have liked a wp system since there are so many side quests that make you go to another part of the map. (I'd say the map is the size of Destiny's Old Russia with a bit more verticality) Another issue which makes this worse is that even though you can run really fast, rocks and bushes will make you trip up and slow you down to regular run speed making you have to start your speed running back up. I can forgive this on things like bushes and trees... but rocks on the ground in a narrow path is pretty stupid. And this was intentionally done, because there is a really nice animation for it... programmed pebble clipping.
    The saving system is ancient. WTF? Why did they do this? There is no auto save. If you die you don't have to start where the last time you saved was, but if you turn the game off, I assume you do. You can save at terminals... which should have been waypoints... and I think you can save anywhere withing a generous proximity of them by hitting option. The main purpose of the terminal is to download map info and check your emails for lore/mission updates/etc. There are also rest stations where you can save and choose to quit the game, I think this option just refills your HP bar if its not 100%. You can just save and quit normally without having to lay down in a bed. Either way, its an old system, and they let you know at the start of the game that there is no autosave which is more of a head scratcher... because clearly the infrastructure for autosave is there since it caches progress to a point if you die.
    Invisible walls are everywhere in this game... places that look explorable like a doorway or something you can jump up onto are often blocked by that old 90's invisible barrier. This is the first Japanese game I've bought in years that wasn't Zelda or MGS. Its the first SquareEnix game I've bought in who knows when... Maybe like 3 console generations? If this wasn't a hack and slash I wouldn't be able to look past it... because the game is a sandbox world style adventure.... with weapons hidden in secret locations you can only find by exploring. It gives it a pretty dated feel. It doesn't ruin it... but better design choices could have been made. Invisible walls would work if they didn't have so many open doorways.
    The main map doesn't have a dedicated button, you have to hit option and then select the map tab even though its first, and then go to map... this is off putting since the mini map can only do so much for you in any game. Plus there are to ways to access the main hub where your map is by default... they could have made this a mapping option. As much as you can access on the fly from weapon swap to consumables, the map should have been a no-brainer
    The Ugly
    Frame rate drops are pretty common on this game. I'm starting to worry that this will become a habit for some developers that make these games for the PS4Pro and don't optimize them well enough for the old PS4. It only happens in the core area where there is water and tall grass, much like Zelda BOTW. The game isn't very colorful by a design choice, so they could have spent some more time optimizing the shaders to fix this. The frame rate issue is why I think they made the dodge so forgiving. This game its somewhat about timing for maxium DPS, as getting hit can fling you far from the enemy and even ragdoll you at times.
    Dated programing.... ugh Some of this stuff just makes you go WTF? Pressing option or the touch pad will send you to your main hub where you can view your quests, loadouts, and pod configurations. The quick access options aren't perfect for panic situations, and accessing the main hub is still desirable at times. If you jump and try to press these buttons, it just sends you to a regular pause menu... you have no access to customize anything for no reason whatsoever. So if you're in a tense boss fight and you jumped to avoid an attack... you have to wait until you land to swap something out. This is really irritating, something similar happens when your main AI companion is talking to you, you can't interact with any vendors or turn in quests until he STFU. It will even have a red X on the interact button... I get that they don't want you to miss vital info maybe, but then when you kill something and try to loot a drop, some dialog may start and you skip half of it mashing O trying to pick up the damn loot and then YOU DO miss out on info. I mean really? C'mon, who still designs like this? I've also had a main quest pop at random and until I went and did it, I couldn't turn in any side quests... I literally just arrived at the NPC when it popped and I walked all that way for nothing.... again fast travel. It wasn't a long walk (60 seconds tops), but it was still stupid.
    In conclusion for now
    It may sound like I'm trashing the game, but honestly I love it so far despite these flaws. I just thought I'd put it here because I know a lot of things like that matter to other people so much it would be a deal breaker. Despite no auto save there is plenty of opportunities to save manually and its very quick. If you want a hack and slash that requires strategy but has forgiving controls, this is worth it so far. I have my next main quest, but I'm too busy running around trying to upgrade my weapons and do side quests... While I may complain about the running around, I found myself saying "I'll just turn in these last few before calling it a night" for about 2 hours. The story is intriguing and I already see a few plot twists developing, I just don't know how they are going to play out. I'll post again when I beat it.
  10. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battlefield 1   
    So I decided (since I'm sicker than a dog and don't have the required frame of mind for Horizon) to try out the DLC tonight. I did the two new operations hoping to get to see all the maps (no surprise that I didn't). My thoughts:
    -As far as I can tell both Operations are Defender friendly as I was attacking both times. Verdun more so then Soisson (SP?) as the defenders have a huge terrain advantage once you get past the first set of objectives (not kidding you, they have the high ground making it damn near impossible to push as an attacker). Soisson is actually pretty attacker friendly until the last objective and even though it's a tank heavy map its damn near impossible for the attacking side to cap it (completely open with trenches giving assault players on the defending side plenty of cover). Really wish I could of seen the other two maps but as usual DICE seems to heavily favor the defending side.
    -The new Behemoth is kind of a joke as it's pretty much an extremely slow moving heavy tank with bigger guns. Both times we got in on the attacking side on Soisson it went down in a little under 3 minutes having no effect on the tide of the battle. If I had to rank it against the other Behemoths is tied in dead last with the train as useless. Of course this could of been the driver both times but to me it just seems to be an extremely useless heavy tank with on less seat.
    -I'm sure most know this already if you watch any of the major BF youtubers but the new weapons are locked behind something similar to assignments but not as in depth as they were in BF3. You basically have to accomplish two tasks for each variant of the new guns. I absolutely hate this as it forces you to use guns and gadgets I hate just to unlock something (though I will admit I'm becoming a fan of the Lewis Gun now that I need to use it for the Low Weight version of the new LMG). Each gun has two variants except for the assault weapons as there are two of them (the shotgun and the ribeyrolles).
    -You will be happy to know that you can only carry one gas grenade now (as well as one smoke). In the two matches I played I rarely saw gas being used, it's mostly frags/sticks/impacts now. There is still grenade spam but it's not as bad as it was prior to the DLC. They've also added an exchange to the Battlepack system allowing you to buy past skins for scrap. You're limited to four and it's one of each quality type as well as a vehicle skin (which I did happen to get the new Legendary skin for the Artillery truck tonight in the battlepack I was given for March) that DICE has chosen, it resets every week (I warn you the scrap costs are pretty ridiculous).
    All in all I find it rather meh. I still think DICE should of released this in December/January for what feels like an extreme lack of content. I did have fun playing tonight but honestly its not enough to keep me playing beyond once in a blue moon when I get bored. Quite frankly if you're not already a Premium member I wouldn't pick the DLC up, it's not worth the money you would pay and it's definitely not worth buying Premium for.
  11. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild   
    I beat this game tonight. It was outstanding through and through. I didn't complete all the shrines, because some of them required racing and time limits to access. screw that. You can only have 30 hearts. I got 23 of them. They weren't required for the full ending and my armor was good enough to withstand some brutal attacks. Getting the rest of the armor sets and maxing them out started getting too grindy for me so I felt it was time to end my journey.
    The 4 dungeons were really good, although the first one's entrance sequence was by far the best. the 3rd and 4th were really good too... the 2nd one I did lacked. You don't have to do them in any particular order, but I'm glad I did them in the order I chose. After getting awesome gear, the bosses were a little too easy to where I could kill them in 3 stuns or less. The final boss fight was much more impressive and satisfying. I have no idea how people can beat it without doing the dungeons. Each dungeon gives you a special ability that can be used a number of times (1-3 depending on the ability) before they have a long LOOOONG cooldown. I'd say 30-45 minutes for 3 of them and maybe 15 minutes for one that's not as powerfully useful during a fight. 3 of these serve as a special way to CC the boss during a stage where he can't be harmed due to making himself hardened or something like that. These break him out of that so you can damage him. The other way relies on parrying which is terrible in this game. Parrying is something I just couldn't get use to in BoTW because the timing for the attacks are wonky, and for giant enemies you can't really see the whole attack animation because of the camera.
    BoTW is a great direction for the series that has relied on the same tropes for years. I would like to see more than 4 dungeons in the next game however. While the shrines were my favorite part, blocking some of them off with frustrating mechanics was meh. Blowing up a wall to find one is one thing, but having to race, pick up rupees within a time limit, etc seemed not to fit in a game that allowed so much freedom else where... I mean there were 4 shrines stuck in the middle of labyrinths that you could just climb to the top and run along until you dropped down.. skipping the whole thing. 
    My Top 5 Zelda games now?
    Breath of the Wild Ocarina of Time Twilight Princess Link to the Past Wind Waker
  12. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in YT thread   
    This is the best Doom mod ever.
  13. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Horizon Zero Dawn   
    I'm just posting base impressions on this based on what little game time I actually have in it (I've put about 8 hours into the game as of writing this) and after having it stare me in the face for 3 days before I could play it (god damn was that the longest wait I've ever had before playing a game (didn't have any time during the week and I've completely stayed away from any articles/videos that may give away spoilers for this game)).
    I'm highly impressed with this game, Guerilla went out of their way to give a a highly polished game out of the get go (it had the smallest day 1 patch out of any game released in recent years that's how polished this was). The visuals are amazing, even on my old school PS4. Don't get me wrong there are some wonky animations here and there (I ran into an NPC who's eyes liked to wander up into her head (kinda creepy when you talk to her)) but overall this is an impressive looking game (I climbed up my first Long Neck today and the view from on top of it's head was breath taking). I'm also extremely happy the the map is rather big, not huge like a lot of games like it (no where near as big as Zelda's map (good god that map is huge from what I've seen on live streams) but big enough that I can see why this game will take up to 50 hours to beat (I hear if you just do the story the game is rather short but I'm OCD so I'm doing all the side quests and getting all the collectibles while I travel between story missions).
    I can't speak much on the story but what I have done of the story missions I have to say it's rather interesting and engaging. There's a lot of mystery in this game and I wonder just how much of it we unravel as we play through it (like why is the world the way it is, who was Aloy's mother (a major plot point I'm gathering from little I know), what's with the machine animals, etc (I'd put more examples but I'd be walking a thin line for spoilers based on where I think the story is going)) because I'm expecting this game to be a series. While most of the characters I've run into are rather bland (not much to say about them, I've run into a few that have been interesting but they seem few and far between) Aloy is a wonderful protagonist who, much like me, is questioning what the hell is wrong with the world. She's sarcastic as hell when dealing with assholes and a compassionate person when she wants to be (lets just say not many people like her from the get go so she's rather callous until the need arises for her not to be). Overall she's probably one of my favorite protagonists to date.
    Combat is a joy and I say this after having my ass handed to me a few times (I have yet to be killed but I've been pretty close to dieing a few times). A lot of it is stealth based and going loud and proud isn't a viable tactic in this game (especially when fighting corrupted machines, a few reviews have pointed this out). Almost everything travels in herds (or at least the ones I've run into, I haven't run into the huge T-Rex looking machine yet nor have I run into any of the machine birds) and alerting one pretty much alerts all of them. Picking targets and luring them away one by one is pretty much the key to most encounters (human and machine alike) when you can pick and choose them (some encounters do not give you a choice and a lot of those have been story based at the moment) otherwise it's all about relying on your skills and weapons. There isn't much choice in weaponry I've noticed. Pretty much all you get is you're spear (I don't know if you get another one throughout the game but the one I started with has been upgraded once due to a side quest), a variety of bows with varying uses (some are for sharpshooting, some for close range combat, some built with stopping power in mind, etc), a variety of slings (for launching elemental type bombs that cause status effects), tripcasters (used to create traps on the battle field that trip machines), traps in general, and some others I haven't tried yet. There is of course a variety of different ammunition types for you're bow and I can't list all of them as I haven't exactly run into any other then normal, precise, fire, and tear arrows (tear arrows rip armor and components off of machines).
    All in all I'm very happy with this game and the hype I had for it was definitely rewarded. This is probably my game of the year and it's barely started, that's how much I'm enjoying it.
  14. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild   
    I did my second dungeon tonight. The entrance wasn't as amazing as the first one, but the dungeon puzzle was crazier. I've learned that a lot of enemies and bosses do have some weaknesses. I happened to have the right weapon set for the dungeon boss this time and made short work of him.
    I also got a fast horse, but it died immediately when guardians chased after me. I thought registering them at the stable would prevent this, but apparently not. That horse was an ass to break in, so I guess I'll just stick with my slow horses. 
    I haven't even mentioned how great the story is in this game. The voice acting is superb too. I was kinda thrown off about characters actually talking when I first saw the trailer, but then I saw that Skyward Sword had voice actors too. I find this interesting... because to keep Link silent they only voice cut scenes and minor parts, otherwise its the usual chat box. Its a shame because the voicing is really good, but I guess it would be awkward for link just to stand there quietly.
    I also forgot to mention about enemy respawns. Once you kill a camp or any monster they don't come back, until Gannon resurrects them every few nights (in the game's day/night cycle) across all of Hyrule. Its called the blood moon and you'll be given a small cut scene for it when it happens. Even if you stay at an inn or fast forward time at a camp fire. I've probably only seen it 4-5 times in the last 3 days of hardcore marathoning. If you're about to go into some open world questing, and its night, try to fast forward to day somehow if its not too out of the way. I've had it happen when I killed a super annoying monster, and another time when I killed 3 monsters that could one shot me. It was pretty disheartening not only because I beat them without dying, but  because it was just more added wear on my weapons.
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    For me the earliest time I would get extremely picky about what games I would or wouldn't want goes back to my N64 years. Also known as my disgruntled Nintendo Fan Boy Years as a lot of the games I would've wanted for the N64 were exclusive to Sony's PlayStation. Most of the games I would own for the N64 in my mind had to define me as a Bad Ass. Most since fighting undead in LoZ:OoT's Graveyard scared me. And playing Shadow Man was enough to convince me to play Harvest Moon 64.
    When Game Cube replaced the N64 I thought I was done with console gaming. I had for awhile had a Gameboy Advance which I lost interest in after losing or having my copy of Driver for it stolen. I didn't trust myself with CDs. And I had grown to hate other Nintendo Fan Boys who were willing declare (almost) any game not on a Nintendo platform to suck.
    I threw away my N64 when it broke & gave my GBA to my sister. Thus my life as a gamer comes to an end as I move on to things that make me happy; like giant robots.
    Then Steel Battalion fox Xbox happens. I didn't have the money to get the green button controller. I would later end up with the blue button controller from money I got when my paternal grandmother unfortunately died. Thus turning me into an Xbox Fan Boy until Xbox 360 came along & didn't have backwards compatibility for Steel Battalion & by extension the Steel Battalion controller because it didn't have a certain Xbox 360 controller chip.
    For awhile I would own a Wii. Because deep down I didn't want Nintendo to fail. And I tried to consider the Wii "exercise equipment". I eventually lost interest in Wii after Blu-Ray defeated HD-DVD & I ended up buying a PS3. I think part of it was just not wanting to wait for controllers to recharge. That & probably hating Nintendo Fan Boys for backing things I hate like DS & Wii U.
    My owning a PS3 would eventually lead to a extremely different problem. Having too many games I was willing to buy, pre-order culture, & not having enough room on my PS3. Thus starting the events where my Games Hype Radar to implode at least twice. First time when I got rid of a bunch of T Rated Games. Second time I got rid of a bunch of M Rated Games. I would eventually (re)buy some wrestling games, but those were intended as a reason to not buy future wrestling games.
    I think plenty of the games I would've bought were simply replaced by PS Home.
    When "free" games would eventually happen for PlayStation Plus, I started subscribing to that. And when Xbox 360 started doing something similar with Games With Gold I bought a refurbished Xbox 360 so I could subscribed to that.
    If it weren't for Elder Scrolls Online, You're Next, PS4's Perfect Day Commercial, & Brill Gold-Blood who I created specifically for PS4's ESO I wouldn't own a PS4. Also PS Home shutting down played some factor into me wanting ESO on PS4. My Games Hype Radar would eventually shrink down to the ability to create Animalized Characters in T or M Rated games once I played Star Trek Online & eventually Neverwinter since it has Dragonborn as DLC.
    I have been losing hype for ESO every time I end up spending over $100 a month in it. If Zenimax Online wasn't so greedy I would spend more time than money in ESO. Sure there are other MMOs I could play on PC or the PS4. But I don't enjoy those as much as I do ESO.
    Recently with the plausibility that I will buy a Nintendo Switch for portable Skyrim my Games Hype Radar has been coincidentally fluctuating a lot over games I would or wouldn't buy for PS4.
    ESO Morrowind - I'll probably pre-order it in May or buy it with crowns when it releases. Either way I'm not happy about getting any Crown Crates or Crown Gems from this. Elite Dangerous - Much like Sim City 4 this is purely because Yahtzee recommended over a different game. Which is why I shouldn't buy it. Because all it will do is cause me to be a Smug Hipster. IF I were to buy it, it would either be a pre-order or before No Man's Sky became free. Tekken 7 - Customizing King, Armor King, etcetera in Tekken 6 was awesome. However it sucked in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Injustice 2 - Like DCUO, No Lobo = No Interest. It however has a customizable Cheetah. But she has a human face. Agents Of Mayhem - I liked Saints Row. If I could put them in a certain order 2 & 3 would be tied for first followed by 4, 1, then finally Gat Out Of Hell. I really expect AOM to be worse than GOOH. Mass Effect: Andromeda - If Quarians & Asari didn't look human or if the original trilogy allowed Male Shepard to romance a Female Turian I wouldn't be mad at Mass Effect even with that choose your sacrifice ending. After all if I wanted to romance another being with a human face I wouldn't be playing video games. As for Future Console Hype I expect that to die down about as fast as my Hype for Xbox One. This is due to mods for consoles being less than mods for PC. Doubts that Nintendo Switch will change Sony or Microsoft. And the fact that AO Rated games will never be accepted on to consoles.... You know.... Because think of the children.... Who will watch a statue of a nude boy pissing while Kratos bangs some hot chick off screen.... In his quest to get revenge for the wife & child he murdered.... Family Fun Entertainment.
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    I did my first dungeon tonight and damn it was amazing. Just getting in was a spectacle... like Uncharted 4 level show piece spectacle. I'd say the entrance was more thrilling than the actual dungeon it self. Either way, the dungeon boss proves how important keeping your food up is. I was lazy about grabbing all the apples I can get, but when it comes down too it, you can just eat 15 apples and get all your health back. The dungeon was kind enough to give me some good ice and fire arrows in out of the way chests which certainly helped. It's also good I saved a high damage axe from a shrine fight as well. Bosses have a ton of HP, and the best way as always is DPS as fast as possible. I'm noticing a reoccurring theme of each boss changing up their tactics at 50% and 25% HP. 25% usually has involved a damn homing beam that you either have to chance it and reflect it back with your shield, or try to break LoS. If you get hit, you're either dead or have a quarter of a heart left.
    I've mastered cooking. I tried to look up guides but none of them are really useful. They still list some of the first recipes you learn as the best, when they aren't. Don't mix food with different stat buffs, and worry less about what it is, rather pay attention what category of food its in. Don't have beef? Use bird. Don't have fish? Use crab. The flexibility is great once you learn what can go together and what can't. From there you know what will be more potent, and what stat you want it to give. I've made some food that will give me more temporary hearts. They show up as yellow, and once they go away from damage, they can't be healed back. Its a really nice buff.
    I'd say my biggest surprise of the day was a side quest that turned into a giant boss fight. Normally side quests involve little tasks like finding 10 of X supply, or go kill the camp of monsters a few miles form the NPC. This one had me climb up a mountain, endure harsh conditions, only to find a giant boss. What is great about these is that you don't have to do them. Before I could enter my first dungeon, I had to get some shock arrows. The NPC told me there was a giant beast that shot them constantly and I could get them from there. Once I encountered him, he wrecked my ass twice. I then realized I could pick up a bunch of arrows stuck in trees and the ground around his area, while being completely stealth. I'll probably come back later when I have better gear and kill him out of spite, but the freedom this game offers is great. At that point it was either break a few good weapons to beat this guy, or save them for a better time. While I chose the easy road, it was the smart road as my weapons served me well for a bigger boss fight.
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    I don't think there will be a Switch U. They'll continue supporting this system. They couldn't make the docked configuration too much more powerful or else development would be tough for making sure two modes work properly. I do think there will be a new version similar to PS4 Pro. I bet there will be Mario and Zelda bundles around the holidays, which will be the best time to buy. 
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    My first impressions is that this is a neat little console that has its uses for adult gamers that have kids, and limited TV access rather than on the go gaming. I only used it in portable mode for a motion controlled shrine on Zelda. The controller seemed to be off center with the gyroscope so I swapped to handheld mode and it was a little better. I think it had more to do with the game. The screen is nice and crisp, but definitely not the Super AMOLED screens you're use to seeing on android devices. I'm sure this has to do with battery life.
    The console is very small and light weight, but not small enough to stick in your pocket and go around with. The only transportation I'd feel comfortable with is bringing the whole system to a friends house to show off.
    For someone like me that is going to play this docked 99.9% of the time, the pro controller is a must. No debate. The joycon buttons are tiny and the sticks are as well. This leads to an over sensitivity that I just can't get use to. I'm glad everyone was out of the charging grip, making me decide to buy this controller. It feels great in the hands, and has a nice 90s retro feel at the same time. Its like an Xbox 360 controller had a lovechild with a Sega Genesis controller. I say that because that's what the triggers feel like... just mashed buttons. There is no refined pull like ps4/xb1's offerings. But I doubt that the FPS genre will be huge on switch anyways. The Joycon's triggers are pretty much the same, just smaller.
    The biggest upside for me is that the Switch isn't a blast furnace like the bigger consoles. Its small, quiet, and generates no head out of its exhaust vent. I can easily leave my PC on and not suffocate in electronically generated humidity. This is great because I can leave my PC running for guides instead of using my phone. 
    The framerate in docked mode is worse than mobile for Zelda. This is odd, but I think its because the game gets scaled with what is the equivalent of maxing shaders and shadows on a PC game. Since the dock doubles the power of the switch almost, you would think it could handle it, but I want to say this is mostly because BoTW is a port that hasn't been properly optimized. The only time the framerate drop gets bad is when you're going full speed on a horse through woods with tall grass and goblins are jumping out everywhere. It got BAD, outside of that it wasn't much of an issue. Tall grass, and running water seem to drag it down the most.
    The biggest downside to the Switch is that its pretty much just a gaming console. With something this mobile its a shame thats all you can do. The options menu is pretty basic, and outside the store there is nothing else to do in Switch's UI. No web browser, no streaming services, no virtual console (yet), and no real sign of any online perks to justify paying a monthly sub fee. The internet connection only serves as an update tool... and it updates pretty fast. A lot faster than PS4 and its "preparing to download" segment. So yeah, there is plenty of time to wait and see how the switch evolves and what games come out for it. Right now its just a Zelda machine.
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    I would've skipped this good movie had they named it Wolverine 3.
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    This looks much better than the classic. I'd really like to play this, assuming there is an in game map. Unlike the classic that required everyone to take notes.

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    Blaster Master was probably one of my favorite NES games of all time. For $10 I'll definitely be picking this up.
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    There isn't any spoilers in this video of any part of the story. After watching this, I don't even think my 7 day hardcore session is going to be able to finish this up. I might put a massive dent in progressive, but I feel like I'll get just as distracted as these guys say they got doing exploring and other side adventures.
    Thats crazy you can just go to the castle and fight Gannon at the start of the game. I'm sure there will be speed runs of beating it with just a tree branch and starting clothing.
    I'm glad there will be waypointing in this game, the map seems so big. I don't know how I feel about heart upgrades being tied to shrine completions. I'll kinda miss hunting heart pieces down, but again with the world being on such a huge scale, I guess it would be a nightmare to find them all, much less make a guide and try to explain where to find them.
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    I think I might've gotten more done with Mjoll in 37:22:55 than Jenny in 99:56:01.... Or not as there are certain places I have avoided as Mjoll. Like an entire area of Blight Town that leads up to a locked door to the Depths. At least 2 Bonfires when counting the other one in Blight Town & the one guarded by a Black Knight in Darkroot Basin. In fact I haven't killed any Black Knights as Mjoll.
    Oh well on to personal goals achieved.
    Defeated Maneater Midred (again). Raised both Elite Knight Set & Thief Set with Titanite & Large Titanite (found killing Leeches in Blight Town). I don't know what I'll do with my Titanite Chunks. I also raise the Hunter Set I found in Dark Root Basin with Titanite. I have finally explored Lower Undead Burg. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Freed some guy who was locked in a room. He now appears at Firelink Shrine & still in the room in Undead Burg. Found the Undead Female Merchant who sells Humanity. Unlocked both shortcuts to Lower Undead Burg. Gotten my Endurance up to 30. Had a hard time defeating a Knight from The Clan Of Forrest Protectors. Got the Eastern Armor Set & decided to not go back through the Crest Of Artorias door for a long time. Went to The Catacombs & found out that Astora's Straight Sword can prevent Necromancers from resurrecting Skeletons. Killed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 5th Necromancers. I have left the 6th Necromancer live for now. Murdered a Crystal Lizard that gave me the final 2 pieces on Twinkling Titanite I needed to fully upgrade Astora's Straight Sword. Left The Catacombs after finding a spell I won't use, Tranquil Walk Of Peace. Awkward Deaths (Technically died more than this but those were more Obvious than Awkward.)
    This one doesn't belong to me but that 4th Necromancer unintentionally committed suicide. I did get myself killed by the Armored Tusk & some Hollows when I well down near it. Second time around I killed all the Hollows & was able to escape fighting the Armored Tusk. I fell off the Elevator twice when leaving Blight Town. First Time looking in the wrong direction panicking, falling when I assumed I didn't notice when to get off. Second when I tried to get off too soon. I got myself killed by the Capra Demon when a gut feeling insisted there wasn't a boss behind that fog gate in Lower Undead Burg. I went back in to get my Souls & Humanity. Then through Xbox Guide I exited the game by selecting Xbox Home. I went back into Dark Souls now back on the other side of the fog gate. I told Patches I wasn't a Cleric. He was a little late on trying to kill me when crossing a bridge. So on my way back I had Mjoll kill herself. The next question Patches asked me I answered Yes & he gave me a Humanity. I didn't have to kill Mjoll that time around if I just didn't assume that Treasure message was Fromsoftware trolling. Despite these deaths I always manage to retrieve my Souls & Humanity.
    Current Personal Goals are all boring....
    Raise my Endurance up to 40 Soft Cap. Raise my Vitality up to 50 Soft Cap. These were also the first times I unplugged my modem instead of killing Mjoll. First in Blight Town & second in The Catacombs.