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  1. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Finally ended up breaking down and paying for a Crunchyroll membership on Sunday (   
    Considering I slogged my ass through the whole entirety of Dragonball Z and GT (so much god damn filler and pointless fights stretching for 10+ episodes (yes Frieza I'm looking at you)) I think I can survive One Piece (plus I pretty much know what happens throughout most of the show/manga (thank you One Piece Wiki and my insatiable need to read about things that interest me (damn you and your amazing awesomeness Whitebeard)) and I've seen up to the recruitment of Chopper (sadly through the dub) so I could always start there if I didn't feel like slogging through the first set of episodes) and the Desert Arc (again I already know what happens so I could skip this arc as well). Plus I've always meant to watch the anime due to a friend of mine and his obsessive fandom of the show (I originally had the first 300 episodes on my external because of him but before I could start watching it that HDD bit the dust and I didn't have back ups of the One Piece episodes (may you RIP Chikane-chan (yes that was the name of the external HDD) and manga but could never find the time to actually sit and watch it (this was back when I was still in college). Honestly I still watch a lot of anime in SD so it doesn't bother me any (over half of my fansubs are from before HD became the standard and all DVD's are SD quality) and One Piece's art style actually looks good in SD as compared to other series.
    Meh, I already know how Naruto ends (I read the last few chapters of the manga when it finished because I didn't think I'd ever get around to watching the series) but I still plan on watching the rest of it. I already slogged through countless amounts of filler eps to get where I'm at (which sadly is even more filler) so I can slog the rest of the way through (I'm right at the start of the Fourth War). Plus I could finally get around to watching The Last: Naruto the Movie (yea, I'm holding off on it until I finish the series).
  2. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I watched the first season (at least first available on netflix) of The Great Briti   
    This is generally why I like British TV more than American TV, no pointless drama and the shows are actually well thought out and funny (I adore the original version of the Office more than the American version, so much better and funnier). If you compare the original version of Being Human to the American version that was on SyFy you would see a remarkable difference (the British version was more focused on the characters and their problems, you actually felt connected to the characters unlike the American version).
    I might have to give the show a shot. Sounds like its a lot more relaxing to watch then the crap we get over here for reality TV.
  3. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in GANTZ:O is on Netflix. I wasn't aware of its existence. Its pretty good, but you'd   
    It's very bloody and violent. It's about people that died that have to play a strange game of death to win their lives back. 
  4. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I used 56 Machetes on DS and still didn't get the charged horn and focus part. I c   
    Try looking at Lfg around 30 min into it. I caught a group at the blighting tree rooms before the mouth. Got a nice short DS. 
  5. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Red Mage and now Samurai are confirmed as the two jobs for the upcoming FFXIV expan   
    Only if I hate myself and wish for no free time what so ever (I mean if I really wanted to I could work on the Anima weapons for my Scholar, Summoner, Dragoon (which I might, I mean I have a little over 4 months before Stormblood releases and that lance is sexy as hell), Monk, Bard, Machinist, and White Mage but I don't feel like selling the rest of my soul to FFXIV atm (and sadly that's not all the jobs in game atm those are just the ones I have at 60 (I'm missing Paladin, Warrior, Dark Knight, and Astrologian)).
    Chances are pretty high I'll end up continuing to main Ninja so I'll only have to worry about one weapon but with the changes they're making to the relic system in Stormblood I might not even attempt to get one (they're linking it with an new optional area called Eureka The Forbidden Land (FFV anyone?) and if it's like they're talking I'll probably skip the relic this time around, I'm not hip on their exploratory areas and it sounds like they're going to make this one even more difficult to get). However if Samurai is everything I want it to be I might switch mains over and get myself a super sexy Katana relic or if it's not and Red Mage is better then I guess I'll be getting a sexy as hell Rapier. God I hate it when I get two things I really want and don't know which one to choose first x.x I almost wish they'd of released a job I have no interest in so I could focus on the other one. Damn you SE *shakes fist*
  6. DeathscytheX liked a reply to a status update by Sledgstone in I finally managed to flip something for a massive profit on GW2. Apparently I bough   
    Good flip! When you collect those profits, smile like this...

  7. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Trying to get better with Thief. The personal DPS is amazing, but damn you can't t   
    That's why I bring mine to TT now. Massive DPS with little work on the fingers. plus TT's tells are so slow and massive it's easy not to get hit and downed. 
  8. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Sadly I had to give some money to Gamestop for a Pro Controller. I really wanted a   
    Pfft, Pro Controllers. Who uses those?
    Meh, this is why you don't pre-order consoles. It's just not worth the hassle trying to find a place to get a pre-order at and who needs a console at launch honestly (especially with the lack of launch titles the Switch even has)? This is why I wait a few months until stores get more stock in before I buy my consoles (worked wonders for when I bought my PS4 (though I did have to go to 4 different stores before I finally found one that had them in stock (ironically it was Wal-Mart in which I could of just bought one at the one I worked at))). Ironically I love how Nintendo said there wouldn't be a stock shortage for this launch and we already have one a month before its release. GG Nintendo, way to drop the ball again.
  9. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Looks like I get to play the For Honor beta this weekend, just got my code today. C   
    Meh, I didn't really get another chance to put much time into the beta again after my initial time (I did play a few rounds of Dominion again but it was Player vs. A.I. so not much to add). I did unlock Orochi and try her out, she's not bad but definitely not my play style. She's too squishy and I just don't like her play style. Not to mention she's so much weaker then the Warden it's not funny (her attacks don't do as much damage but she makes up for it in other ways). I will say I mastered the play style of the Warden though and am a force to be reckoned with when I play her (at least for the A.I., never did get a chance to play against other players), went on a 10 player kill streak in the last match I played (again A.I. players).
    Overall with the little time I put into it I'm certainly intrigued by it. I might drop the money on it when it releases on the 14th as it's enjoyable enough but with Horizon coming out next month as well I'll have to see how funds are doing (all this overtime is helping but I'm, once again, trying to save up for a new computer). If you get a chance once it releases I'd say give it a shot if you got the chance, see if you like it (I don't mean go out and buy it of course but if a friend gets it try it out). As I said the combat isn't exactly easy to master but once you start to get the hang of it it's extremely enjoyable. All in all if I'd say this is a solid 7/10 just based on the beta alone.
  10. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Looks like I get to play the For Honor beta this weekend, just got my code today. C   
    This is my initial impressions based on Dominion with A.I. controlled enemies and A.I. or Human controlled allies (yes you can fight against the A.I., a positive for this game):
    1. You can play as any hero no matter what faction you decide to support for the Faction Wars. This is awesome since it allows you to try every hero out and choose the ones you prefer while still earning points for your chosen faction (Samurai for me but who didn't see that one coming). There's a whole War Assets thing that goes along with the Faction War but they really don't go into much in the beta about it. This is just a nice thing I wanted to point out that has nothing to do with Dominion.
    2. Combat is hard, don't let any of the videos fool you otherwise. It's extremely hard to land attacks with heroes that use slower but harder hitting weaponry as the enemy has more then enough time to block or otherwise counter your attack (if they're on a hero that can counterattack). I favor the heavy attack on the Vanguard which is why I noticed this so fast and (at least with A.I. enemy) you can see what direction their attacking from giving you time to block if they're using a slower swinging enemy. However, combat is extremely fun and intuitive. Once you get used to how it works it flows extremely well from attack to attack, trading blows or going from a block into a brutal attack. Before I got off tonight I was on an eight player (A.I. controlled) killing spree going from one enemy hero to the next. While watching Matimi0 play the other night I noticed the assassin classes are extremely squishy but attack fast and often but do a lot less damage then their heavy attacker allies. They make up for this with the ability to counterattack but I'm not entirely sure how that works.
    3. Learning to use you're heroes abilities is a must as they can turn the tide of a loosing battle greatly into your favor. Take the Vanguard for instance (the female knight you see in a lot of game play footage). Her base abilities are actually pretty powerful when used the correct way like her ability to strengthen troop morale (which can really help when trying to take a point), her ability to heal herself (up to 4 times), or her ability to call in a catapult strike (which is hilarious when used against large groups of soldiers). I only use her as an example as she's the only hero I've actually played (I plan on unlocking Orochi (the Samurai's assassin class) tomorrow when I get on it again).
    4. While you might think the A.I. would be easy to fight against you'd be dead wrong which is why I'm glad this game has the option to fight bots. They play to the hero's strengths quite well (like ambushing you as an Assassin hero or defending allies with the shield heroes). Quite honestly I feel the A.I. might be a little to good as certain heroes in an A.I.'s hands feels wrong (those shield heroes are hard to kill while being controlled by an A.I.).
    5. The maps are small but rather intricate with areas where you can easily push opponents off the side of the map to kill them. I like this as it allows the fights to get more intimate with little to no running around except between capture points. Plus the amount of detail put into the maps is extraordinary.
    Honestly, as I said, these are just initial impressions. I plan on putting more time into it tomorrow between leveling my Consular in TOR and farming light for my Relic weapons in FFXIV (so close to it's final form I can taste it, plus my Guild Master wants to do some raid runs for extra light). I also plan on actually trying out Duel and Brawl (2 vs 2) as well as doing Dominion againt Human controlled heroes. I'm actually thinking of dropping the money to get this next month as it'd be a nice time waster until ME: Andromeda releases and it's a hell of a lot more fun then BF1 (and that hurts so damn much to say). I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I am but it's not as competitive as I thought it would be which is nice (I mean I can see this becoming an extremely competitive game, maybe e-sports level, but it's nice it has options for gamers like myself to play against A.I.).
  11. DeathscytheX liked a reply to a status update by Sledgstone in I'm more hyped than ever for Breath of the Wild after Amazon UK leaked the details   
    Those 4 hearts that are tied behind multiplayer will be a pain in the ass to get.
  12. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Started Kuromukuro on Netflix. So far its Encino Man meets Linebarrels of Iron with   
    I just finished this and It was probably my favorite Netflix Original. They slowly moved away from the comedy and kept it to a minimum as the story got serious. It worked well as keeping the type of comedy they used would have gotten bland with heavy usage.
    I assume Netflix Original means they merely did the dub work. Between Seven Deadly Sins, Ajin, and Kuromukuro, I'd say they did a great job so far. Although they use a lot of the same talent that Funi uses. The female lead also voices Sailor Venus/Lucy Heartfilia and the male lead also voiced Vash the Stampede. I also found some familiars in the supporting cast like Milly Ashford, Inspector Zenigata, and Lelouch Lamperouge. A lot of the supporting cast hasn't done much in Funi's circle so it's nice to hear different voices every once in a while. Not everyone is as talented as Christopher Sabat. 
  13. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Fuck you 2016, just fuck you. You just had to take another one with you and it had   
    I was in tears the minute I read it on Twitter (my entire twitter feed has been nothing but wonderful tweets about her, that's what I get for following most of the Star Wars cast and a whole bunch of Star Wars nerds). It was almost like loosing Leonard Nimoy all over again, that's how much it hit me  My nerdom pretty much started when my Dad and I first watched A New Hope together and I have her (and her cast mates) to thank for it.
    Besides Ron Glass and Alan Rickman this is the biggest kick to the nuts all year. I just hope we get though the next few days without anyone else being taken from us.
  14. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I watched the first 40 or so episodes of Robotech on netflix over the last few week   
    They pretty much butchered Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada to make this frankenstein of a show coherent enough to follow a plot line (I know most of the story points for each show were left in tact but other then that they had to butcher them to make it coherent enough to follow through three different anime). I can't stomach Robotech, it's an atrocity that should of never been made but thanks to licensing agreements conflicting with each other we got this horror show. Plus I'm a pretty hardcore Macross fan (I've seen every series with the exception of Delta which I have downloaded just haven't had time to watch it yet) so the whole concept of the show rubs me the wrong way. You might have seen it in the past. I know it aired on Toonami's Midnight block with Uncut Gundam Wing back during it's original run so you might of caught some of the later episodes that take place during the Southern Cross or Mospeada arcs (or Robotech Wars 2 and 3 if I remember their nomenclature right).
    Thankfully the original version of Macross got a faithful release over here before ADV imploded (I think Southern Cross did as well but I can't remember for sure) but I don't know if there are any copies in circulation still (but this is definitely the version to watch).
  15. Strider Hiryu liked a reply to a status update by Sledgstone in Mike Pence looks like my big toe when I'm suffering from poor circulation   
    I've seen her toe and its true.
    He also looks like Race Bannon from Johnny Quest and Hank Hill's dad.

  16. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in The Black Friday noobs are out in full force. On BF1 everyone keeps unlocking and   
    I should have recorded my 10 kill streak in the breakthrough tank. The driver pulled. Me up to the door at our favorite A flag on Monte Grappa. There were like 5 medics that kept reviving each other and I kept mowing them down with the side cannon.
  17. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I logged into BF1 today for the first time in 3 days and I had a Superior and Regul   
    I take it back,  it is premium. I just saw it on Facebook. Lol
  18. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in So I found my new favorite Medic weapon in BF1, the Cei-Rigotti Factory. I didn't n   
    It's alright at medium ranges, about the 4th shot in you'll notice the accuracy starts to get a little wonky (and at the 6th you're better off not firing anymore as the recoil gets hard to handle) but those first 3 shots should hit their target (and with Medic rifles they're all 3 shot kills for the most part). If you go beyond medium range you'll have to fire it just like you normally do if you want to keep the accuracy. It's honestly a better choice than the Sweeper if you're fighting at medium ranges but the Sweeper is still king at close range (the Cei can beat it in a fire fight if you get the first shot off but the Sweeper will win in any other situation because it puts out more rounds at a faster pace). Sadly though you can't use this as a hip fire gun like the Sweeper, it's hip fire is atrocious and that's its only real downfall in full-auto mode.
    You'll probably never see me use the Model 10 outside of Domination as it's king for smaller, more close range maps (which is pretty much every Domination match, plus I still hate the Assault class. I like the amount of explosives they carry but the offer nothing to the team outside of anti-armor (which you don't need in Domination)). It's really good for Monte Grappa, Argonne, and Empire's Edge because they're pretty much the most choke pointy Dom maps in the game. In all honesty after using it all it needs is a range nerf (and a pretty significant one at that). The damage model is fine and it should always win at close range but it should not be as effective as it is at range.