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  1. picture.php?albumid=3&pictureid=222

    Your profile has been tea bagged. :P

  2. Have you read "Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters"?

    Its the latest book I've been reading and its actually pretty good. I didn't think much of it at first, but its 4 short stories/novellas in one book. Its the stories of each of the bounty hunters called in by Darth Vader to hunt down the millennium falcon in "The Empire Strikes Back". The first two stories had alot of Boba Fett in it and the third one had an awesome wookie in it. I'm on the third story and its pretty interesting at the moment, but I bet the last story (which is Boba Fett's) will be the best because it'll tie in his accounts with the first two stories and all the crap that went down on cloud city and then Jabba's palace.

    *just realized I typed my opinion about it before you could even say if you've already read it or not* hehehe. ^_^:

  3. Good sig. *is thinking of buying a gun in preparation* :nod:

  4. Probably a cookie thing. Certain forums are set to display a specific theme when you are not logged in, final fantasy, inuyasha, zelda, etc. If you log in on one of those forums, the preset theme could possibly over-ride your selection? *shrugs* Wouldn't the quick theme selector change it?

  5. Look at the new arcade category:

    Snake Games


  6. Gah. I finally mad a MAL account. Happy!? >_< That took me over an hour to add my list. I can't remember the names of some of the movies I've seen and I didn't bother adding my entire dropped/on hold list. :P

  7. *drooled on your leg last night* :drool:

  8. RAWR! *wookie dandruff attack*

  9. Onion Steak Burgers - Mmmm... you should try cooking some of these. :drool:
  10. The moods won't work until an update for the mod is out.. Which I think it is, I have to do a couple misc. upgrades this weekend.

  11. I think its because of where I have the mood code at in that template. I'll look into it more once the final Gold version of vb 3.7 is released.

  12. How about now? I just finished an upgrade to vb 3.7rc2. *just noticed your mood* well, it looks like you're fine now. :P

  13. I'm cleaning my grill this weekend and I'm going to bbq some chicken and ribs. You should stop by and eat some food. :P

  14. Thanks. I fixed that mood glitch a couple days ago.. but let me know if you see something else screwed up. I'm doing another upgrade tomorrow. ^_^;

  15. Oops. Fixed. vb upgrade took it out.

  16. Conan! Thats a great pic. :P

  17. Happy birthday! :P


  18. I'm doing good. :P

    hehehe.. yeah, that was a nice setup last time but I think the guys that made that feature were trying to track everyone's usage of it and possibly profit off of some how. O_O eh.

    I'll be putting a youtube block on the profile pages soon tho. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next weekend.. I'm lazy. :pppp

  19. *points finger of accusation at lady*

  20. *walks past your profile, stumbles and hits my knee on a table* ahhhhh.... :(

    *sues* :-p

  21. *shoots tranquilizer gun from shadow and hits your ass cheek*
    *takes picture of you unconscious and runs*
  22. *sledge clone poofs into cloud of smoke* ah... close..